Maraming Salamat Po : )

Hello everyone!

Just taking a quick break from today’s long to-do list. Here’s the video to commemorate Rainbowholic Blog’s 4th year in the kawaii world (April 28!). <3


I’ve also uploaded it on my facebook page and you can read my letter from the heart just for you there. : )

Maraming salamat po (thank you very much in Tagalog) for supporting & believing in me. You guys inspire me the most!

Love, カイラ

5 thoughts on “Maraming Salamat Po : )

  1. Wow, it’s already 4 years old? Time surely fly when we are having a good time. Thank you Kaila for living up the meaning of kawaii in the great and fun way. Although I know that you are still facing a lot of problem (well, who doesn’t have problem?) but thank you for making the readers’ life cheerful by sharing your thought and life. Many happy returns to you and hope you will keep continue blogging till you eyes can’t see anymore…(^-^)

    Congratulation, Rainbowholic!

  2. Does that mean that it’s been 4 years since I commented on your first few blog posts and everything’s been magical ever since then?!?! (and we magically became sisters [with matching rings… so does that mean we’re married? jk sabaw na]) <3


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