May Week 2 Announcements + School of Kawaii First Workshop Success

Hello everybody! Good morning from Japan!

Thank you all for the wonderful comments from my last post + answers from my mini reader survey! I’ve read all of those! You guys are the best huhu! I cannot wait to work on this mini project of mine that has been on my mind for months now. :”) This post will be filled with lots of updates / announcements. I am just so thrilled to share these with you!

DF poster 2014-01

To all JapanLovers residing in Tokyo / near Tokyo, we will be participating once again in the biggest ART event in Asia, Design Festa Vol. 41 this May 16 & 17, 2015 to be held at Tokyo Big Sight, Odaiba. We will be selling limited items from Kawaii PH Store,Rainbowholic Shop, Enji エンジ, Whimsicute x Dolly Kaye, Mad Tee Party, Spookii & WEE’D! You can read my Design Festa experience last November 2015 Design Festa.

design festa

Our booth is E-269 and we hope to see you there! Please drop by our booth and say hi!

[Tokyo Big Sight Access]:

Complete the Kawaii Look poster 1-03

If you are an aspiring blogger (beauty / fashion) or simply just a Japanese fashion / kawaii culture enthusiast & from Manila, School of Kawaii‘s 2nd workshop is something that you shouldn’t miss! Proceeds from this event will go to Kawaii Fund ( so that we can organize more kawaii gatherings in the future! ^^

Complete the Kawaii Look” is a 3-hour intensive workshop by Ashley, Chai and Anne of the Kawaii Philippines community. They will be demonstrating how to put on make-up, style your clothes, take your own #‎OOTD snaps, and so much more.

[Click here for more details!]

School of Kawaii Workshop 1

I just wanna share these photos from the very successful debut workshop / class we had @ School of Kawaii for Kawaii Fund. I wasn’t present in the actual workshop (I wish I could have gone huhu) but my spirit was there. Somewhere, haha!!

Our Kawaii PH Intern / In-house videographer / Writer / Artist (everything haha) Armaine wrote a post-event report on! Please read the full article here. Thank you Francis and Mica for the photos! Thank you very much The Bunny Baker Cafe for accommodating the kawaii family in your cutest cafe! :”)

school of kawaii 07

“Let’s Draw Cute Things with Little Miss Paintbrush” is a fun little workshop in which LMP teaches her students how she draws basic cute things!

Students will then perform what they’ve learned in a series of fun exercises and activities, and then, ultimately, in a drawing session in which they will create their own kawaii artwork!

gokawaiigo (1)

Kawaii artwork by Kumako Panda / Khaye

I kept on stalking everyone’s posts on instagram using the #SchoolOfKawaii hashtag (on the day itself / after a few days haha) and found this adorable art by Khaye!

school of kawaii 14

Bunny cafe latte, anyone??

school of kawaii 01

school of kawaii 04 school of kawaii 12

school of kawaii 03

school of kawaii 16

school of kawaii 05 school of kawaii 02

Seeing those smiles, reading the positive feedback about our events / workshops, hearing wonderful stories about what happened really make everything WORTH it. Did you know that we organize most of our events only through email / online means? To everyone who believes in Kawaii PH dreams, thank you so much. : ) A big kawaii hug to all my teammates, friends, interns, and everyone involved~ : ) You make me miss Philippines more and more, haha!

school of kawaii 06

school of kawaii 09

I grew up in an environment with older generation / “adults” who’d think that doodling / making art will not bring food to the table. I beg to differ and I think that nonbelievers should just watch & learn how these aspiring artists prove them wrong. ^^

As many of you do not know, ChiChi / LMP pursued her love for art even if she graduated with a different degree at 18 (nursing omg woww so much brainz twin!!). And she is the main provider in her family! How inspiring is that?! However, pursuing what you love is quite a test and a huge challenge for most people who do not have enough resources or feel that they aren’t support. It definitely takes more than  “I want to do this because this is what I want” and more of “Since I want to commit to this, I should be stubborn about reaching my goals and flexible with my solutions.”

At Kawaii Philippines, we are trying our best to keep our vision intact. We want to teach, empower, enlighten the minds of these girls that whatever you dreams are, even if those are kawaii / even if people think those are impossible, you would have the character and inner strength to do your mighty best to achieve them.

school of kawaii 10

school of kawaii 17

Not all would be willing to share their process, how they do it, and the like. But here, we want to demonstrate and suggest ideas / ways.. and inspire you to create and find your own style. It’s the same case with my blog. I don’t want to produce Rainbowholic #2, #3, and the like. I want to “push” and “motivate” you to find the best version of you! For ChiChi’s case, one of her objectives in the workshop was to educate her students about the basics and the opportunities you can make on your own through art.

school of kawaii 11

school of kawaii 18

school of kawaii 13

school of kawaii 15

Again, congratulations twin ChiChi + thank you girls for attending our first workshop!

With love from Japan,


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