Meeting Hanazuki’s Half + Pocky-legged Kaila + Rekindled Graphic Design Dream

Hello everyone~!  :heart:

I think I have been neglecting Rainbowholic blog for sometime and honestly, I really miss blogging every 3-4 days but I have to sacrifice and devote my time first to other secret stuff I have been working on.

I have been working on it for months but I got stuck because of a technical glitch but hopefully, it will be launched soon! And of course, it’s going to be all about KAWAII ^^v

 I’m actually scared if it’s going to be successful or not, but I’m gonna give it a try. There were days I wanted to give up this project but whenever I remember my mentors / friends’ words that “It’s WAY BETTER to try out many things rather than doing nothing“.. I get energized!

Wish me luck, please~  :blush:





When you have a whole day at home and you’re bored + moody because of PMS…


DRESS UP, practice makeup, feel pretty, take photos.. and SMILE! :))

(legit suggestions from a regular pms-ing girl :)) )

While you’re at it, grab a jar and get those origami sheets you’ve been neglecting for so long in your drawer and write happy things and make it as a year-long project! 😀


(p.s. original idea from a random tumblr note)


Daily Life Randomness

Yummy Kimchi soup meal from Matsuya  :tongue:

Bought myself these cherry blossom-scented room fragrance :yay:

(the rest are for toilets)


New Rilakkuma iPhone 5 phonecase for Rilakkumaholic me, haha~

My Spring hairspiration! Can’t wait for the Sakura season.. for now, I’m black-haired!

Gotta :heart:  POPTEEN hairstyle suggestions!

Penny time during afternoon breaks!

Yummy curry rice + chicken from Sukiya  :star:

♥ Harajuku with Hanneke-san ♥

A few weeks ago, I met up with Hanazuki’s half.. Hannekeさん! She was traveling around the world for a month (in 5 years, that’ll be my goal!) and her last stop was in Tokyo. She’s such a sweet and inspiring person that’s why I was really ecstatic to meet her again. Also, she picked me as one of the few bloggers to witness Hanazuki’s launch to the world in Amsterdam last 2012. I owe my first Europe trip / biggest blogger experience (yet) to her! ;_;


Arrived a bit early and took some kawaii photos to share ^^

Mecha kawaiiiii!

My outfit that day 😀

We had a short coffee break and then I dragged her to a purikura booth.

50% Japan Experience in 10 minutes in one booth, haha!!

I’m so tiny. :))


Awwww… she wrote “Kaila is cool!” *_* /shyyyyy

Showed her around to buy some cute souvenirs for her friends…

Digging this simple wallet! *_* But I have too many wallets right now huhuhu..

Room Socks galore


My favorite dolly coordinates that day~

Pastel piggies with crowns!

Dinosaur bones~

We went to a *fashionable* pet store to look for something cute for her doggie, Luna~!!


I wanted to give her a total Japan experience in just a few hours so we had our tummy filled with yummy yakisoba and taiyaki from Sakura Tei!!

Got tired from all the walking and had coffee before saying goodbye.. we went to Double Tall Cafe, a small cafe nearby! ^^

Thank you Hanneke-san for the conversations about life, dreams, Hanazuki and traveling!

I will never forget what you told me…

Make plans but go with the flow.

It’s so right in many ways! :”D



Panda Lovin’, Chocolate Pocky Legs and Tokyo Designer Gakuin College

I was super excited for this day because my brother accompanied me to one of my dream schools (third to Bunka & Mode in Shinjuku), Tokyo Designer Gakuin College!!

Thought I should wear something more presentable and special (hint of kawaii is a-must!!) so I wore this panda applique skirt from JSG (fukubukuro / lucky bag)!!

(and red sweater from my brother’s closet, hehehe… )


Got the idea of “Pocky legs” from my sis-in-law, Claire nee-chan ^^

Eyeliner +  Red lips + Panda tail =  :yay:

Coincidentally that day… I RECEIVED A BOX from my  Panda addict bestie in Japan, Leen!!


She went to Singapore during her Christmas Vacation and got me these ;_; So thoughtful!!

OMG PANDA THANKYOU HUHUHUHUHU *_* Super love thissss!! *overflowing happiness*

Also that day, I was fixing some baggage stuff from my Manila vacation and saw these lovely / handmade gifts from my unicorn little sis, Celina!

She sent me these before I flew to Japan. Very sweet girl ;_; The PANDA letter is so fitting that day as well. :pink:

Sushi bar with my brother before riding the train for Shinjuku..

SUPER YUMMY huhu why am I blogging at night with Japanese food cravings ;_;



For some reason, I started thinking about pursuing Graphic Design again. Before, I thought I should study fashion (hence my Bunka Fashion College dream) but I really contemplated about it.. and I didn’t want to shell out more money when it comes to miscellaneous fees like buying your own materials, machines, etc.. too much already for me  *_* Probably when I become really really really rich, I’ll spend many years learning new things but I have to be more practical as of the moment. You could say that I am the type of person who loves to learn and experience new stuff which involves creativity (sewing, pattern-making, ningyo / doll-making, pottery, ikebana or flower arrangement, app design, vinyl toy creation, and MANY more)… but before trying out these things, I realized that I need to sharpen myself more in something I am already confident about..

and this is where graphic design comes in.

Feels like a rekindled love with something that I’ve been fiddling for 7 years or so already.  :heart:

Moreover, I’ve always loved geeky creative stuff which includes photoshop / coding / video editing / interactive web design but for about a year or so, I stopped learning new tricks because of Nihongo & our home-based work. I gave myself reasons why I’m better off without updating my knowledge in these aspects that I’ve gotten so much experience already  and for some reason, I kinda felt sad about it.. ;_;

That’s why I got extremely happy when I got that “Eureka!” moment again. Even though I’ve finished a 4 yr. college degree (Advertising Management = more on the business side).. I’m still at a loss which path really to take. What to do with my life. My ultimate dream is to become a creative entrepreneur (and traveler of the world, haha) but I feel like I need to have many experiences first before settling with that one thing (maybe I won’t settle, I always get the restless feeling anyway). Contrary to what people think, I don’t really aim myself to become a super “blogger”. Blogging and doing a good job in it have many perks but I know that I want to pursue other goals in life that do not involve my online life. ^^v

Getting inside the showroom of students’ work really gave me goosebumps.

Maybe someday one of my ideas / works will be here. Or in another school…

I miss the feeling of being with classmates and learning with new friends!

Washi tape design creations by students.

Doraemon made out of lego bricks!

(This is Tokyo Designer Gakuin’s showroom for the industrial design course.. if I’m not mistaken.)


Ginza Cozy Corner ichigo cakes are TO DIE FOR!!

Neko and Inu biscuits please *_*

Koara no Machi lucky packs + Toppo with Sakura (and a Rilakkuma sales person, haha)

Shinjuku view from a building.

Visited Biccamera along the way and found these cute camera corner!

FILM Camera bag, anyone??

Super cute and tiny cameras!

BISCUIT toy digital camera *_* SO CUTEEE

Love this color, reminds me of my favorite Biscuit.. MARIE :))

Carousel photo albums ;_;

SD Card Case kawaii-fied. *_*

Cute iPhone cases while strolling around Shinjuku..

Girly winter shoes that my brother hated..


Dinner before going home. Yoshinoya!!

Fluffy and warm socks for the tired feet.  :happy:

I really wish that this Graphic Design goal will come true in the future. I need to practice my Japanese in real life + “upgrade” myself!!  :yay:


That would be all, everyone.. ^^

Thanks for visiting and reading my blog~!

Forever a Dreamer カイラ

15 thoughts on “Meeting Hanazuki’s Half + Pocky-legged Kaila + Rekindled Graphic Design Dream

  1. Good luck :heart: I know you’ll do it!! 😉 I really enjoy all of your blogposts, it’s so great to look at the pictures you take :blush3: Espacially the ones from Japan :tss: Always getting an itchy feet … (want to be there, too) 😥 :loveheart: I just felt to write that now (sorry) :bleh: Thank you sweetie~ 🙂 btw, you look gorgeous in the pictures above :love:

  2. Hello!

    Your post are always very interesting and really informative. I wish one day could be there 🙂

    Keep posting cute things

    Have a nice day 🙂

  3. Ok, ALL of the food you posted is making me starving! Curryyyyyyy <3

    Please keep posting, I love reading your blogs and they have been very inspiring for me to one day go to Japan myself 🙂

  4. :happy: :heart: Do you know the best place other than Kinokuniya in america to get the Japanese Magazines?

  5. Wah.. I love reading your blog. I like your philippines post recently too. I wish i could find that panda skirt ur wearing in here.. Also the sweater is cute too >+<

  6. super happy that you’re motivated to keep pursuing your graphic design career. i think japan is one of the best places for that, especially since you can make all the cute stuff you want! :love: i actually just got motivated myself to start my dream of going to japan! i downloaded a language program to learn japanese and i’m going to an orientation at a nearby university for certification classes to teach abroad. i’m definitely shooting to teach english in japan! :yay: i’m so excited & feeling really motivated. go us! :hug:

  7. Aaaahhh. Bowl-a-rama in Harajuku. I bought my cat purse and cat book bag from there. I forgot the name of the store until I saw it in your picture. Thanks for posting. Love your blog and seeing all the kawaii things you post makes me smile.



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