☆ Meeting LeLe in Harajuku + Rilakkuma Love + Hello Kitty Forever Collection 2012

Hello~! How are you guys?  :33: As of now, I have three more entries waiting to be published *_* My blogging pace is surely getting slow.. ;_;


It’s gotten so cold in Japan already. I can’t imagine how cold winter can get colder from this *_*

Last week, I can go out without wearing tights or something (see photo above, haha) but now..  I think it’s impossible already. Especially at night!! : O

Leaves have changed and for some reason, fall makes me feel nostalgic. D:

Last November 11, It was Pocky Day!! I gave myself a treat (though I had my brother eat these haha) by getting the surprise box from the ongoing campaign.

Almond Pocky, my favorite from last year!

I was fixing my room because it had been such a mess (and now it is back to that state, haha) and arranged my favorite books.

Here are some of my recommendations. I’m a very visual person so I like photobooks a lot.  🙂

I went to the Postal office to drop some packages. Saw this adorable stamp featuring Hello Kitty & Dear Daniel!

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned about this before but I also like TOPPO. I especially like the bitter chocolate flavor, so yummy! And the boxes are so nice *_*

POCKY CARAMEL *love*love*

Meeting LeLe in Harajuku!

Months before, LeLe messaged me on facebook about possibly meeting each other in Japan because she will be doing live shows here..

I actually thought we wouldn’t be able to make it happen because my work has piled up so much *_* Good thing my bossSLASHbrother allowed me to go out!

I’ve missed Harajuku so much ;_;

It wasn’t too cold so I survived walking with this outfit. You could say last week was the perfect fall weather.. it was just “moderately” cold ;_;

Fashion tip:

If you want to “show off” your dress / don’t want to wear a coat, you must wear inner clothing such as UNIQLO’S HEATTECH. If it gets colder, a basic long-sleeved shirt (Black) is also a good addition. (So heattech > long-sleeved blouse > long-sleeved dress)

I also wear haramaki or fluffy heattech shorts from UNIQLO. I think everyone in Japan wears UNIQLO heattech *_*

Always wear stockings even if it’s the nude one. Keep your feet warm by wearing thick socks under your *fashionable* socks. And bring a scarf + gloves just in case! ^^

Spotted a new bag addition on the wall. I want the Totoro one plz

Aren’t these animal-inspired flats the cutest?? I want the bear one :”(


Me and LeLeちゃん ! I love this girl, she’s so down-to-earth! I love how we are both practical when it comes to fashion / shopping in general.

Actually, we met at around 5pm-ish, after her meeting with a vocaloid label in Shibuya. *_* It’s like meeting a future star in Tokyo huhuhu.

At first I was scared because it might be awkward BUT she is just so nice, friendly and bubbly! That’s why I didn’t mind showing her around~

Because we are both not brand-conscious, I showed her the newly renovated BODYLINE store in Takeshita store.

The shoes are so pretty and affordable. Yes, BODYLINE does offer cheap (actually not that cheap, but compared to high-branded ones) stuff but that doesn’t mean that all of the shoes aren’t of quality.

I actually own two shoes from this store and they’re so comfy to wear!


If you are a practical Harajuku fashion lover / enthusiast like me, BODYLINE is a paradise.

I found a super cute sailor outfit with bow-shaped wings / wing-shaped bow (whichever haha)! Super want thaaaaat!

Tall lolita shoes for 4,495.. *notbadface*

I posted this photo on my instagram with “Lolita paradise” as my caption. Somebody replied and it somehow saddened me a bit.

Imagine you were enjoying a shopping day with a friend and then somebody tells you “that’s no real lolita paradise” or something like that. And you’re in the place. My face: -_-;

For practical fashion lovers like me, BODYLINE is actually a good brand. Not all people can afford a 40,000+ yen lolita set (or more than that) from Angelic Pretty / Baby (and even closet child) .. but some people can actually look “kawaii” like a real lolita wearing BODYLINE / indie brands. For me, it’s about HOW you wear it, not the brand you are wearing.

Also, I think that any kind of fashion is much more fun with a challenge. Wearing something you bought for a good price and somebody compliments you that you look great in it / mistakes it for a known brand is such a wonderful feeling.. right? ^^v

P.S. I don’t know why I always have a bad experience with Lolita girls /sigh sigh sigh

ANYWAY end of rant =))

After that, we went to some character shops and found this corner full of DOMO-kun!!!

My favoriteee!

I would love these fake nails but I’ve had a bad experience in taking those off before.. so I just collect =))

At “OUT OF THE WORLD” (or something like that) store with LeLe. I was waiting for her while she was trying on some really nice platform shoes. <3

(which I convinced her to buy because it’s rare + so cute/cool !)


I showed her my favorite floor in LaForet.


SWIMMER! My favorite <3 <3 <3

I WILL HAVE YOUUUUUUUUUU when I come back! 😀


Purikura time with LeLeちゃん




Happy Shopper!!

After that, we went to Rilakkuma / Sanrio store in Kiddyland~


And hugged the biggest Rilakkuma!!!!

I bought these yummy sweets for our dessert!


LeLe loves pigs so she was so ecstatic on seeing this piggy corner. :O

Facial thingies for your face. With Rilakkuma :))


We just ate at Lotteria because we didn’t want something expensive. Hahaha this is why we get along =))



Hello Kitty Forever 2012


While going back to the station, we saw these cute Hello Kitty collection from Forever21!! Super reminded me of the Hello Kitty event I documented for Tokyo Fashion last year!

I looked it up from the website after I got home and confirmed that it is indeed a new / special collab.

I’m sure other Forever21 stores (not in Japan) also offer  some of these =)

Stylish Kitty print~


SUPER LOVE everything! I like this collection more than last year’s!

Edgy and cool.


Super cute pretzel-shaped accessories + Hello Kitty bow earrings! Chococat and Bad Badtz Maru *_*


It’s so otona-style~

Even the room interior stuff are so cool and chic!

Gotta love these ;_;


Bad-ass mannequin lolololol

AWWW so cuteee! I love the Kitty bowwws!

The patterns remind me of Hermes scarves.. but this one has a super kawaii approval by me. Haha!






Ironically, we didn’t buy anything. Haha! Impulsive buyer Kaila wasn’t present ! :))


Thank you LeLe for the wonderful time! I wish you the best, you deserve every success you’ve been having!! ^^v



16 thoughts on “☆ Meeting LeLe in Harajuku + Rilakkuma Love + Hello Kitty Forever Collection 2012

  1. Looks like you had a fun time! The HK collection just opened today in F21 stores in the USA! I went to go buy the Chococat sweater & it’s so cute XD

  2. Awwwwww I really loved this entry!!! I’ve never enjoyed a blog so hard!!
    Love you already Kaila!!!! thanks!!! *0*

  3. My God!! Such a lovely clothes from Forever21, but, I can’t buy it, cos in my country (México) there is no stores 😥 I love your blog!! :heart:

  4. This is a really random request, but can you do a blog post on must go to destinations in Japan for foreigners? Haha, your blog posts look so fun :cute:

  5. Your shopping trip looks fun! & I like your collection of photobooks a lot. Do you think Kyary-bon is better than Oh My God! Harajuku Girl?

    Btw, about the Bodyline comment… Maybe my opinion is different but the reason I personally don’t like Bodyline is because they’ve been known to plagiarise designs and have dodgy contests :\ which doesn’t mean ONLY BURANDO IS LOLI but say, I’d rather buy Taobao loli stuff.

  6. And again so many cute and awesome things I want to have :ohnoes:
    My friends sad I have to stop reading your blog and looking at your photos (and any other kind of Tokyo- and Fashion photos) because I’ll become crazy if I don’t stop 😆
    But I CAN’T stop :cheer: It’s just impossible and I totally love your blog so….no I won’t stop :yay:
    It’s nice to dream about going shopping in Tokyo and to know that I’ll really do this someday.

    I’ll never stop :cheer:

    This Hello Kitty hat with the sunglasses is awesome :333: I love the whole collection of HK *_*
    And Bodyline seems to be a really good shop/brand! Sells so many awesome clothes, shoes and other things! And it’s not expencive at all :yay: I want to have Lolita-shoes and dresses but my mum want that I wait until I’m in Japan :dead: It so hard to wait!

    Seems like you have everytime much fun in Harajuku/Shibuya! I understand, shopping is so much fun, even if you buy nothing 😉

  7. Its also getting cold her in the Philippines :)) Christmas is really in the air :))
    OMG I LOVE YOUR BOOKS :)) I wish I have books like that T^T
    I really wanted to try Toppo Strawberry :loveheart:
    BODYLINE is totally LOLITA PARADISE :loveheart:
    if I’m already in Japan, I’ll buy a lolita set :))
    you’ve met Lele :)) You’re so lucky :))
    Lele has such big eyes :yehey:
    Thank you for showing us the kitty X Forever collection. so kawaii :))

  8. I’ve never EVER liked Forever21 but now it’s just suddenly turned into Sanrio paradise and I LOVE it!!! I especially love that multi-coloured Hello Kitty bracelet, so cute!! ヽ(*⌒∇⌒*)ノ

  9. @Laura: Ahh, now I get it! Thanks for enlightening me.. but I don’t know, I still like their fluffy skirts and simple lolita shoes. I wonder if Taobao / ebay loli stuff are plagiarized as well? Since some China brands copy from Japanese brands too.. hmmm. But thanks for that!

    About the kyary book (Oh my god), I didn’t buy it :)) But I really like the Kyary-bon 😀

  10. WAaahhhhhh! So many cute things, Rilakkuma stuff, Hello Kitty, that cute piggy! I love Kiddyland is a paradise!! Well all of Tokyo is a dream. :yay:
    And don’t worry too much with what mean lolitas say, is very easy to spend 400€ to get a whole outfit with no chance of mistaking, I wonder if people like that are able to pull off cute and wonderful looks with little money or from different brands like you! 😉

  11. i always read your blog, its so nice, ingit ako ur in Japan hehe <3 so many kawaii things, ur brother looks so young on ur fb photo and super like his hair, where are you planning to spend christmas? japan or pinas? 😀 :heart:

  12. Hey Kaila!

    I’ve been a pretty avid follower of your posts (I’m subscribed to your email updates!) for a good part of this year now, but I’ve never had the chance to say hello! So, “Hello~♥” I guess, hee. :3

    But I wanted to comment on the Hello Kitty x Forever 21 bit you had! We DO have them here in America too, except you guys have about 12 times more merchandise variety than what I’ve seen around. ;a; That black and white sweater with the Hello Kitty bow is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. *a*

    Oh oh oh and this was totally on your last post, but that bit about the stomach warmers? Totally sold me–I’m going to get some Heattech ones from Uniqlo when I get the chance. 😀

    I am also in love with that gigantic Rilakkuma. It looks so squishy~ ♥

  13. As for Taobao, there are some sellers who make replicas who people commission to make lookalikes of burando stuff, but there are other Taobao shops that are kinda like “independent designers” and make their own 🙂

    I really hope someone will scan Kyary Bon! on jmagazinescans then ^^ haha

  14. Kaila! I really love the My Melody nails you posted – those are awesome. I wish they sold more things like that in the U.S. It’s sort of hard/expensive to find such cute things sometimes. Luckily Forever 21 exists here…I can check out some of the cute HK swag! Thanks for the post ^.^

  15. Ugh! I love this post! It’s too darn perfect. I’m planning to move to Japan once I save enough money. Woohoo. :yay: But! I’ll probably go bankrupt if I see all those HK stuff. 😥

    Anyway, I just wanted to say something about the LOLITA thingy. I think those who practice it are quite sensitive to anything that violates their rules. Hmmm… If you know Cyril Lumboy (Dolldelight), she was also insulted for wearing some sort of Lolita Dress that she made on her own. She has amazing skills and its almost even better than branded sets. But meh. :tsk:

    You’re right. It’s not the brand that counts, it’s how you wear it. Excited to see your next posts! :love:


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