Milky Bunny Reappears in Popteen + Granny Kaila in Harajuku + Lolita Event in Tokyo Women’s Plaza

Here was life a few days ago. :peace:


I found this Sakura Panda Lunch Pack from New Days! Reminded me of my friend, Doitsu Panda. Haha!

Got my second Blythe Collection Guide Book from CWC!!! I wanna CRY!!!!  😥

They were so happy with my LeLe Junie Moon coverage for their Alice exhibition that they sent me a package!! WOW!


Trying out my new 100 yen falsies. Not bad!

I must resist ;__; コンビ二スナック!


The queen herself, Tsubasa Masuwakaaaa!


I want every pair of laced socks & Denim setups!!


I love Spring Fashion! ;___;

Pancakes + Blueberry Jam + Georgia’s Coffee for Sunday breakfast  :heart:

Piling up~

Walking down the Omotesando Area! I want a SMURFS sweater so bad. SMURFS was my childhood!


Surprisingly, I was approached by a guy who claimed to be from a magazine. He was asking me if I wanted to model (WHUT WHUT), from what I have understood : )) In the end, the process seemed complicated so we parted ways!

Kinda scary though, I had a feeling it was a fraud thing. It would have been easier if it was a street snap magazine but it appeared TOO SHADY. A lady should reject gracefully.. = ))

Wasthisclose to buy those adorable Jeremy Scott rip-offs. I want the Caramel bear! Carabear : )) Wtf

Didn’t have time and energy to take outfit shots. Might use my granny / obaa-chan (as Kira-san described my outfit : ))) ) polkies again in future outfit shoots!

My first purchase from the sensational lovely shop, 6%DOKIDOKI! Yuka was too adorable I just had to buy something ;_; OMG SHE REMEMBERS ME!!

My accessories for that day. Mostly from last Spring. I will forever love the Billiard balls bracelet from my good friend, Lora! I miss you ;_;

Ring from Rainbowholic <3



Obaa-chan Kaira


Today’s ファッションコーディネート!


Super loving my Mustard jumper!!!

Sunflowers on my waist~ <3


おシャレは世界を変える? (Will fashion change the world?)

Yesterday, I took a break from all the work I’ve been doing for the week! Yup, it may appear that I always just have fun here… but I also have to be a ninja to survive life. Haha~

Just a sneak-peek of TokyoFashion’s coverage for the Lolita event! <3

Loving my creepers~

After my short stint, I went home to prepare for my test today. Huhu I have a bad feeling though ;___;

Flowers  :heart:


Language school graduation this week! YAY!


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