Giveaway Winner + Cupcake Time with Creative Team at Vanilla Cupcake Bakery

Hello guys!  :blush:

Sorry if my giveaway winner announcement for the recent Rainbowholic x collab took time. TT_TT Super swamped with work! 😥

*looks at my checklist of things to do and faints*


I’m super happy that the giveaway got 260+ blog comments, 7, 300+ rafflecopter entries, 30+ creative blog entry participants… and it also became viral on facebook!

Many thanks to Maggieさん of for this!  :heart: Happy to work with people who also spread “kawaii”!


FIRST PRIZE: Rilakkuma Set

☆ Rilakkuma Re-Ment ☆
☆ Zodiac sign Rilakkuma plush charm (the winner can choose her own zodiac sign) ☆

Winner: Heather Ysabel Luna

(click here for her blog entry submission!)


SECOND PRIZE: Mameshiba Set
☆ Mameshiba (Kyaryshiba) earphone plug ☆
☆ Kawaii Mameshiba folder ☆

Winner: Ringo Rela

(Rafflecopter picked the winner randomly based from the total # of points!)


I have another exciting giveaway / contest next month with another Kawaii shop sponsor! I think you guys will LOVE it because I’m already jealous of the future winners.. hahahaha!

To Heather and Ringo, kindly email me at the.rainbowholic[at]gmail[dot]com with your complete name, mailing address, and contact number! Please use the subject “ x Rainbowholic Giveaway Winner“~ ^_^

Ramen and Cupcake Time with My Creative Team

Yesterday, one of my dreams in life (to be a Creative Director in a somewhat-agency) came true.

I finally had a not-so-formal formal meeting with my lovely teammates (who are also my Kawaii Lovin’ friends)! We’re just a small team of Kawaii (Japan)Lovers but I believe that each of us is great in our own forte. Yayyy.. small but terrible team! :)) Terrible in another sense, of course, haha!

To commemorate the day, I decided to treat them with yummy ramen from RYU Ramen & Curry (a new restaurant near our area)! Hopefully someday (*next year* *crosses fingers*), I can also bring them to Japan so we can all enjoy eating ramen together there (with MishieWishie flying for us all the way from NY too, haha!). Our angel investor (my brother) has been very supportive of our projects ever since I started with just ChiChi and Mishie (which gave birth to many ideas).

Even if our budget is super constricted, I am proud to say that we have been maximizing everything that has been given to us! ;__;



My dreams are getting bigger and coincidentally, I’m meeting people who share the same visions that I do. Amazeballs! ;_;


Achievement unlocked! <3

After our 2-hr. stay in the Ramen place, we finally finished the first half of our meeting! :))


Anne’s “Jeremy Scott” x Kawaii Girl shoes :)))))))‘s newest additions, Anne and Kaye! and with my co-founder / super talented Illustrator twinnie, ChiChi!


After that, we went to Vanilla Cupcake Bakery for some desserts!

Makes me remember the first time ChiChi and I had some cupcakes @ the Trinoma Mall branch! We were only two by then! ;__;


So yummyyy!



Kaye wearing her ENJI x “かわいい” necklace! Now available @ Rainbowholic Shop (shipping within PH only)!!






I tried to be fierce :))))

Random Update Dump

Random random random  :yay:

Working on the documentation video + photos + report of + Kawaii PH’s participation in Cosmania! <3

It was so funnnnnn (and super tiring ;_;)!!  :star:

Also working on my creative portfolio… TIME WHERE YOU huhuhuhu. So many projects I have to finish asap! ;_;

Now available at Rainbowholic Shop! I still have few stocks left ~ Details here!

My super cute niece Chisa just turned 1 year! And she looks like a Japanese doll @.@

Another giveaway @ Kawaii in Manila FB soon! Please keep posted! 🙂

My sis-in-law arrived from Japan and brought my old laptop (finally!!!!) + my Blythe + this heart-shaped Pocky edition…

… and more Pocky x Line snacks! ;_; Thank you so much, Claire nee-chan!


And that would be all for now, lots of errands to finish today! Gambarimasu~  :cute2:


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  1. ahh I love seeing all the little details and the clothes you guys wear, so cute 🙂 I really don’t know how you manage to fit in everything you do, it’s super impressive and inspiring!


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