More Purikura + Kawaii in Marui Shinjuku + Hachiko in Shibuya!


Digital files of last week’s Harajuku Sunday with Leen!


I love this Purikura booth! It prettifies everyone!! Haha : ))


Wearing our customized Jika tabi shoes~


Shinjuku Tour with Alyssa

I met up with Alyssa, Celine‘s sister for a (half-day) unplanned tour in Shinjuku and Shibuya! It’s been a while since I conversed in Filipino other than with the same people whom I usually talk to (brother, sister-in-law, her family… ) : )))

I don’t usually do meet-ups here in Japan because I have work obligations but luckily, it’s Golden Week so my brother has been a bit easy on me these past few days + this meet-up was scheduled over weeks ago? Hehe~  :333:

Wishing her sister (Celine) was with us! Celine is Rainbowholic’s first ever fan when I was just restarting everything here in Japan.  :heart:

We bought food from Family Mart first and looked for free seats somewhere. The benefits of being gaijins here! Hahaha

First time to buy macarons here in Japan even though I see packs of these in different convenient stores 😀


Toured her in Marui One in Shinjuku. Haven of lolita and other cute stuff!


Visited Lele Junie Moon!



The spaces are for Celine. Hahaha!


The Old Shibuya Eki + HACHIKO <3

We were just in Shinjuku so I brought her to Shibuya for Hachiko and some other cool shops I know she’d enjoy 🙂

Just right around the corner..

Cute Hachiko drawings~ <3

When the Hachiko monument was first set up.

Old trains.. <3

Makes me want to visit the Railway museum in Omiya!


Obligatory tourist shots. I am forever a tourist in this country, Haha!

And our money went missing after 7 (or 8??) floors of Shibuya 109! : ))))


One of my favorite purchases!! Unicorn clips for my roooooom!

Purikura in Shinjuku <3


Flying pig keychain!! OMG it’s wearing a pink bow and carrying a strawberry :O :O


Thanks Alyssa for today! I hope you enjoyed a lot!


11 thoughts on “More Purikura + Kawaii in Marui Shinjuku + Hachiko in Shibuya!

  1. I do want those unicorn clips, so cute! OMG Shibuya 109, I feel like I’m gonna get poor once I go there. I’m working hard to turn this dream into a crazy truth next year. Wish me luck! I tried once but I couldn’t make it. Your note about how you got to live there inspires me everyday! Fantastic photos, as usual! *~*

  2. Those clips :love: :love: :love:

    I can see myself buying that, but not knowing what to hang on them..maybe dangle cute trinkets or origami?

  3. Uwaa~ thank you so much for spending the day with me, Kaila. 😀 I had so much fun eating on the streets of Shinjuku and shopping (lol napagamit tayo ng card ng di oras wahaha) at Shibuya 109 and going to Vanguard and lots more. =)) Let’s do this again next year! along with my siste haha. 🙂

  4. Is “Milk” the name of that store? GOSH SO MUCH KAWAII STUFF I CAN’T HUHU HEARTS :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

    Yay for the space

  5. (omg they’re eating my comments OTL) It took off the rest of my comment, sorry! 🙁 Super haba pa naman yun… =)))

    Brb I’ll be editing the photos with the spaces. ;;) I saw my name on the purikura photos!! I’ll keep that, kahit na wala ako… =)))

    Thank you, Ate Kaila for making kupkop my sister for a day yay~ :heart: We shall bond rin when you come back here! Or or next year! Andiyan na ako next year, hihi~ Thank you again and see you soon!!

    (this is the 3rd comment GOMENASAI ;A;)

  6. Where can I buy that flying pig keychain? I used to have one but I lost it & can’t find them


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