My 25th Birthday

Hello everybody!

Thank you so much for all the birthday greetings! Even for just a day, I felt extra special to the point that I really tried my best to not tear up so much inside the train while going home.

To my 24 yr. old self, let me hug you tight! ;_; I think that you did a pretty good job. It was sure one hell of a year of ups and downs, but you came out so much stronger! I’m proud of you, Kaila!

Rainbowholic Kaila Ocampo by Little Miss Paintbrush

I woke up and saw this super adorable gift art by one of my dearest friends, ChiChi / Little Miss Paintbrush posted on Japan Lover Me!


The day started quite simple and ended so unexpectedly!

At first, I just wanted to attend the mass (like how my Mom and I would do, whenever I’m home for my birthday) + visit Takashi Murakami’s super colorful “Flower Cafe” in Roppongi Hills. To start the year right too, I visited a shrine and rang the bell just like most Japanese would do. I didn’t expect that I would end up in Ueno, but I’m glad I did~!

After going around Ueno, I saw a rare CCS gachapon / gashapon machine and I got a kawaii spinel sun locket! Later at night, I had dinner with Gil and Justin at our favorite Chinese restaurant. We went to Round One in Saitama and played billiards (and I made my team lose lololol). The highlight of the day was when I got to ride the rodeo for the first time and it was my most lady-like moment, hahaha! I thought it would be just a simple day.. but it turned out soo much better! : )


Welcoming my 25th in a more mature OOTD, haha!


“Flower Cafe” is only until the end of January in Roppongi Hills! If you love Murakami’s work, go visit! : )


Birthday gift for myself! <3


I actually got a pretty bad omikuji / fortune (huhu my 200 yen!) .. but I just shrugged it off and laughed at myself.

Decided to “write my own destiny” for 2016 instead by buying an ema tablet! : )


I actually added more “secret wishes” ~  *winks* hahaha!

I hope that now I’m 25, He will still use me as His instrument of love. That is my top priority this year! : )

I used to be apologetic about my faith / personal relationship with God (because if it’s the topic, it gets awkward haha) but now, I think I will be more “vocal” about it. Instead of apologizing when I get to share my personal testimonies, I will say “thank you for listening” instead. For a change, hehe! ^_^


When I was going down these stairs, the scene or how perfect the day was (simple joys = perfect for me haha) really overwhelming for me. I wanted to freeze that moment. Feeling so thankful during the entire day!


Picture with the shrine that gave me bad luck! :)) Just kidding, I’d like to believe that my positive self is stronger than any bad luck hahaha!!

rainbowholic by chaehira

To everyone who made time for me by giving me these gift arts, I’m truly blessed to have you guys appreciating me / what I do.

Arigatou chaehira!

kaila gillian gift art rainbowholic by ella

Thank you to my imouto-chans Gillian and Ella!

birthday.jpg birthdaycrew.jpg

Thank you Gilbert and Justin for a fun night! #Saitama yay haha!

Happy Birthday Kaila

Thank you Kawaii Philippines for all the love! You girls know who you are! Thank you for inspiring and motivating me as well! : )


Right now, my heart is bursting of happiness and joy! Thank you to all of my family and friends for the continuous support and love. : )

Let me just share how amused I am because of the fact that MOST OF MY FRIENDS messaged me (do include my mom too lolol) regarding my “love life”! Haha. Well right now, I am loving life, but I’m not sure about the “love life” part… yet. If it’s meant to be this year, it’ll be a super great bonus (an addition to the love I receive from family and friends .. and from myself haha). But kidding aside, I really appreciate your hopeful wishes about my romantic conquests this 2016. :)) *Gambarimasu!* Lololol. Mr. Right, I think that 2016 is the right time!! Universe, please conspire!! :)) Choi Siwon / Yonghwa Oppa, are you guys hearing me??? :))


Lots of love from where I am,


6 thoughts on “My 25th Birthday

  1. Happy (slightly belated!) birthday Kaila-san ^~^ Even though you still look so young (which is super cute) 😉

  2. Belated Happy Birthday Kaila! Thank you so much for inspiring us with your kawaii and life lessons. Wishing you a fruitful year and hopefully you will be able to accomplish whatever you would like to accomplish. We’re here to support you.

    Love, Vanessa


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