My Japanese Dream + I Love Food and Cute Packaging + Cutest Totoro-shaped Pan Ever!

OK, I am typing this after waking up from a dream that involves getting hundreds of likes and a couple of shares from what I have written on my Rainbowholic facebook page

Click to read my two-pager (when printed, I think) story about my Japanese dream!

Seriously, I even mailed our boss if I was half-sleeping and lucid dreaming about how viral my post became in a few hours! The feeling was the same when I realized the Kyary event video I made had 80k views on youtube (okay going off-topic right now.. haha)! I even saw the most unexpected thing on my website, 33 online users! OMG?? I’d get jumpy whenever I’d see my website have 5 online users on it! I think I’ve lost count on how many (imaginary) jumps did I make after seeing 33 @___@

Also, I think I have even omitted two paragraphs from my little story write-up. I just realized this now! Hahaha. During my LOA from college, I even joined a Japanese Street Fashion Contest hosted by the Japan embassy in our country. Made few friends (whom I still keep in touch with) from it and realized how close-knitted “groups” were in the Philippines (hard to befriend these “groups”! I got a bit turned off, honestly >_<…). I even joined with my cousin Gilbert for experience & the prize! The prize was two tickets for Japan! Yup, I tried to grab all the opportunities before, along with the embarrassing fashion show ramp ..: ))) The things I do for Japan! Haha.

And when I was about to go to Japan, the Fukushima earthquake happened. Almost everyone in the family was against at my decision to continue my Japanese dream. My aunt from the states even got mad at me because I was so decided that even the Fukushima tragedy and the fact that foreigners were going out of Japan were not considered in my decision-making. Everyone was going crazy over the exaggerated nuclear radiation news because of the media! When I arrived at Japan, sure the country greeted me with a warm welcome and an earthquake (in Narita airport! lol) but everyone looked like everything was back to normal… (true story, bro). People were working, breathing the air… and were very much alive like I was! Thank God I practiced my not-so-often decision-making / right judgment skills over this type of matter..  :blush:

Well anyway, enough of that. I could go on and go on and might just bore you…. so..

Below is the real entry! :heart:   :star:


My knees get weak over cute-packaging & my tummy is a bottomless pit.

OMG SAKURA CRUNKY!! I knew I had to take a photo with my pink thumb with this glorious ichigo snack!!

Our neighbor Totoro and a lost panda pan. Cutest ever!!

Right after eating this, I downloaded Ghibli movies again! Hahaha  :heart:

Three days (?) ago, we had yakiniku!! Kimchi with meat and salad … I have to wipe the drool off from my jaw now >_<


Seducing Pocky caramel sticks.. waah.  :blank:

My healthy cereal breakfast with fresh strawberries. It looked pretty so I just had to snap a photo of this. Haha

(don’t worry, I did not eat the leaves = ))) )

Aoi Sora Japonista Sole Kicks + Ayumi for Jelly and More Randomness..

Before this month ends, I have to customize this pair of Jika tabi (matsuri) shoes I have in to some kind of lady Gaga-ish shoes!

My current idea.. obviously, I am uninspired as of the moment. : )))

SO CUTE and weird!! More unique Jika tabis to wear this Spring from Japonista Sole!

After a long day of taking photos for work, here was my breather..

Someday I’ll have a photoshoot with unicorns stabbed in wooden forks a.k.a. carousel = )))

My brother and his girlfriend’s present for me! THE MOST SCRUMPTIOUS SALAD I’VE EVER eaten in my life!

Baked salmon, crunchy lettuce and broccoli..  ;_________;  :happy:

Yesterday afternoon, the three of us went to Biccamera in Omiya to scout for my Nikon 1 J1!


The camera is still not with me but it will arrive tomorrow..

After asking a million of questions about the difference between V1 and J1, we feasted over this wall of camera strap coolness! SO CUTEEEE it was so hard for me to choose for my new baby Nikon!!!

Had to take a photo of this. SO CUTE and the colors.. too yummy!

If there’s something I love about big gadget stores like Biccamera, it would definitely be the free access with the most beautiful pianos in the world!

This is my dream piano in a shiny color of caramel/chestnut brown!

And it speaks for itself. KAWAI! : )) I had a lovely time playing this without caring if the staff was around the corner..

SOMEDAY, okay? ^^v

We were famished (just wanted to use this word) so we ate pasta in First Kitchen. Super yummmmmmmmmyyy omg why do I love food so much??


After that, we went around Omiya malls and… saw these lovely shoes! OMG THOSE PASTEL PLATFORMS HUHUHU I WANT YOU ALL OF YOUUU


Was lazy to dress up so just me with a canvas bag sent from a reader  (hello Janice-san!) in Canada!  :heart:

I love the typo!  :heart:  :heart:

Resisting the urge not to buy these cute eyelashes! I’m a sucker for cute packaging!!

1,000 yen floral sneaks! SO CUTE!!!!

More lace socks for Spring! I want to hoard everything.. but that’s impossible because I don’t have money for that. Just a camera to seize the moment! Hahaha

Wickedly cute and awesome and weird and “wtf-is-that”-ish iPhone cases…

After strolling around with our full tummies, we had a dessert in Baskin Robbins! It was my first time to eat icecream after monttttthhhhs! At times like this, diet is out of my vocabulary! HAHA


And I got home with these! Can’t wait to wear and strut around with these yummy pastel tights!  :yay:


Hope that was a fun read,



5 thoughts on “My Japanese Dream + I Love Food and Cute Packaging + Cutest Totoro-shaped Pan Ever!

    Socks are the most tempting thing, ever!
    Also, lovely story about how you finally got to Japan, inspires me to think that maybe one day I can make the same dream come true :hihi:

  2. Food… your entries about food are the yummiest :hug:
    And your story is really inspiring… it made me smile and have a very nice feeling about my own future (probably bit exaggerating, but oh well…). Thanks. I’m always happy when I read about things like that – fulfilling a dream 🙂

  3. Waaaaa kaila… I can still remember your blog entry before about the groups… And also your blog entry about the kite event..

    I remember rin.. This rainbowholic site was your practice blog to write in japanese heheheeh…..


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