My Japanese Summer So Far + Life Updates πŸŽ†

Hi everybody!

Happy Saturday from Japan (finally woo). Just sharing some photos taken last week!

Super happy with my chichified illustration!


To those who don’t know, I created a Kawaii Journaling FB group and we’re already 400+ members!

So happy with everyone’s contributions. I feel inspired to be more creative because of their posts!

The weather last weekend was being cooperative with us. Finally pushed through with our yukata date plans.

This year, I chose this hydrangeas / ajisai design. Last year, I was a walking pastel rainbow lol.

C H E E S E lol

Aki brought me here and I already forgot the place haha. We watched the fireworks with others at a park in Odaiba.

We brought our own mat and portable fan! I filmed videos and I’ll most likely share the clips in one compiled monthly vlog.

We love going to Round One for taikoΒ / arcade games haha

Alien eyes haha

Strolled around Ikebukuro and enjoyed tapioca ~

Found this interesting toy capsule machine. Gachapon inside a gachapon lol. Inception y’all

*me at Tokyu Hands after 1 min. lol*

Gudetama x Chococro was quite a delightful surprise!

Took me 2-3 days to complete my patrons’ pledges! Excited for them to receive all these care packages & postcards! : )

Will make a video about my patreon progress so far. Please look forward! ^^

As for life updates, I came back to instagram (last week) again to start posting and promoting kawaii journaling group / patreon / more of work-related tbh. I feel like a renewed person lolol. I don’t scroll & get lost for hours as much as before and disabling the story message / comment feature has helped me a lot to not feel overwhelmed. I used to be a super heavy instagram user but after surviving almost 2 months without it and feeling more confident about my content (wow, “people read my blog even if I don’t promote”?… that sort of thing), I feel like I have more control & actually more productive now.

I have a few backlog entries and I can’t wait to just sort and organize everything out these coming days. I’m also planning to make skillshare tutorials as I’ve been enjoying learning about various topics. I have so many plans & I hope that I’ll be able to to do them one by one. go self

Thanks for reading until here!

With love,


One thought on “My Japanese Summer So Far + Life Updates πŸŽ†

  1. Hi Kaila-san!

    Of course we read your blog! I read, watch & pay attention to everything that you come out with but don’t worry, I’m not creepy or anything lolol XD anyways, Don’t be discouraged & keep being the awesome person that you are! Love your work so much!


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