My Red Randoseru Backpack + Meeting Peko-chan at Fujiya Restaurant in Shibuya + Design Festa Art and Fashion Haul!

Hello everyone! I just got home from a very exhausting day.. huhuhu.  :blank:

I had an agenda in Shibuya today so I dressed up in an outfit that tells so much about me. I didn’t go outside with the randoseru though.. Had to use a smaller and much convenient bag ~  :cute:


My sky skirt looks raped in the photo. Forgot to fix since I was hurrying up…

Simple outfit for a sunny day! I designed the shirt, bow necklace and sky skirt!

Shoes from Swimmer!


Fujiya Restaurant in Shibuya, Tokyo!

After my quick appointment (the reason I am crossing all my fingers at once), I decided to rest and have my usual “Rainbowholic time”.. which ALWAYS include FOOD!!

Busy Shibuya

I found Peko-chan as I was strolling~



I wanted to take home this huge cuteness with me…



Why am I posting this entry at night with an empty tummy.. ;__;

I wish I had all the points in the world…

I wanted to buy but my remaining money was for food! : ))





He’s making my pancakes~ <3


YUMMIEST PANCAKE SET EVER! I think I’ve found another restaurant that could surpass Royal Host’s magical pancakes….

And the fruits~ <3 <3


Lonely Rainbowholic time with food. Haha! It’s hard to take a self-portrait trying to make the food and your face fit in a photo..

OMG why so fluffy-looking making my tummy growl in despair … :”(

I guess you can say that this is one of my “osusume” (recommendation) for Fujiya Restaurant! Their pancake set is a must-tryyy!!!


Design Festa Fashion & Art Haul

When you’re attending Design Festa.. it’s nearly impossible not to buy anything. Anyone who regularly attends this art event would say so as well! :peace:

Super cute CAMERA DRESS (i just call it like that, haha) I found at Design Festa! My Nikon D90 is HAPPY!!

Cute naked baby ring + flower headpiece!

I will try my best with this one. Hahaha

My brother’s present(s) for me.. which coincidentally tells a lot about me.

My brother sees me and calls me as a PIG (/forever in a sibling war).. In Filipino, the word pig’s equivalent is “Baboy”. And he calls me Babsie when he wants me to kill him..

I got an ichigo watch from Mcdo’s Happy Meal! : ))) And it was perfect for my ichigo lolita outfit! Haha

Awesome and cute art! I love collecting postcards by artists ^^v


I really love SHU’s artwork style. It’s crazy and cute!

Spot the rainbow


I think I will get this framed sooner or later! Haha!

I want my own little wall of art now. For these wonderful A3 sized posters!!

Sakura, Travelling, Bare-footed, Planes… and RAINBOWS!

Reminds me of my first HANABI~ I really love the nostalgic feel of this artwork!


Have a great weekend everyone!

I’ll be coming home tomorrow (home = Philippines!!!!) and I AM SO EXCITED!!!!


9 thoughts on “My Red Randoseru Backpack + Meeting Peko-chan at Fujiya Restaurant in Shibuya + Design Festa Art and Fashion Haul!

  1. CONGRATULATIONS For leading your Japonista Sole Army!
    Ahh~ I wonder if napuntahan mo ba ung lahat ng booths dun~ :3
    <3 Ayii~ :3 ahh~ such a colorful post.. My eyes.. I love those painting/digital art the last part.. 🙂 Ano kaya Technical term para dyan~ basta ang gondo nila! :3 *V* hihi.
    I wish makita namin ung outfit mo when you get na here sa Pinas!~ :3
    🙂 Naiimagine ko na how fluffy and oishi the pancake! :3 *V*
    Okaeri! :3

  2. Kaila, you look so young with that outfit!! But cute :cute:
    I’m taking English exam tomorrow and I didn’t feel very happy when I woke up but those photos of Shibuya really made my day! Love it! :heart:

  3. :yay: OMG Kaila!! We are like soul sisters I swear! Welcome to the Dizon Sisterhood together with Liley and Theia haha!!

    First time I went to Tokyo I really wanted to get that Kiddie Backpack but I was freak-out that it cost like an LV Bag!! Haha! I still want to get one still though! I’ve been thinking of making “school girl fashion collection” for the longest time because of that cute red backpack! haha

    Secondly, I LOVE PEKO!! (Atreyu calls her “Milky”) When I randomly found a Fujiya Store in Nippori I was excited to take photos for Atreyu too! haha brings back nice memories of Tokyo! I should blog about it too! Those memories are too sweet to be forgotten! Haha!

    OMG! You’re coming home!! Okaeri soon!! Welcome home to Manila!!

  4. all cute stuff and oh pekochan :3
    more sweet treats *drools*
    love your outfit an I wish I have cute postcards like you bought

  5. I love your outfit!! :heart: I wish there were pretty fabrics here in the Philippines as well :c CLOUD FABRIC FTW ~

    I love the stuff you got from Design Fiesta~ :’D I still have the postcard you gave me last year :333: IT’S TOO PRECIOUS TO BE WRITTEN ON OTL

    I wish Mcdo had watches too. :c But if there were, feel ko marami bibili =)))

  6. HI!!
    1st time commenting~

    1st of all, I seriously like how you design your bows,
    its とてもかわいいです!!really inspires me to try making too!!

    Tthe STARRY polky dot watch is tooo cutee too!!~ can’t help but to share the photo with my friend and complaining why Singapore is not having the same toys as Japan now~ ahha
    and those illustrations are really nice and colorful!!

  7. Hello. Something I’ve notice here is the high quality of your picture. I am planning to buy camera for my upcoming travel. Please tell me what have you used. i’ll greatly thank you for the rest of my life. Answer me on my e-mail or text me at 0921-268-4896. Please 🙂 I like your bag by the way.


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