Nemophila’s Baby Blue Eyes at Hitachi Seaside Park, Ibaraki

Hello everybody!

Before I go to sleep, let me just share these photos from today’s ~ohana~ (flower) adventure at Ibaraki Prefecture!

When I saw this photo (poster inside the train station).. it was already LOVE at first sight. Baby blue / cotton candy blue is my all-time favorite color too. When I reached Hitachi Seaside Park, my heart went dancing! Another dream come true for a flower lover like me! : )


If you also want to have a day trip here (though I’m not sure until when the full bloom would last), you should allot an entire day in Ibaraki.

What I did was, I went to UENO station first and I rode the Limited Express train (Hitachi 20) to JR Katsuta station. Since I wasn’t able to reserve a seat, I had to stand the entire train ride for about an hour or so. When I got there, I was planning to ride the Hitachi Seaside Railway (for Ajigaura) but I was notified by the train staff that there wasn’t a “direct bus” available for Ajigaura. Luckily, I found the direct bus near the Katsuta station, as suggested by Mr. Train Staff. There was a mini booth that was selling a package which includes roundtrip bus tickets+ park entrance fee for 1200 JPY only. When I arrived at Hitachi Seaside Park, the queue for the tickets was unbelievably long! Indeed, it was a good decision to purchase the “package” earlier even though I didn’t really look for it, haha! For the access guide, you may also refer to this link.



I took almost a hundred photos during my stay here at the Baby Blue kingdom. <3


My favorite buddies when I travel outside Tokyo / Saitama:

My favorite 3 yr. old backpack, comfy ninja sneaks (onitsuka), Gudetama selfie stick and my precious Fujifilm XA2 ~


Hi there, buddy!



Giant me!


The struggle lol



Nemophila-flavored softcream! *_*



As I was about to go home.. I accidentally reached this area.

Bulbous paradise of tulips! OMG ;_;


Sneaky me lol



If you’re also on snapchat, you can still view some of my snaps from today’s adventure! My id is 🙂



I better sleep now because I still have accounting work left and I have to meet a friend tomorrow for another ~flowery~ date!

Thanks for reading my blog! ^^

Love, カイラ

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