New Hair, New Kaila! + Love Mail From A Malaysian Reader + Random Stuff

Hello~! KONBANWA 皆さま〜!!

Please welcome the NEW Kaila!! Hehehe~!  :yay:

For some reason, whenever I have my hair done / I color it with a new one.. I’d feel like a new person afterwards!!

It’s been so long since I had a dark hair. For the past.. 4 years (???) I’d always play around with brown color (orange-y brown, caramel brown, reddish brown, I’ve done it!) but I promised to myself to never go darker again.

But change is always good, even the drastic ones! Hahaha!

 Also, one of my readers commented before (Hi Maisa!) about going darker hair-wise. Thanks for the little push! That did it, haha!

At first, I wanted to buy the FRESHLIGHT hair washes since these are super easy & fun to use but…

… I decided to try out this brand!  :star: And I love it!!

My hair is so thick that’s why I had to buy 2 sets. And it turned out that I should’ve bought 3 instead ;__;

 Because of my very “heavy” crown, I overcooked the top part of my hair by accident. That is why it seems a bit black-ish in the photos when it’s actually “dark brown”.

As you can see from my tips below, it became a bit gradient-ish. I just found out today that I really left a part that’s a bit caramel / ash gray color! Hahaha!!


That’s my hair against the light. No color edits here!  :tongue: And I love my lips red, if you haven’t noticed that yet…


We went to the hospital today for the last check-up / payment so I wore something cheerful or happy. I’m wearing the prototype design of Rainbowholic tights for the upcoming leg wear brand (that will take over your hearts) “Les Fantaisies“.

I think it will be out during the last weeks of October OR early November! Please wait for it!!!


Daily Instagram + Random Kawaii Finds~!

Went to the 100 yen shop to buy these super cute baskets for my convenient accessory case. I will post an entry on how you can store your girly stuff the easiest way!

Hair clips, bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings, brooches~

Just in time for a long day of work, I received two items!! Thank you Annie for the rainbow postcard + Seirie (Janice) for the lovely package!!!

I received a love mail request (for my address) from Seirie way way back.. and after that, we started chatting on facebook occasionally, etc~ ^^v

Thank you so much for the cute pouch, RAINBOW NAILS OMG, choker and necklace/bracelet!!  :star:

This was the super cute baby bottle keychain Lila gave to me last POP N CUTE!!

Shameless plugging of my twitter. : )))

OMG probably the most daring ViVi I’ve ever encountered! KODA KUMI!!!!

After 2-3 hours, my Halloween POP N CUTE video is finished! Please await for‘s release! The participants during the party were all fashionably AMAZING! Harajuku crowd, let’s marry each other!!

Super sleek and cool topdown / convertible VW beetle I saw earlier.  :uwaa:


Rilakkuma corner in Lawson + TONY TONY CHOPPER.. lip cream?! JAPANESE PACKAGING I LOVE YOU!

Lupin the 3rd-inspired Pachinko machine I saw earlier. Nope, I wasn’t gambling or anything. Hahaha! Yikes, this is the most random blog entry ender : ))))


So happy to be blogging more and more now~!  I’m still one of the most random bloggers out there (when it comes to writing).. hehehe. 😛


14 thoughts on “New Hair, New Kaila! + Love Mail From A Malaysian Reader + Random Stuff

  1. Aw, Kaila! I almost had a heart attack with those new photos! Thanks so much for being thoughtful, I’m so glad you take time to read our comments. 😥 I would like to send you a letter and presents too and I’m planning to do it after my final exames! I really feel ungrateful as you sent me all those yummy things and I’ve never bought you anything. You’re amazing, keep up the awesome work, fighting! By the way, have you seen Playful Kiss? It’s one of my favorite k-dramas!

  2. I love your new hair color :heart:
    Suits you very well just as blond. I’m sure that every color suits you 😉

    Your tights are so awesome! I want to create my own but I don’t know how and where I can do it….somewhere thats not too expensive…(I save all my money for the 10 months in japan) Maybe do you know something to create his own tights? :blush:

    your car :heart: :heart: It’s just such a dream! :heart:

  3. Yay your new hair looks so much better~ :yay: Dark hair suits you really well! Love all the pics; Koda Kumi seems to do daring things somewhat often, doesn’t she?

  4. You look better in dark hair. That car is the cutest. I love all of your photos and your whole blog! I’m also studying Nihongo for 2 years now. :yehey: :heart:

    I’M SOOOOOOOOOOOOO EXCITED for the launch of the Brand Les Fantisies :3

  6. All I have to say is that I NEED THOSE RAINBOWHOLIC TIGHTS OMG OMG <3 Okay, I have a lil more to say…. I'm so happy you are feeling better! I can't wait for pop n cute video, omg!! *~* I absolutely loved your dark hair, I think it makes you look dolly. Kinda younger, dont know. Cutest! ^.~ And I wanna send you a letter as well *~~~* Yeah, I had a lot to say, right? LOLOL aja aja fighting, Kaila <3 :blush3:


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