NHK Tokyo Kawaii TV + Rainbowholic and Touchy in HARAJUKU KAWAii!!

Konnichiwa Rainbowholic friends  :heart:

Just a few days ago, I received an awesome art gift from a reader ;___;

メチャ cool deshou?

Super lovely art by Raine Sarmiento of I Paint The Roses Blue!

The illustration is based on my Rainbow Ruckus parade outfit + Rainbowholic Kuruma-chan~  :blank:

Thank you so much Raine! This is just toooooooooo cool! :O :O I made it as my iPhone wallpaper already + I will print this nicely! ^^v



And a few days earlier than the first few days (lol), I received domo-kun gifts from Tokyo Kawaii TV! I was so shocked :O The white Domo-kun was also signed by the host themselves. :O :O :O

Actually, I received a notification from the program that I was going to be featured (because of one of my creations? I think?) last Saturday butttttt I was so gloomy /nemui (sleepy) the past few days that I had forgotten about it! Apparently, there is a connection between being forgetful and a sleepyhead at the same time, haha~

My First “Touchy” Experience at HARAJUKU KAWAii!

Before anything else, please watch and be amazed!


Feeling extra girly for my first Touchy gig! For some reason, I always get lucky when it comes to HARAJUKU KAWAii because I was able to go to the previous one for FREE  / ZERO HASSLE as well! Luck, please don’t go anywhere else!!

Since it was raining that day (which added more gloominess huhuhuhu), I wore one of my favorite tights from Les Fantaisies! (you guys should watch out for this brand to launch next month!!)

It was raining and windy so it was hard for me to walk from my house to the eki (station) ;_; I got late for our supposedly 12:00-ish meeting for Touchy because the train wasn’t on time >_<


Then everything just WENT SO FAST! After we met up (together with Asia-san, the one who arranged everything!) + Daisuke (photographer).. before we knew it, we were already watching a fashion show featuring lolita brands like Angelic Pretty and Putumayo!

Thanks to Asia-san & Hayakawa-san, I got to wear a whole set of lolita dress from a popular gothic lolita shop, Putumayo! My first time to wear a complete dress set which probably costs around 30-40k yen all in all! :O

Usually I’d go for the sweet style but change is good every now and then~ ^^v

The pretty Alice beside me is Asia.. (the person behind the Rainbowholic x Touchy collaboration)!  :heart:

Touchy being interviewed by ZIP TV (??). We were all individually interviewed and some readers told me they saw me @_@ And I missed the program again because of oversleeping… *sigh*

Got to meet awesome people from Time Out Tokyo! It was super fun hanging out with them for a few hours while doing performance with Eric of Touchy!

Many thanks to Hiroyuki-san & Akiko-san for adopting us, hahaha~

Alice Asia, Eric, and not-so-rainbowholic Kaila ^^v


Usually I would use my iPhone to take photos of the accessories or stuff that I like but since I have a human camera with me… =))

The concept behind TOUCHY is really great and it tackles an alarming social problem here in Japan– the hikikomori phenomenon.


I think that the message behind this project is that people need to have joyful / enjoyable interactions with each other. 🙂

Touchy is a way of connecting..

Touchy is a stress-reliever (my added input to the project description lololol) :))

How does it work?

You need to touch Touchy-san (also known as the great Eric Siu haha) while holding the bulb so that he can see~!

If you’re touching him + holding the bulb for 10 seconds, it will automatically take a photo! FUUUUUUU

Touchy is a way of getting girls =) JUST KIDDING

Yes boys and girls, that’s how small I am ;_; (the one with the bunny ears)

Then they became product endorsers for a minute or so :))

Communication Charm and Touchy~!

Their looks were priceless!!!

Getting our photo taken by Master Kira of <3

I love this group! : )))

Touchy being touchy with real men!

Amazed face is amazed

The best photo yet : )))


Touchy Kaila!

With Daisuke, Eric & William! (Asia took the photo)~


PURIKURA time + Harajuku KAWAiii freebies~!

After a FUNtiring day with them,  Daisuke and William had to go first so Eric, Asia and I just rested for a bit. Thanks Eric for the GODIVA treat!




I just met them the first time today and we got to talk SOOOOO much already! @_@


 Thanks for the fun Asia and Eric!  😎 Until the next coollaboration again~!

Hope I won’t get nosebleed again when talking to Eric, haha~

Few freebies I got during the event.. I was able to interact with DAM Channel people because they were so funny : )))

Many thanks to Time Out Tokyo and Dam Channel for the freebies!  :yay:

Speaking of Time Out Tokyo, I think I need to write about the coolest thing I discovered from them! Interactive map + APP @__@ Sometimes Japan technology just makes me  :what:  …



Thank you for scrolling until here~! <3


6 thoughts on “NHK Tokyo Kawaii TV + Rainbowholic and Touchy in HARAJUKU KAWAii!!

  1. :tsk:

    I think is an excuse to “keep contact” with people, because nowadays it seems that people are losing the best things of the human being, the sensitive. We need to be more sociable and more kind.

    This “thouchy-am” is a good reason


    Sayang!! I wanna watch yer feature :—-( And d’aww Domo-kun =))

    Cuuuute phenk outfit! Love the leggings/tights~ :heart:

    AYIEEEEEEEEEEEE IT’S ERIC-SAN HEHEHEHEHE :heart: :heart: Omg ate sinabi mo talaga yung secret tactic ni Touchy-san :(((( And oohhh I’ve only read about Hikikomori just now D: Sugoi, Touchy-san!! Ang cute nung lalaki yung ka-entwine niya ng hand niya HAHA

    And uwaaaa Ate you look so kawaii nomon with your lolita outfitttt ;u; :heart: :heart:

  3. hi kayla!I’m an old reader of your blog, from when you were still in the phil. and making photoshop tutorials (i think that’s how I found you, or candy mag?n)But anyway, last week, randomly, I remembered your blog and so I went on it. It has been a while since i’ve been on ur blog and can I just say that your art and style have reaallly evolved!!I enjoy your posts abt japanese culture/ and all the cutesy/artsy stuff you create/buy. Also, I’m happy for your achievements in Japan, and I’m gunna continue to be a fan of you! 🙂

    Touchy is soooooooo great to connect with people
    I wanna try it also :yay:
    I want those Instax cams soooooooo much
    better save up to buy one 😀
    and loved your goth lolita outfit.
    someday I’ll also wear a lolita outfit :yay:
    domo kun brown and white :love:


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