NHK World Kawaii International Episode Screencaps + Kawaii Tour BTS!

おはようございます!Good morning from Manila~

To those who waited and watched the Kawaii Leaders project episode, thank youuuuu! :”)

Here’s a short update regarding the successful project with the girls ^^ I think I’ll have 5+ more entries and hundreds of photos to post because the episode that aired was really just 20% of everything! *_* I’ll do my best to recount our special days together… haha!

I took some sceenshots of the episode ~

Hello Stella Baby!!

Wow, my Kawaii D.I.Y. website got featured as well :O


Yay! フィリピン represent!

Please don’t forget to like Kawaii.i!

Stella again~



Super Kawaii hosts. I really love Mariさん’s nautical look!!

We all had our own Kawaii Missions!

Those nails *_*

Yep, blame Kyary’s “eyebags” :)))

Mio in her alterego..? :)))

Really love these temporary tattoos!

Mio and Misha-san trying out the Purikura machines!

Ever so sweet Marie! I think that she’s the sweetest Lolita I’ve ever met!!!

Her mission was to create clay accessories. She got mentored by Kinakoさん!

Remember my last photoset entry?

Hair became dry & weird because it was raining outside huhuhu ;_;

My love for Ota-cute fashion hehe~

With Domo!

My favorite Pikachu kigurumi hehe~

My contest piece that brought me to many places, hehe~


You guys, it’s Kikiwan huhuhu ;_;

Really really love this studio in Tokyo!!

She made my whole cosplay dress!!! *_*

I have so much respect for cosplayers ;_;

She told me she really has 200+ costumes!! *_* HANDMADE Y’ALL

Lol, I never thought that the “hair sticking up” has a name. Aho-ge :)))



I might try cosplaying again.. probably haha :))

Eva for her Kawaii Mission 🙂

MOST INEXPERIENCED in modelling :))))))))


HUG HUG HUG lololol at my sister Marie :))

Where Kyary Pamyu Pamyu had her concert ;_; Look at all those Kawaii fans!!!

DOKI DOKI DOKI DOKI :)) the camera caught me randomly dancing out of nervousness :)))

When in doubt, show confidence :)))

Super love my whole outfit here. HEART SHADES ;_;



Us dancing while wearing the GALAXXXY collection!

After the fashion show…


This was during our Kawaii Tour ^^

Went to Angelic Pretty in LaForet with them <3

RILAKKUMA KIDDYLAND!! Toilet time haha~

Amazing candy art!! *_*

While making our photo collage~

Mio’s Pastel Heart <3

Eva’s theme was something colorful + 80’s style!

My voice was so husky in this part. Actually, I got a bit sick during the Kawaii Tour that I almost lost my voice! *_*

I sacrificed my Domo toy for this heart collage .. ;_;

Dun dun dun dun..

For me, Kawaii is anything that makes you smile & that cheers you up during a bad day! 🙂

Thank you for watching~!

Kawaii Leaders in Tokyo (Behind-the-scenes!)



6 thoughts on “NHK World Kawaii International Episode Screencaps + Kawaii Tour BTS!

  1. Awww seeing all these screencaps is like playing the video in my head all over again! Congratulations on the feature and everyone is so lovely not only in looks but also personality! :yehey:

    With love,

  2. I tried to watch the show but I didn´t make it ;_; It looks really wonderful in the screen caps though! ^0^ <3 I wish I had your life, it looks perfect :heart:

  3. the video is so awesome~~!! really looked like you guys had the time of your lives~ and it’s choo tanoushi! :yay:
    the song in the vid is :woww: :love: wonder what that is….

  4. Ohh , i would love to be a kawaii leader it sounds soooo much fun! :3star: :3star: :hihi: :yehey: :woww:


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