NHK World’s Kawaii International POP OTAKU Fashion Contest

Hello everyone! Goedemorgen (good morning in Dutch) from The Netherlands!

I’ve been out of touch lately because I’ve been traveling a lot these days (I had a prior trip in Hongkong before this @_@) so I hope my readers are still visiting this blog…. Haha~ ^^v

I’m usually updating Rainbowholic‘s page + instagram (rainbowholic) so you can go there to get kawaii updates ^^v

So I joined another contest in Kawaii International again…

I was really excited for this contest because I love Japanese characters + my fashion style can be categorized under “POP OTAKU” as well.


The third and second placers….

The most shocking thing ever:

I got the FIRST PLACE????

I was so happy when I first watched this episode (it was in Hongkong with Carlo)!! Thank you to everyone who sent their congratulations, I wouldn’t have known that I got a place if it weren’t for you guys!

I really loved the facial expressions of the guests here *_*


Melody Yoko-san & Misha Janette-san :O :O






Thank you Doraemon for making this happen! Haha~

P.S. I also won a special award before as the “Mario Girl”.


9 thoughts on “NHK World’s Kawaii International POP OTAKU Fashion Contest

  1. I was like “WAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH” while watching that :(( Tapos nainis sa akin si Ate kasi ang ingay ko =))) Omedetou, Ate Kaila!! *THROWS CONFETTI* Cute cute kasiiii ;______________; Tuwang-tuwa ako sa reactions nila kasi parang “ATE KAILA KO ‘YAN!!” :(((((((( Omedetou againnnnn~

  2. CONGRAAAAAAAAAAATULATIONS ATE KAILA!!! I know you really deserve it *u* You really suit as a “CUTE Doramon girl” hihihi I’ll always support you ate!! :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :kawaii: :woww:

  3. CONGRATULATIONS KAILA-NEE :yay: :yay: :yay:
    you are super creative that’s why you’ve been picked :kawaii:
    and this time, I’m not seeing cosplay but what I’m seeing is your creative ways to mix up :yehey:
    so proud of you nee chan :yay:


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