NHK World Kawaii International People’s Choice Award + Life +

First of all …


(Please ignore the eyebags caused by being a workaholic, hehe! Actually, I think that these are my natural “smiling eyes”. I just smiled at the camera without thinking of how to pose because of overflowing happiness hehe.. okay too much text inside the parentheses -_- )

I know that I haven’t been updating my blog as religiously as before & that I have more than a month’s worth of blog entry-able stories to tell but you guys are still here! Reading cheers through comments / mails from you all.. I am really blessed. ;_;

*i hope I won’t tear up until the end of writing this entry*


 Kawaii International’s People’s Choice Award: KAILA???

When I learned the news, I was totally @____________________@ jsdfdjfksjafkadfjska!!!!! SPARTA!!! (not really)

This was aired in the most recent Kawaii International episode. Here is my surprise win (blog entry) from before!


I don’t know why but I feel like the smirk on my face in that photo is similar to the troll meme on tumblr. wtfff :))

Aww, super love this! Not over the top and really balanced everywhere.

Chic and oshare! Just like a Shibuya gyaru!

Mecha kawaii Haru from France!

I also joined in this contest but this one deserved it. Visual x punk x wa style! Love the styling!

Okay who is this :))

Awww.. I wish I could pull off a princess look! I love the hair + huge pink bow! <3

I find my picture here the funniest lol




(btw my photo in this screenshot is really funny :)) omg that face :)) )

Thank you Doraemon for being my inspiration. Hehe!

Thank you kind Japanese people who voted for me!! ;_;

I didn’t know that my 100yen DIY skirt + plain shirt from a 390 yen shop would bring me such award *_*

(It could / probably mean that ~kawaii~ fashion is more fun when there’s creativity & resourcefulness involved. ^^v)


Just Thankful

I cannot reveal everything yet but I’m really, really, really thankful for the sudden overflowing of blessings in my life. Or maybe I’ve just become more appreciative now than before? Yeah.. maybe that’s it. ^^

Here are just some recent events (might be shallow for some) that I’m truly grateful for~

This happened in Harajuku. It was such a challenging & tiring day but I’m super happy with the results! Stay tuned ^^



Super happy to witness Sakura’s full bloom in Nakameguro with Leen. ^^v I think that our ~kawaii~ date deserves another blog entry! Haha <3

Usually, I just stay at home (in my room *_*) for a long time because of my new work (which has been revealed already.. it’s!) so every opportunity to meet a friend is really a day to be treasured.

Truth is, I don’t really have much “friends” with whom I can just hang out here in Japan. That’s why whenever there is a gig, meeting in Tokyo / etc.. I’m like a happy child being given a lollipop! Haha 😀 I live a bit far away so whenever I meet people in Tokyo, I really do make an effort. 😀



I went to have a dinner with my closest language school friends, Dawa and Shoro. Sabrina wasn’t present. If you were reading my blog from the start, these two should be familiar faces! Hehe 😀

Dawa just graduated from Bunka Fashion College and after that, she’s going to study in New York! OMG ;_; I’m really so proud of her!!

Shoro is being Shoro as usual (being random).. I really missed her a lot. Wish I could just go on girly dates with these people!  Remembering our ladies’ night together =  :heart:


My friend A sent me photos of my cutie patootie toy poodle dog, chocnut! I cannot wait to meet you in Manila, chocnut!!! So many happiness going on recently huhuhu ;_;

After a long day of self-imposed work (lololol), hugging this huge Rilakkuma is a stress-relieving activity for me!  :star:


Before, I would often ask God why all of the sudden, my gallbladder is “sick”. After months & months of adjusting, I could say that maybe it was after all a blessing for me (in disguise of a harsh wake-up call).

I became this much disciplined person when it comes to healthy eating. I was super lazy back then & wouldn’t bother to prepare food. I was eating “healthy stuff” but it wasn’t balanced.. & after my multiple emergency room / ambulance moments here in Japan (apparently, you cannot go straight to the hospital’s emergency room without the aid of the ambulance), I learned & experienced how to handle such pain. Whenever I’d get gallbladder attacks, it’s always like *kill-me-now-please* but like what my brother would always tell me, I have to learn how to handle the pain even without medicine. ^^

A healthy lifestyle has rewarded me so much. Discipline, knowledge, and healthier & blooming skin… ^^v


A few days ago, I received this love parcel from a silent reader called “Koala Bear”. ;___; SUPER THANK YOU KOALA BEAR!!!!!


To be able to inspire people, I think that Rainbowholic blog is serving well.

Truthfully, I don’t want to become nor aspire to be a blogger authority who just gets sponsored a lot..  (take note on the just*)..

I think that it’s better to aspire to inspire people. :”) I believe that having that purpose as a blogger is more meaningful. 😀


My friend Anne (admin of KPP PH) sent me a super sweet package ;_;  I’ve been discussing with her a lot of my kawaii-related dreams that involve Manila / KPP / Kawaii Culture ..

To be surrounded with like-minded people— that I am also thankful for. 🙂


Positivity & Reminders

Since many of you liked my shared quotes / motivational bookmarks, I just thought of sharing these helpful / happy reminders I stored.

I save a lot of positivity quotes on my phone because I don’t want to fall into a “rut” again. I had experienced & faced (mild) depression head-on before so having these happy thoughts readily accessible through my phone.. it helps a lot. These are like my preventive medicine whenever this little brain of mine starts overthinking / breeds negativity. 😀

Hope these would make you smile!   :yay:

I got these from Marc and Angel’s facebook page + random ( #instaquotes #quotes ) hashtags on instagram :))


Left: What I kept on telling myself ever since I restarted Japan Lover Me with a team. Every single effort COUNTS. It may not be so much from the start but eventually, little by little.. you will go far. 🙂

Right: Best advice ever. I also think that my laughter is like a 10 yr. old’s giggle lololol


Left: Unfortunately, I had to experience such pain when it comes to the matters of the heart but I can proudly say.. I’m over it. I’m done with it. I’ve cried so much & mourned about the loss but that’s just the past. I’m just glad how that event changed my life. POSITIVELY.  Half a year ago, I would’ve never pictured myself to be like the Kaila 2.0 now. I like this version better. Tougher & with less inches on the waist, lol.

Right: Truelaloo.

Yes, yes.


Ok, ok!

I think that this is really important. This actually worked for me as well ^^

I guess the reason why Rainbowholic blog has succeeded is that.. I’m just being real & true to myself / to my readers.

I don’t want to make it appear here on my blog that my life is perfect… truth is, it’s waaaaay far from perfect.. and I’m perfectly fine with it.

I’m aiming for a happy life.. and there’s a difference ^^

(hence the shallow posts hahaha.. shallow happiness ala Kaila ;_;)


Left: Once you’ve realized (anddecided) that you must improve / change yourself, that’s the start. ^^v

Right: True.


True, true, true. <3


Hope you picked up something from my random life sharings! Hahaha! 😀

:heart:’s Soft Launch!

My website babies huhuhu finally April 5 ARRIVED! Did you know that we postponed our soft launch for almost 5+ times?? *___*

Exclusive Art postcards & pin buttons! There’s an ongoing contest through twitter.. you might want to join?

Seeing these forreals huhuhuhuhu ;_; HARD WORK ACTUALIZED!! Yosh!

In just 1 DAY. WOW. Thank you to everyone who first liked our page!! Long way to go but we’re doing our best! 😀

(Please help us share our page! We are aiming 10,000 likes on April 12!)

And lastly.. I created a video version of our Love Letter to Japan! Please check it out!  :star:



Thank you all for reading until here! Now, I must get up early later for another big day….

Wish me luck & please pray for me + my shyness to just magically disappear!!


17 thoughts on “NHK World Kawaii International People’s Choice Award + Life +

  1. Awww congratulations!!! :yay: I’m so happy you won >O< I love your outfits for the entry, especially the shoes!!! :love:

  2. I’m soooooooo proud of you, Ate. 😥 I watched it through the website stream and I was cheering for you even though I know the results na HEHEHEHEHEHE Anyway, we’ll have fun fun fun when I go there (sleepover sleepover sleepover) and when you go back here (lugaw lugaw lugaw) :heart:

  3. well done :yay: youve been working so hard and its payed off…!
    also your big Rilakkuma omo so cool!
    I want to send you mail one day to say thankyou, finding your blog made me want to blog :pink:

  4. Congratulations congratulations congratulations!!!! (no I did not copy and paste, I typed everything XD)

    Your style really suits you well, and you showed off all your skills along with it (creativity, sewing, colour matching etc). I feel really happy for you ((:

    Looking forward to more of your posts!

    With love,

    :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
    even if you had a simple quirky kawaii look :heart: people will know that you’re soooooooooooo good at experimenting stuffs in fashion :)) :heart: :heart:
    well nacucurios na ako kung ano ginagawa mo sa harajuku with the domo bag :yay:
    and also, ANG DAMING CHOCNUTS :yay: :yay:
    pwede huminge XD
    thank you for sharing inspirational quotes :yay: Kailangan ko rin yen eh :yay:
    I wanna see a Sakura Tree someday :yay: :yay: :yay:
    ang cute ng call card ng Japan Lover Me :cheer: I wanna get it :heart: :heart:
    3 Days palang yung page 3k na yung likes!!! GAMBANTTE! :heart: :heart: :heart:
    :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

  6. Congrats my dear!!! It’s evident how you work hard to make Rainbowholic the ultimate Japan and kawaii haven!! They made the right choice!!! Super happy and excited for you!!! 😀

  7. <33 KAILA… super hands down everything to you and more good things to come : )

    again, SUPER CONGRATS KAILA ~~~~~ :yay: for winning <3 :***
    Positivity ay kaakibat ng goodness and happy things at pagkatapos nun lahat ay susunod na 😀
    at dahil jan, tuloy na tuloy na ang ating kawaii dreams ; ))
    grabe super thank you rin sa pag supporta sa KPP PH :heart:

    :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: goodluck sa lhat kaila :* :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

  8. WOW! Congratulations!!! :yay:
    Happy to hear the great news, you deserve it :nod:
    Hope things continue to go well for you, since you are such a special girl who inspires so many of us :blush:

  9. :yay: :yay: :yay: :yay: :yay:
    so happy for you Kaila! :cute:
    i only hope that i get to meet you sometime in the future! 😥
    you’re definitely an inspiration to all your readers, including me 😆


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