Odaiba Weekend and Schooldays

My weekend was so busy and this post is almost overdue..

So let me tell my weekend story through caption-less photos.


From Shinjuku Eki (Train Station)

Roamed around Shinjuku first. I attended an event, so don’t question my fashion, HAHA

and no, I’m no cosplayer.. 😀


Had an awesomesauce drive with my brother to Odaiba. I thought I was riding a race car @_@

I therefore conclude that Tokyo expressways are one of the craziest here in Japan.

Watch our fishie eye roadtrip vide here: http://vimeo.com/23755834

I’m a happy child showing off her anglomania shoes. If you haven’t read of the anglomania story.. then…

And Whatever Goes

My unique purchases from Design Festa. Saw amazing handcrafted accessories and rainbow blings but the girl has to save up…

This mushroom ring is a conversation starter. Never fails

Had keychain rings customized for me and my boyfriend (who’s in the Philippines). Mine’s the blue one, and his is the one with my name. Cheesy but .. (has no excuse)



I am forever a lover of dots and polka dots


Felt pins I cut out

And so I turned it into a necklace. Stole some necklace straps from my brother’s bling stash… Haahaa

Super cute and girly DLSR camera strap. LOVELY

Scarf turned into a huge cute bow <3 Hello Monday!

Hello Tuesday!

Sheep ears, lacy socks, and a floral dress. Too feminine

What I had for breakfast and lunch. Didn’t want any rice for today for some reason… and I love MATCHA! Hot or cold.

Shiny black docs <3


3 thoughts on “Odaiba Weekend and Schooldays

  1. Woah~ Your felt pins are so cute~ :yay:
    Watched the trip to Odaiba and ohmygay~ Sunroof(?)~ *O* I’d looooove to go to Japan and wear crazy outfits and all that~ ;w;

  2. The pins definitely are cute!! You need to stop with the photospam, or else I won’t be able to read/look/comment on your entries much at all… =( LOL, slow internet connection.

  3. It must be really fun to wear what you really love and like in Japan. Iba kasi sa Pinas! I really want to wear something like what you are wearing in this post here in the Philippines. But,.. but… but…


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