Oh Happy Day With Kawaii PH Teammates + Thoughts About Influence

Hello everybody!

Good morning from Manila! 😉

Yesterday, I met up with my friends for the last time before I fly back to Japan this coming week. We spent the day talking about the most random topics ranging from horror stories, KPOP groups lololol, and some Kawaii PH-related work. Felt so energized after being with them! I feel like I can conquer the workload I will be facing in Japan soon, haha.

Before going to our meeting place, I asked my cousin to take some #ootd photos for me because it’s been a long time since I did so.


But this little girl (a.k.a. my super cute & energetic niece Riona) was being so hyper the entire time.


Here’s a candid shot of surprised Kaila receiving (stolen omg) handpicked flowers from our neighbor’s garden :))

I was in the middle of awkwardly posing outside the house when she ran towards my direction.


Yay, emoji-inspired outfit!

Top from a tiangge (worth 200 PHP waaah) + Pink bow shorts from my SG trip with friends 5/6 yrs. ago + New Balance kicks



She wanted to take my photos with my camera but of course, I’m a very strict aunt hahaha. So… no. :))


Rio is only with us during the weekend. And she sure makes her presence felt in every corner of the house because she’s sooo ACTIVE hahaha


I woke up earlier than the usual because this girl kept on knocking on my door :)))


But still, I love how she is so carefree! :))


Flowers for auntie!


Thank you for helping out, Rio lololol


Good girl!


(But later on, she dumped all the trash / leaves in front of our main door HAHAHA)



Memorable Day with Mikee, ChiChi, Kaye, and Francis!

After the crazy (fun?? :)) ) morning at home, I headed to SM Megamall in the afternoon to meet up with some of the Kawaii PH team core members. Actually, we were supposed to deliver a talk about “Kawaii Empowerment” in a school but it was cancelled just a few days ago before the day itself. 🙁

So we all just decided to meet up and have a great time together.. since I will be leaving for Japan soon! Huhuhu.


We were so hungry and we didn’t have lunch so we chose Tokyo Bubble Tea because they have lots of offerings for our different cravings, haha.

(This is not a sponsored post, lolol)



Kaye had ramen~


Francis had Salmon 🙂


I ordered “Volcano Maki” (forgot the name~). My meal was delicious!


Group photo!


We also met up because Kaye and Mikee ordered 3 boxes of CCS figure toys. I was supposed to sell these through Kawaii PH Store but all 6 boxes were bought by them already lololol. THANK YOU Mikee and Kaye for supporting Rainbowholic Shop!





Anne was supposed to join us yesterday but she had weekend work. So we left space for her in the photos, hahaha!



*Insert Anne Kate there*



Thank you Francis for always taking fun photos of us!!

DSCF9382kawaii-phillipines-team DSCF9384kawaii-phillipines-team

Because the brick wall was fitting for #ootd shots :))


Loving Kaye’s outfit!!


Sukajaaaaaaan! <3



We moved to St. Marc Cafe to continue our conversations hahaha. Omg we had so MANY stories to tell!!

Btw, I drank too much caffeine that day and I had minor palpitations. I’m not used to drinking coffee + tea that much anymore huhuhu



ChiChi’s commissioned work for Summit (Tat-venture). I can’t remember how many ChiChi publications I have already hoarded from the past years (Total Girl, Planner / Slambook, etc.)! *_*

We’re already brainstorming for our projects for 2016. Maybe it’s about time to start on #KawaiiPHBook2 ft. Little Miss Paintbrush? 😉


After an hour or so of maximum endless talking at St. Marc Cafe, I got so hungryyy hahahaha.


We all went to the foodcourt and had Hen Lin siomai + siopao.

Simple joys with friends = THE BEST!



After a day of nonstop sharing about anything under the sun, we ended the day (or night? haha) with meaningful realizations. It’s funny how we can talk about the most random and littlest things yet we can be “so deep” when it comes to life / passion / everything in between. This is what I love most about this circle of true friends. We openly share about our struggling times in the past and how we managed to overcome those. And we also had a common realization about how others perceive us because of what they currently see. I guess you’d say that everything that we all once to dreamt about as a team (and as an individual) before.. most of those dreams / ideas have already come true because we all actively pursued for those.

After that conversation, I got really inspired me to start writing a future “motivational” blog entry (since I categorize myself as a motivational blogger anyway, haha) about how your 1% effort is still better than 0% even if you feel like 1% does not make a change (when IN FACT, it is already a big difference). After years of running this blog, I would sometimes get comments such as- “I want your life! It’s so perfect! You’re so luckkyy!”.. when in reality, it really is far from thaaaaaat. 🙂 And “luck” is something that you also create by preparing yourself to arrive in a situation (at the right timing) when you become this “lucky person”.

It was never my goal to make or appear myself to have a perfect kawaii life (that is why I also share the vulnerable side of Kaila here on the blog because yes, I am human) because I know that once you have become influential online.. it also means that you have social responsibility. Online influence plays a huge role in the minds of the youth. I don’t want to have readers who would be inspired in a wrong way to recklessly drop everything without much thinking by leaving their day job so that they could follow what I do and just post pretty instagram photos like “Ate Kaila”.. or to start a blog because it looks “glamorous” to also have a Japan life like that. (Oh noes, I hope that I don’t give off those kind of vibes, haha.) If ever you decide to leave your day job to pursue your dream, it should be for the reason that it’s what your heart really wants.. and it’s not because of the acknowledgement / glamour that it promises.  I’m pretty sure that if you learned about all of my current problems (and the past ones), you wouldn’t even think of wanting to have a similar “perfect” life in Japan that some people think that I have. This blog still excists because I aim to share my thoughts / learnings that have also inspired or made me take necessary actions so that I can make my dreams come true. 🙂

Anyway, I think I wrote too much this Sunday morning already, haha!

Hope you look forward to my next entry wherein I will share how my “seemingly” futile / fruitless attempts from before became the most life-changing moments in my life.

Have a restful Sunday (or Saturday), wherever you are!

Love, カイラ

4 thoughts on “Oh Happy Day With Kawaii PH Teammates + Thoughts About Influence

  1. I’m currently feeling down right now, like I’m wasting my time realizing what really is my dream and what am I supposed to do with my life. It is really hard to fight yourself, your thoughts than what others say. So I decided to read your blog again. Everything is on point! Why everytime I read your blog, i’m somewhat feel connected or idk it’s like I’m reading what I am feeling. Haha weird but that’s true. I wanted to get out in this pit and get myself inspired once again. I’ ll continue reading now. 🙂

  2. Always enjoy reading your post, Kaila! I love the top you’re wearing and actually everyone is so cute <3 I also love Kaye's outfit, it's so kawaii~
    Uh your niece is also so cute xD

    Big Dreamer

  3. @Kumako: Thank you for your kind words! Maybe it’s because we both know how it feels to struggle? ^^ I hope that right now, you’re feeling much better. Don’t forget you’re an amazing person, okay! : ) You can do it!


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