Oh My Dolly Kaila + Daily Rilakkuma + Cutest Sanrio Undies EVER!

Hello lovelies  :pink:

Here is just a quick post with randomaskfdfkgl photos + daily kawaii in my life~  :star:

I tried playing with make-up today for practice. I’m wearing circle lenses + Dolly Wink #1 eyelashes here!  :heart:

Next photos will be so random. : ))

Rilakkuma fridge magnets, yeyeyey!

I bought new futon covers (for my nonexistent futon) because I liked the design : )) Anything that has Rilakkuma on it is automatically “kawaii” in my eyes.

OMG, I received artworks from Panama-based Artist ANDI SOTO!

This has got to be the prettiest enveloped I’ve ever received!!! Good thing it survived its beauty all the way from Panama to my place!

 She included more of her work but here are my favorites  :heart: SERIOUSLY HOWWWWW DO YOU DRAW LIKE THIS ;_;




As I was shopping in my favorite place (Shimamura), I found an aisle with the cutest undies ever! Lol, it reminds me of my adolescent days when my mom accompanied me to buy my first* lady necessities : ))

Cutest brassiere ever : ))) Kiki and Lala + Lace + Lavender!!

Because of my weight loss over the years, I also lost fat in the most important lady parts (HUHUHU MY boobs ;_; ) but it’s actually more convenient now : )) Easier to find my degraded size lolololol



Left: To get myself busy, I started playing games again : )) Family computer + PS2 FTW!

Right: Only had the chance to take photos of my Claire nee-chan’s gift from her Philippine visit.. rainbow lips, nails and eyelashes?!

Just half of my shoe collection.. I need a room for everything @_@

Please don’t mistake me for a spoiled rich girl whatever : )) I used to be the girl who only had few pairs.. until my brother introduced me to his shoeholic addiction!

And I think that if you really want your favorite shoesies to last longer, you must invest in more options so that you wouldn’t overuse a great pair of shoes that could also last for years!

Just my thoughts ^^

La Maison cakes are always HEAVENLY!!!

We had an incredible meal at Wired Kitchen in Parco.

Of course, dessert comes first! : ))

Smoked ham (?) + veggie pizza with thin crust! THE BEST EVER @_@ PESTO SAUCE YUMMMMM!!

 And the pizza photo shall end this quick blog entry…


To those who are waiting for the announcement of Rainbowholic x Broken Doll giveaway, please wait for a few more days~ ^^v I will definitely announce it SOON!


4 thoughts on “Oh My Dolly Kaila + Daily Rilakkuma + Cutest Sanrio Undies EVER!

  1. Soooo excited wit all the Rainbowholic news!! Fighting!!
    I’m absolutely loving everything you’ve been doing with your new hair! So many nice colors and effects!

    The makeup you’ve been applying lately is sooo gyaru and cute! I’m loving it! I’m crazy about japanese make up, Japan has the best quality brands but I always get lazy to purchase because they are expensive and shipping usually takes soooooo long! Do you do shopping service for make up? *expectations*

    Go go go, Kaila, for a super giant and global and famous and flawless Rainbowholic! *over excited*

    ps – Rainbowholic and Little Miss Paintbrush is the best partnership and friendship in the world! Loveee her drawings! *~~~~~*

  2. :yay: :yehey: :woww: :kawaii: :dancee: :dancee: :cheer: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: I really love the new layout! And the illustrations and ALL!
    Im inlove :love: with it.


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