Our Kawaii Game Plan

I wrote in my last entry about how kawaii changed my life.

This time, I’m going to tell you our game plan that involves a WORLDWIDE campaign.


We have been promoting kawaii in a different way ever since.

Right from the start, we have been using “kawaii” as a tool to spread happiness. Through a humble “kawaii lifestyle workshop” last 2013 called Kawaii in Manila in the Philippines.

After which, projects and ideas were realized along the way. It wasn’t easy but we just knew everything would be so worth it.

All of these things we do… we do these because we want …

To make someone feel more confident in her own individuality.

To motivate dreamers to achieve their passion.

And so much more…


We are only a small team of Filipina creatives both based in the Philippines and Japan.

A small team that pooled together a very supportive local community.

A local movement that got eyeballs from the foreign scene.

We have hundreds and thousands of supporters online..

… and unfortunately, not all can join and participate in our Kawaii convention because of geographical reasons.

And we still believe that nothing is impossible.

Even if you’re not from the Philippines / Manila, you can still be there.

We still want these hundreds of supporters abroad to participate through a “campaign“.

We want these people to celebrate in our future victory.

And I would love you (hello loyal Rainbowholic readers huhu *hug*)..

…. to be part of this!  :blush:


Kawaii.PH is inviting all kawaii girls / fans around the world to participate in our campaign!


Here in the Kawaii Philippines community, we believe that “kawaii” isn’t just an expression nor a trend.

It is a lifestyle – an appreciation for all things cute and also a way of looking at the world in a positive light.

Moreover, it can also become a powerful medium to make an effective difference here in the world.

Through kawaii, we can spread this cheerful virus to make others happy!


 This time, we are proceeding our game plan with a convention- Kawaii in Manila 2.

Before I went backpacking to Kyoto, I met up with friends (Kawaii PH + Filipino bloggers Ashley, Emika, Satchi, Mich and Gervin).. and TokyoFashion.com‘s video blogger (Elleanor) for a video project for Kawaii in Manila 2.

At first, I was quite not sure how I would come up with the final output.

After showing the draft of this video to my teammate Mikee, we brainstormed quite a bit.

And we came up with this.


Japan-based Kawaii.PH Bloggers (and our babies~!) Satchi and Mich.

Elleanor, TokyoFashion.com’s Video blogger 🙂


Kawaii in Manila 2 Ambassadress: Ashley of Candy Kawaii Lover

Emika, my not-so-much imouto-chan imouto <3

So now you are still probably confused..

How does one join this campaign?

Simply tell us what kawaii means to you by creating a poster!

Take a photo of it .. OR take a photo with it! ^_^

[Complete details are posted here.]

We will compile everyone’s entry and showcase it in the actual event.. for everyone to see!

Let’s create a big photo wall with all your entries, shall we? <3

Tokyo-based Blogger Gervin of JenneChrisville.com also has something to say about this culture. 🙂




I think that would be all for now… ~

To my friends, thank you all for the help! I appreciate it so much! <3

To you.. I hope you can be part of this too! ^_^



2 thoughts on “Our Kawaii Game Plan

  1. I really wish I could come! Hope my schedule will permit me. I’ve been a fan of this event since the first one! But failed to attend that one too tho. :sob:
    I really hope I could meet you soon too! :yay:

    ♡, Jamie of Spotlight on Jamie


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