OurKawaii.Tokyo by Ashley & Kaila + Kawaii.Fund.Org Website Launch!

Konnichiwa everyone! Just a quick plug about the recent website launches my teammates and I had these past days.

First of all, let me present OurKawaii.Tokyo, a joint collaboration with Ashley Dy of Candy Kawaii Lover! :”)

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Our Kawaii Tokyo (www.ourkawaii.tokyo) was created by Filipino, Tokyo-based, kawaii bloggers Ashley and Kaila because of their friends and readers who are interested about traveling to Japan. Getting tons of questions everyday about Tokyo such as “Where to go?”, “Where to stay?” or even more specific ones like, “How to get tickets for Ghibli museum?” spark their interest to launch Our Kawaii Tokyo. Although it serves as a compilation of answers for many questions about Tokyo and Japan as a whole, Our Kawaii Tokyo is full of creative illustrations and personal experiences.

www.ourkawaii.tokyo | #OurKawaiiTokyo | fb.com/OurKawaii.Tokyo


The concept of Our Kawaii Tokyo is to make the reader feel that he/she have two kawaii best friends living in Tokyo who are very keen to answer all his/her hesitations about traveling to Japan. There are a lot of travel sites for tourists going to Japan but what makes Our Kawaii Tokyo different is the touch of kawaii and sophistication in each post. Since Japan has four beautiful seasons, each one will be highlighted accordingly. Right now, it’s pre-spring time in Japan, most of the posts are designed to fit the reader’s need for this season such as “how to differentiate cherry blossoms and plum blossoms“, “where to find plum blossoms“, “when are the cherry blossoms scheduled to bloom“, among many others.

Watch our quick teaser video here ~

Thank you for the feedback so far, you guys inspire me and Ashley! : )

To my co-author & fellow big dreamer, thank you for believing in me.. and with me. I’m so happy to meet a great friend who is always game and willing to create stuff together! Thank you Ashley, can’t wait to meet you again soon! : )

 Kawaii Fund: Spreading The Cute One Coin At A Time

Yesterday, we finally launched one of our most ambitious projects at Kawaii Philippines.

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Kawaii Fund is a fundraising campaign organized by Kawaii Philippines for kawaii culture enthusiasts.

It aims to gather resources that would help the organization materialize proposed events that wish to promote and empower individuals through the kawaii way of life. In line with Kawaii Philippines’ mission of promoting kawaii culture as a way of life, Kawaii Fund serves as a tool in making kawaii possible through fundraising projects and workshops.

Help us put the “fun” in funds so together, we can make kawaii happen.


Love Cute? Contribute!


Also, I wrote a quite lengthy welcome letter on behalf of everyone. Please do read if you have time to spare : )

I would also like to commend the efforts of ChiChi, Mikee, Mica & Az who helped me build this website from scratch! Thank you so much, KawaiiFund Team!

I can’t wait to write more about these projects soon. For now, this update will do. ^_^


Also, just sharing ~

I really do feel physically tired these days but I’ve never felt so fulfilled in my life. ;_;

I am thankful for all the imperfections of my days, the craziness of my schedule & all the hurdles I am about to face soon.

To all of my readers (silent or not), I am grateful to have you all here.

Love, Kaila

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