Our Kawaii Tokyo E-book + Past Weekends + ABC Mag by Abbey ?

Hi everyone!

Here is this week’s update & photo dump! Enjoy the photos!

Last night, we’ve finally released our first travel guide e-book project under the Our Kawaii Tokyo brand! It’s a creative guide / compilation of our favorite hangout places in Harajuku, Shibuya & Shinjuku. If you love the things that I visit or hoard (coughs stationery coughs), you will also enjoy exploring around Tokyo with this guide.

Ashley, Allie and I really worked hard on this one (2 years in the making or so, lol #nevergiveup). Allie did the entire layout & everything’s wonderfully done!

We had to change many pages along the way because some shops closed down & we wanted to give the reader a more user-friendly experience (putting ourselves in her/his shoes) so. We hope that you will also enjoy browsing our mini guide. We wish to create more themed travel guides in the future. ^^

The price right now for June 2017 is 1200 JPY. You can purchase it from Rainbowholic Shop. ^^

Illustrations / patterns by Allie. Photos by everybody 🙂

it me

it Allie

it Ashley



So many things being released / launched lately and here’s another one that I am also SUPER PROUD of!

My dear friend  / fellow cappie Abbey just released her own MAGAZINE. MAGAZINE, you guys!!

And she asked me to share something about my neighborhood and how it gives me inspiration. Really, really thank you for this opportunity.

This is actually my first time to be featured in a Philippine magazine. So happy it’s about Japan 🙂

More info about #ABCmag later at the end of this blog post! 😉

Here are some random photos of my weekends out of Saitama so far this month / last May.

Traveler’s Factory in Nakameguro is a must-visit for every TN / midori / stationery lover.

Thanks Jeremee for the picture + company!

Strolled around Sugamo for the first time. Thanks for bringing me here, Aki! I wanna go back for the popular mochi store, haha!

(to those who are wondering, that yummy matcha bubble tea photo you are looking at was from Urth Caffe Daikanyama)

Rose festival in Otsuka, Tokyo. Another delightful surprise!

Got so lucky to see this with my own eyes because it was the last day of the rose festival!

HANDS Cafe at the 7th floor of Tokyu Hands Shibuya is currently my favorite cafe!

Hobonichi With Me | Midori Traveler’s Notebook Meet in Tokyo ?

May 2017 Hobonichi Techo Flip-Through + Simple Days in Japan + June Goals ☀️

Hobonichi With Me | Korea Trip 2017 + Stationery Haul ?

Cutest Japanese summer stationery only from Rainbowholic Shop

Why I’m in Japan + How did I end up here?! | Rainbowholic ?

Will do my best to make more chit chat videos! 😉

ABC Magazine for artists, crafters, and makers

I’m a proud godmother / ninang of ABC Magazine (Abbey’s big baby)!

ABC Magazine’s first issue brims with helpful snippets and encouraging features all laid out amidst delightful illustrations, charming typography, and the prettiest photos. Here, aspiring creatives get to pore through pages of materials meant to get them artistically stoked such as books to read, podcasts to listen to, and arts and crafts shops to visit. Once you’re on the road to embarking on a creative endeavor, ABC Magazine identifies the tools you’ll need to boost creativity, from advice on conquering your goals to techniques on designing your workspace. Top professionals in different creative fields also chime in with advice and revelations to help budding creators along in their journey. Cool DIY projects round up the magazine’s offerings, with crafting tutorials, decorating ideas, and even food prep how-tos meant to stimulate creative expression.

#ABCReadSearch is not a book

Please come and support my friend if you are in Manila! Go to ABC Magazine Launch this June 17! Go, go, go!! (lol)

Free postcards, posters, and stickers. WOAH :O

The first issue of ABC Magazine is now available in newsstands, bookstores, convenience stores, and supermarkets in the Philippines for P250.

Congrats Abbey, as always ~!


And to you, thanks for reading / scrolling down until the very last part! 🙂

With love, 


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