Pancake Days in Harajuku for Breakfast + Shibuya de Hello Kitty Kawaii Adventure with Kuma Miki + Cat Calico Cafe in Shinjuku

Good morning from Japan! <3

For today’s blog post, it’s going to be another kawaii photospam of random happenings + collaborations I did last week!

Every week (or rather, day) is so eventful and I find it hard to catch up with blogging! Buttttt I will do my best to remember the details. 😀

(Can I just blog with photos and without supporting captions…. ? :))) )

IMG_6166_cb IMG_6169_cb

During my free time, I de-stress myself by jotting down / unloading all these ideas from my brain. This activity is very liberating, haha!


Kyary Pamyu Pamyu on Zipper!


Saw this Hatsune Miku pillow from Family Mart!


Bought a long wig because I miss my long hair! Huhuhu

IMG_6176_cb IMG_6178_cb


A Kawaii Day Full of Collabs!

Last week, I collaborated with Marco for a “Kaila in Harajuku” fun photoshoot. 😀

I was going to use the photos for my “upgraded” website layout but because of the load of work I have right now.. next time might be better I guess. Haha!

 IMG_6179_cb    IMG_6186_cb IMG_6185_cb IMG_6184_cb

I love Meiji Shrine even though I have been here for so many times already, haha!

IMG_6188_cb  IMG_6191_cb

Finally got to try pancakes from Pancake Days!


Unique combination: Curry + Pancakes!

Of course, I ate the curry first and had the pancakes as dessert. haha!

IMG_6192_cb IMG_6189_cb


Highly recommended! Their buttermilk pancakes = the best!

 IMG_6204_cb IMG_6198_cb

Thanks Marco for the help! 🙂

Kuma Miki x Rainbowholic Video Collaboration

Hello Kitty’s 40th Anniversary: SHIBUYA de Hello Kitty!

 IMG_6208_cb IMG_6207_cb

Thank you Kumamiki for wearing my “Rainbowholic” pin! :”)

IMG_6209_cb IMG_6210_cb


IMG_6280_cb IMG_6279_cb

Yipeee! <3


Hello Kitty Roses. Why not?



Had cold dessert from The Theatre Coffee in Shibuya Hikarie!


Awwww…. :”)

IMG_6225_cb IMG_6222_cb



IMG_6234_cbIMG_6231_cb IMG_6236_cb

How to eat… @_@

IMG_6235_cb  IMG_6239_cb IMG_6238_cb

With my forever-broken Nihongo, I asked Kumamiki a lot about Harajuku hahahaha

It felt like an interview :)) A fun one! 😀

 IMG_6241_cb IMG_6245_cbIMG_6248_cb

Still in Shibuya Hikarie, we searched for the Hello Kitty-themed goods / desserts!

IMG_6247_cb  IMG_6250_cb IMG_6249_cb IMG_6254_cb IMG_6253_cb  IMG_6258_cb IMG_6257_cb IMG_6255_cb IMG_6261_cb IMG_6259_cb IMG_6264_cb IMG_6263_cb IMG_6262_cb IMG_6266_cb IMG_6265_cb IMG_6269_cb IMG_6268_cb IMG_6267_cb IMG_6271_cbIMG_6270_cb IMG_6281_cb

Tokyu Hands Shibuya x Hello Kitty!

IMG_6284_cb IMG_6282_cb IMG_6287_cb

TOKIDOKI x Sanrio Characters!

IMG_6286_cb IMG_6285_cb IMG_6289_cb  IMG_6293_cb IMG_6292_cb IMG_6291_cb  IMG_6295_cb

Reminds me of Shojono Tomo!

IMG_6294_cb  IMG_6297_cb IMG_6301_cb

IMG_6299_cb  IMG_6302_cb

IMG_6300_cb IMG_6305_cbIMG_6308_cb

Purikura time~

IMG_6307_cb IMG_6306_cb

IMG_6310_cb IMG_6309_cb

Thank you for the kawaii afternoon, Kumamiki-chan! :”)

IMG_6316_cb IMG_6313_cb

Kumamiki supporting Kawaii Philippines~ <3

Calico Cat Cafe in Shinjuku

After a kawaii afternoon, I accompanied Marco for a cat cafe visit!

IMG_6325_cb IMG_6323_cb

My cousin Gilbert and I went here just the day before, haha!

IMG_6342_cb IMG_6331_cb

Thank you to my friend Eri, for recommending this place! <3

IMG_6328_cb   IMG_6353_cb IMG_6349_cb


IMG_6347_cb IMG_6356_cb

I wanna visit again huhuhuhu~ ;_;

1 hour costs 1,000 JPY with a free drink (to be used for the next visit)! I think that it’s a good price for a cat cafe such as Calico Cat Cafe!

Very spacious, tons of neko cuteness… perfect place to have a lazy time with cats haha!


After that, we went to Shibuya and tried out the seafood~


AHHHH yummy! So fresh!

IMG_6363_cb IMG_6361_cb

And a food photo shall end this entry,

Hope you enjoyed the kawaii spam, haha!


3 thoughts on “Pancake Days in Harajuku for Breakfast + Shibuya de Hello Kitty Kawaii Adventure with Kuma Miki + Cat Calico Cafe in Shinjuku

  1. :heart: :heart:

    I must say that you chose the best photo to end the post with xDDD -mindblown by seafood-


    With love,

  2. It’s been awhile since I was actually into hello kitty-but the kawaii spam was really cute <3 and only made my passion for wanting to visit Japan stronger.


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