Peko-chan Goes to TOY PLANET: A Toy Recycle Shop

Yesterday, I wore my Milky shirt (a gift from my brother from many years ago!) and dressed up as Peko-chan. Also this made me think of making a Peko-chan inspired dress hehe  :yay:

(awkward tongue is awkward. I think Peko is the only who can do it effortlessly, haha)

Rainbow ring from KERA model herself, Kurebayashi during POP n CUTE party  :heart:


We went to an Omocha (toy) recycle shop yesterday! It’s called TOY PLANET.

I love where I live, it’s so conveniently awesome  :333:

Lol, not my best facial expression but I love the lighting here : ))

I don’t know why I did this but yeah…

You can find so many cute things here.. fo a very cheap price!

Character backpacks for kids (kind of trendy in Harajuku, and adults are wearing those haha)

Bento boxes!

Peko memorabilia

Lol, that’s Kaila who  got tired of looking at the things all of the same time.

Maybe some people would tell me to act my own age but.. that’s really not me. I think I will always have an adoration for cute & childish stuff.

I mean when you reach the age of 30 or 40, of course you’d want to feel and look younger right? I’m just starting that phase quite early 😛

Oh my, these are cute! If I were a child, I would seriously pull my mommy to this corner. Haha~

Super cute toy fridges!

Vintage sanrio~

JUNO movie! Haha

A bit blurred but here’s a photo of a kid with a cute mohawk!

Cute room display 🙂

Spent almost an hour with my brother & sis-in-law reminiscing our childhood of oldskoolness. Haha!  :yay:


A Japanese Stationary Store Tour

After that, we went to a stationary store on our way home. Forgot its name but it’s one of the biggest stationary stores I’ve been @__@ #memoryfail

For kids’ nails @_@

Character cuteness overload!

Super cute Disney princesses stickers!!

Wishes from the children <3

Super cute fireworks for summer hanabi!!

Only in Japan you can find cute fireworks such as these @_@


Stationary sets are TOO CUTE


Rainbows spotted!

You can design your bike’s wheels with these :O

Every color and every kind of pen, they have it!

Japanese FOOD ORIGAMI is the coolest paper art ever!

They have so many cute patterns ahhh

The pastel is killing me >_>

And then my battery ran out after this shot… >_>


Hope you enjoyed my toy shop & stationary store tour <3


13 thoughts on “Peko-chan Goes to TOY PLANET: A Toy Recycle Shop

  1. hi kaila. who takes these photos of you when you go around japan? like the one at the toy store? sorry if you have already answered this question somewhere – you can just repost the link >.< lol

  2. I fear I would hurt my back by buying and carrying too many stuff… or not! I would just live there (one week in Toy Planet and the next one in Sanrio Puroland :333:)

  3. Wow! What a nice shop!

    I send my postcard for you yesterday, but they said it will arrive in japan within 1 month…


    Well, I guess it’s because Japan is the farthest place from my city ever. After that you can only go to the stars~

    Heh, hopefully it will get there sooner!

  4. waaah to childish to be honest :3
    you’re outfit is sooooooooooooooo PEKO CHAN!!!
    you fitted in the slide @_@
    so many cute toys and a cute my melody toy fridge argh!!!
    so many cute stationaries

  5. hi kaila – last question. did you have a blog before like before the 115th page of this blog (last page) lol

  6. Good day!

    I really wanted to drop by to this store before I go back to Philippines. May I ask if what po ang komplet addres ng store and the nearest station?

    Thanks and God Bless!


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