KPP-inspired Photoshoot + Philippines Loves Kyary-ちゃん!

Good morning everyone!  :heart:

How are you all doing? I’m feeling extra sunshine-y today for no special reason. *_*  The workshop will be less than a week.. and I’m nervous & really excited at the same time. ;u;


I cannot believe that it’s so near already TT_TT .. I think I might cry once everything is done! I have never put so much effort into an event like this! We are starting small, and there had been a lot of setbacks just to make everything happen…. huge emphasis on “A LOT”.  I just hope and wish that the Kawaii Ladies who’ll be joining us will really have a great day they’d remember and reminisce over and over again. We’ll be doing our 1000% best to deliver the most unforgettable kawaii experience!  :blush:

A few weeks ago, my Kawaii in Manila team and I had a mini photoshoot! We wore something that reminded us of Kyary-chan! 🙂




Reese and Enji!

Have you read Reese’s JapanLove story?


Meet Mikee, Anne’s co-founder of KPP PH!


.. who is coincidentally also from Green & White (yearbook team in my university, DLSU-Manila)!!


My Fashion Monster-inspired look hahahaha

Wearing Enji’s otaku necklace <3


With my twinnie, ChiChi!


So cute cute cute!


And of course, the ultimate KPP fan! :))))

ANNE!! :)))

Her personality is so perfect to be KPP PH‘s founder! :)))



And yep, these are just a preview of what could happen in our “Kawaii Girl Photoshoot” @ Kawaii in Manila!  :yay:

Nanda Collection Album Launch in Manila

:heart:  From Anne:

” Filipino fans gathered for a whole afternoon event dedicated for KYARY PAMYU PAMYU’s latest album NANDA COLLECTION.

A lot of activities happened:

    • Greetings for Kyary
    • Games (and lots of prizes)!
    • Open Jam session and song covers by Reese Lansangan
    • (Super quick) DIY Session with Rainbowholic and Little Miss Paintbrush
    • Personal encounters with Kyary story sharing ~

It’s the first jPOP event in the Philippines for 2013 and we, Filipino KPP Fans are very happy to gather for our muse even if she’s oceans apart! “

 1x1.trans The Roots of Japans Kawaii Culture

Super big arigatou to Justin for helping us out in the event (by sharing your photography skills, hehe!)  :yay:

To view the whole coverage for this event, click here!  :heart: also sponsored a lot of prizes!



Thank you Anggy-chan of Enji for sponsoring and supporting!!!


Even though the number of attendees was less than what we expected, we all had fun!

We all got teary-eyed when we heard about our participants’ testimonials about the intimate fan gathering.. TT_TT

It’s amazing how Anne and I just shared this dream before. Did you know that this all started when Anne randomly messaged me on line?

It was during my “hibernation” (a.k.a. depressed time for Kaila haha) period for myself &’s launch / creation. She told me about how she wanted to expand Kyary Pamyu Pamyu PH. It was around February I think.. I told her that she should create a facebook fanpage & have fan gatherings once in a while.  Even though we were miles apart before , we shared to each other about our “Kawaii Convention” and KPP-related dreams (yes, we really believe that someday, Kyary will consider visiting Philippines!). Months later, loads of kawaii-related opportunities happened to me (the Kawaii Leader thing still feels like a dream) and Anne got a message from Odyssey /  Warner Music PH will be having an album launch for Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s Nanda Collection! It’s really amazing how dreams are slowly turning into reality by being positive + being hardworking!

I strongly believe that there will be more, and more “kawaii” events such as this in my country and I will do my best (with my team, partners, collaborators) to maximize my “Kawaii Leader” blessing to spread cuteness here in my home! :blush:

When I was narrating all of these to my mom inside the car after the successful KPP event + sleepover at Anne’s, I thought out loud.. “I wonder why I was given such opportunities (Kawaii Leader) before.. there must be a reason. Why, out all of those kawaii girls in the world,.. they would choose an average girl like me from the Philippines?”

And my mom told me that “to make people happy (through kawaii)” could be really one of my missions in life.

And I realized.. maybe, that’s really true. :”)


This is how kawaii makes the world a happier place to live in, haha!

I have met Kyary-chan twice, and I know someday, these people will see her too in the flesh! 🙂


Filming greetings for Kyary-chan! Hope she’ll get to hear our messages ^^

How adorable is this!

~”Hi Kyary!!”~

Embarking on a kawaii mission with these people!

And of course, special thanks of Ms. Camille of Odyssey for believing in our passion!

Burgers & Milkshake!

After the Kyary afternoon, we had some burgers & milkshake for our empty tummies!

Sweet Ecstasy @ Cubao X!


Congratulations Anne! Your hard work really paid off!





It was a great day~


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  1. Hi Kaila! Thank you very much for sponsoring and supporting KPP PH. 😥
    I really had fun with you guys. Hope we could all hang out again. :blushh: :lulz:

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