Pikachu Comes Home!

I AM FINALLY HOME!!! And I brought Pikachu with me! Haha~

(looking a wee bit tired..)

Somebody had asked me to describe my fashion style.. and I had a hard time describing it other than “Kaila style”? : )))

I don’t know if it’s obvious but it was an effort to make everything go matchy-matchy : ))

I even draw a pokeball on a a canvas bag! Haha!!


I’m so happy that after a year, I can finally spend some quality time with my BIG family, crazy friends.. and of course, my かれし!

I’ll be sharing and introducing my beautiful country and its own good kind of bizarre in my next posts. Something new for my readers!  :33:

Although I love Japan, a part of me will always be Filipino!   :heart:


Paalam (Goodbye) ~


8 thoughts on “Pikachu Comes Home!

  1. Uwaaaa I like this more casual style~ 🙂 🙂
    I have same shorts as you but the fluffy part is a bit smaller for me hehehe :tongue: but the shirt is really cute~ I want!!

  2. MABUHAY!! Welcome back, Ate! :’D

    ‘Til when are you staying here? Tell me when you’re free!! :’D =)) Or okay lang kung busy ka and next time na lang tayo magmeet :nod:

  3. nandito ka??? wooow <3 hahaha i shall see you randomly again… hopefully face to face


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