PLANTEREO: A Kawaii & Chic Convertible Self-watering Planter & Terrarium + Hobonichi Diary Updates!

Hi friends!

Last year, my college friend/Papercraft designer Rich moved to New York to study Industrial Design. She and her boyfriend (who is also my friend haha, hi Vic!!) designed this cleverly beautiful self-watering planter that can also be converted into a terrarium. It’s called Plantereo and they’re live on Kickstarter now! Of course, I’m one of their 100% supporters!

She also made this amazing Rainbowholic cake house design and Dancing Groot (Guardians of The Galaxy) papercraft! This girl is a CREATIVE genius, obviously! *_*


They have been growing a lot of plants in this easy-to-use planter. They shot a really cool timelapse of wheatgrass growing with just one refill of water. Check out Totoro’s surprise cameo in the end!

2 Totoro Grass

Hi トトロ!

3 Totoro Gif

Plantereo can be used either as a terrarium, or a self-watering planter. The terrarium is for plants that thrive in humid environments.

4 Closed Terrarium

Plantereo’s self-watering mode allows you to forget about watering for up to 5 days! You can also just use the ceramic pot on it’s own- so neat!

5 3 ways

Ahh, sooo pretty to look at! I think I will add a catbus / nekobus or Totoro somewhere there and make my own Totoro Forest miniature haha.

6 Philodendron

You can get a Plantereo set by pledging a certain amount on their Kickstarter page, then you’ll receive your very own unique Plantereo by December. This will make a great Christmas gift for you and for your plant-loving friends! <3 I just got mine in advanced, hehe!!

They have backers from US, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, and the Philippines! Please don’t forget to share this project so you can help them reach their funding goal by July 1 and make Plantereo a reality!

Follow Plantereo: | Instagram: @plantereo | Facebook: /plantereo

Hope you guys could also support my friends and their dream! 頑張って Rich & Vic!

✏️ #Hobonichi With Me – 06/11/16 (ほぼ日手帳) – Totoro’s Forest Adventure

Since my Plantereo plug is also very timely with this Hobonichi update, to end this blog entry, let me just share this hobonichi WIP video + Totoro no mori (トトロの森 / Totoro’s Forest) travel video!

kawaii totoro hobonichi diary 1

kawaii totoro hobonichi diary 2

kawaii totoro hobonichi diary 3

kawaii totoro hobonichi diary 4

kawaii totoro hobonichi diary 5

じゃあ、また!(Until next time!)


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