Play Dress-up Games

One of my past-time hobbies when I was pubescent was to play dress-up games online! Wow.. the little things that I can still freshly remember from my childhood….  :star:

Out of the blue, I just wanted to practice with my simple make-up (I’m making myself get used to wearing falsies, haha)..  :33:

I wore my favorite over-all(s?) again! It’s definitely one of my closet favorites.

When I was around 15/16, I really loved dressing up in my room (even though I won’t go anywhere!) & just take photos for fun. I still have those photos in my neglected online accounts I guess..

Just wore something fun & out-of-season! It’s still a bit cold here ;__;


Ahh, it felt like I was transported back in my young & care-free days!

Wearing fancy & quirky glasses+ 1000000000000000 photos from it.

How about you? What’s your guilty pleasure when you were young?


Vlog Update: やった!I did it!


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