Plum Blossoms x Souvenir Jackets + Arigato Japan’s Sushi Roll Class

Hi all! Good morning from Japan! 🙂

It’s currently 8AM here & I’ll just post a quick blog update. Sooo many things happened in a span of a week! *_*


Last Friday, we had a shoot at Omiya Park to feature the beautiful plum blossoms as well. It was so much fun!

sukajan embroidery souvenir jacket

Me & my cousin (who is almost like a real brother) Gilbert ~

Photos by Justin as always. More photos soon! 😉


Last Saturday, we joined a class by Arigato Japan and we made this kawaii flower sushi roll! I’ll blog more about my experience later. ^^

arigato japan sushi making class 02

This is a highly-recommended activity for tourists / fellow JapanLovers! (Photo by Justin)

Many thanks to fellow Filipina Jamie for inviting us! 😀


On my way home, I spotted this cute manhole cover with matching tiles! Couldn’t resist posting on my instagram. Haha!


After a 10km run, I went to the grocery after to buy some food for the week. 🙂


I’ve been active on Snapchat lately & if you’re curious about how I really am in real life (warning: most posts are about sukajan jackets lololol because JLM store is my “day job” hehehe).. add me then~ haha! My id is 🙂


Have a great week ahead, folks!

Love, カイラ

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