Pokémon GO in Japan ? + Daily Cuteness ❤️

Hi everybody!

If you’ve been following me through my social media accounts, you would know what Pokemon GO has done to me so far… (hi, eyebags and sore feet). I went home yesterday night (or this morning ?? lol) with my cousin at 12:30 AM after spending 2 hours walking around the neighborhood to catch some pokemon haha. OMG ;_; These are really one of those things that make me want to persevere in life hahaha


My new inspiration to wake up extra early everyday: Pokemon Go Playtime :))

charmander-pokemon-go.jpg saitama-pokestop-pokemon-go.png

I remember the first time when I first opened the app! Best feeling in the world haha


Watch ✏️ #Hobonichi With Me x  Pokémon GO (ポケモンGO) ? video ~


I almost spent half of my Saturday just around our area. I didn’t want to spend nor go out of Saitama (been saving money) ~ so I would say that Pokemon GO is really perfect for grandma millenials like me :))


Right now, I’m at Level 8 and I’m still learning how to play the entire game and to speed up my level.

pokemon-go-japan.png pokemon-go-japan.png

If you have some tips for me, please let me know in the comments below. Hahaha




One random day, my brother decided to give me a bunch of Gudetama stickers haha

Thanks bro for supporting my love for crafting!


Current mood this Sunday night ;_;

Huhuhu weekend, WHY SO FAST


Just finished filming the Taiwan haul + Taiwan hobonichi pages. Should be up this week! 🙂


Preview ~


Released all my creative juices in one sitting. How I missed hanging out by myself in a cafe..

#LonerForever hahaha


Ahhh, Nana’s ~


New Milky / Peko-chan ballpens! Can’t wait to use mine!!

Will be selling these @ Rainbowholic Shop too!


Chopper Wagashi cuteness courtesy of 7-eleven Japan.


And to end this blog entry, here’s a photo of MEIJI ALMOND CHOCOLATE & VANILLA icecream noms! ;_;

Will try this out soon ~ Sounds so yummy and the packaging is so inviting! *_*


Thank you for reading this post!

Have a great & productive week ahead ~

Love, カイラ

3 thoughts on “Pokémon GO in Japan ? + Daily Cuteness ❤️

  1. Oh my goooooooood yung Chopperrrrrr pano ko kakainin yan kung ganyan ka-cute huhuhu

    Ganda ng lahat as usual!!!! <3

  2. Haha I feel you with Pokemon Go. I’ve spent both the past weekend and the one before that walking around trying to catch Pokmon! There’s so many Pidgeys and Rattatas round where I live lol.


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