Postcard Exchange with Rainbowholic!

EDIT: Postcard Exchange is CLOSED for now. A big thanks to the 40+ people who mailed me!

Featuring the Hagaki (Postcard) Collection by Rainbowholic x Little Miss Paintbrush!

I usually give these out for free for Rainbowholic shop orders but I just realized it’s about time for these postcards to be sent to more .. distant places : )

First twenty will only be accommodated  :happy:

All photos were taken by me, during my first months here in Japan! Lovely character doodles by my twinnie from another family, ChiChi!


These will be randomly sent out to make this exchange more exciting! Yay~

Help me achieve my dream to travel around the world.. the cheapest and easiest way possible 😉

I shall be waiting for your emails,


11 thoughts on “Postcard Exchange with Rainbowholic!

  1. Hello Kai! So good to be back here! That is a fantastic idea! As of now I’m looking for how to print my own postcard. Idk what paper to use .___.

    But I’ll tweet you if I plan on sending one. :)) I hope I can still send you even if I don’t make it to the top 20! And btw! I’m gonna revive my site again! More artsy fartsy stuff! <3

    I missed Rainbowholic! & I missed you so much too!
    Take care everyday! :*

  2. :yay: I’m sitting in front of my computer squeeling excitedly like a little girl! I’ll email you now!

    Though I do understand if you have too many people emailing you already.

    You’re quite popular it seems!

  3. Awwh~ so sweet~ too bad I noticed it too late… :ohnoes:
    But!! I fell in love with the postcard with the chibi taekyung and minami~ :heart: really wants it :x: heehee~


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