Postcards from ABC (#lettersfromABC) + Valentine’s Pocky Boxes


Yesterday night, I received a very special package from my dear friend, Abbey!



Just recently, her very own collection of postcards (“Letters from ABC”) was produced / published by Summit Media (the leading magazine publisher in the Philippines). Super proud friend right here!

It’s so hard to send these postcards to friends because you want to just keep everything (even if each postcard has 2 copies), haha ~


Along with my postcard box, I also received a pair of ABC x #HavaianasFilipinas2015 (can’t wait for the beach this year, haha!!), a postcard from Taiwan, stickers, and handwritten notes from the amazing girl.


Got so excited to take artsy photos of my letters so while I brought the box with me to work today and took some photos of my favorite reminders!

Letters from ABC is available at National Bookstore, Fully Booked and major bookstores nationwide for P350. You may also order online here.


Small steps everyday will eventually lead you to your dream destination. Steps can become miles in a span of time!


It’s a good life when you decide that it’s going to be one.

This reminds me of One Republic’s Good Life song.



My most favorite. <3

Once in awhile, escape your daily duties by traveling here and abroad. Spending the past couple of months traveling constantly has kept me grounded and aware of the possibilities the world has to offer. It’s nice to feel small for once and watch the world surprise you in the most unexpected way. Spend your adventures with a like-minded friend or your family – you’ll be amazed at how much inspiration will strike at you while you’re in transit. – ABC

Just Random Everyday Life Photos (a.k.a. things that amuse me)

Since I am always in Saitama (where I live and work), I entertain myself by checking out new #OnlyInJapan snacks being sold at nearby kombini (convenience) stores. This activity is really one of my simple joys, haha! Most people find it odd, but I just love sharing unique discoveries / cute packaging design here on my blog.


For this year’s Valentine season, it seems like Glico (the company behind Pocky) decided to be extra witty!


Check out these Pocky you can give to your Mama, Papa, and other family members / friends!


I just had to take a photo of this. I really love dark chocolates and discovering MACADAMIA black felt like I accidentally discovered the end of the rainbow (pot of gold, lololol)…


What my everyday seems like: Wake up, dress up, get my work station ready inside my backback, walk to the train station while listening to music.. and ride this train. And repeat backwards. 🙂


Decided to walk instead of taking the train (wanted to save the extra 120 yen lololol I’m that cheap sometimes).. and saw this tree. I believe that these are winter plum blossoms? Or I’m wrong?


And to end this entry, here’s a photo of a cute shrine in our neighborhood.

I just can’t wait for Spring to arrive. This place is so PINK during the cherry blossom season! ^^

Speaking of Spring, I’m super excited for all the upcoming events this season! Can’t share everything yet but you’ll know eventually.

Thanks for reading my blog! I’m trying my best to update it regularly (and it’s such a great feeling to blog and unload some thoughts)~ hehe!

Love, カイラ

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