Project 2015: Our Kawaii Tokyo by Ashley & Kaila

Konbanwa from Japan~!  :3:

Just want to post and plug one of the biggest collab projects I (and Ashley) have in store for 2015!


Our Kawaii Tokyo is a book about your two Filipina girls Ashley and Kaila,

one big crazy adventure that’s made in Tokyo,

and why they think kawaii is beyond cute.



(Photo from CKL’s Sanrio Puroland blog entry)

Our Kawaii Tokyo

~ Trivia Time ~

We initially “met” each other via internet when I founded (launched last 2013).

I asked Ashley to become a contributor for Japan Lover Me because I really love her photos + the way she blogs!

Being online friends for quite some time and coming from two different paths, we met each other for real and for the first time in JOL Harajuku along Takeshita street.  :star:

And the rest..? Well, we will be sharing more of that in our book! : )


As you can tell, we are both passionate in travel, photography, かわいい and sharing!

And this is why I am soooo excited for this project! 🙂


Here are some of the fun “things to do when” stuff we did for Japan Lover Me (hello ChiChi!)~



It’s going to be self-produced / self-published but we will announce if ever we do have mini projects before that (crowdfunding campaign? sponsorship packages? let’s see!) ~


Cannot wait for this! So much projects this 2015, I’m so excited!

Also, .. phewwww!


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