Purikura Addiction + Pocky and Sanrio + Night Sakura Hanami in Omiya Koen


Since I was the photographer / all-around assistant for my brother and his fiancee for their pre-nup shoot.. I was granted with free purikuras! Haha~!



Got to try out AKB48-inspired school girl outfit on our second day of shoot!  :star:

Hair, please grow longer faster!!  :yay:

Everyday Random Cuteness

Maccha coffee and Totoro pan with a tail!  :heart:

Got my marshmallow platforms just recently! So cuteeeeeeee and it screams my name!

Cute packaging~!

Almond, coconut, peanut, chocolate, caramel POCKYYYYYYYY!!!

So surprised to see a Strawberry CRUNCH! Wowwww…  :what:

Revisited Don-ki again! Deco nails look cute but they are too inconvenient for me.. the pastel ones look irresistibly cute though  :heart:

I guess these are good for photoshoots only? I tried putting on a set of deco nails before on my 18th birthday and it was so hassling : O

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu EYEMAZING lashes!

Bunny x Hello Kitty~ <3

Sanrio Fambam!!  :heart:


Hello Kitty x Chopper and British Hello Kitty!  :heart:

I would love these as ref magnets!!


Gloomy Bear’s pink corner! <3


… dancing Hello Kitty speaker?!


Left: I wish we had this before!!

Right: Baskin Robbins & Licca!

I don’t think I will ever grow up… @___@

Deco Stamp Cookieeee WAAAAAAAAAAAAH

I always have a thing with dolls.. TT_TT God, I’m such a child! Hahaha~


Left: ポッキーショック!

Who would have thought that a Pocky game exists…?


Right: Samurai swords as umbrellas! Haha, cleveeeer!


Night Hanami (Flower Viewing) and YATAAAAI in Omiya Koen

My lunch for the whole day shoot! *phew*


Right after our shoot, we had a spontaneous trip to Omiya Koen.

Beautiful white sakura illuminated the skies of Japan!


Food stalls… just like in anime!



Which would you pick out of all of these…?!

Sakura flowers were the stars~!  :blank:


Fair games and Buttered (mashed) potatoes!


*no words*

Thank you for the wonderful evening…  :heart:

Awesome Stuff From BICCAMERA and FUJIFILM’s most fashionable camera!



While strolling around, I just had to snap a photo of this magenta sakura-looking flowers! (please enlighten me, haha)

219,000 YEN.. WOW.

Sexy Fujifilm FinePix X100!!!


Yup, you can really make money with any event here.

Preparation for the solar eclipse! :O They even sell special sunglasses!  😎

I would vote for this. HAHAHA

Or maybe the Doraemon one. : )))))

We can dream.

3D is not unusual anymore. : O

How aweeeesome… and so expensive! : O

I should proclaim myself as the kawaii hunter : ))) Even in BICCAMERA, I found this aisle of cuteness! : )))))


RILAKKUMA forever.

Lego-inspired camera case!  :what:

And more food games! : ))) I would love to collect these plastic cuteness huhuhuhuhu




Rainbowholic’s (slightly fail) impromptu cover of Utada Hikaru’s First Love!

First time to play the piano again for the longest time! Just tried out KAWAI’s beautiful caramel piano at Biccamera for free a play~ I wish I had a piano here in Japan as well TT_TT It’s one of my unwinding hobbies, if you didn’t know : )



Had a couple of mistakes + obvious ones in the end… hopefully I can play sneakily again in the future and record much better covers! : )


Hope that was a fun blog entry,



9 thoughts on “Purikura Addiction + Pocky and Sanrio + Night Sakura Hanami in Omiya Koen

  1. Purikura~~~ I’ll tell my sister to bring a standee of me to Japan para when they purikura, kasama ako. ;;) =))

    ….. I’d waste all my money at Biccamera ;____; ALL THOSE DECO/KAWAII/OISHII/SUGOII/DIY STUFF AHHHHHHH :heart:

    I loved the piano cover, btw! I hope to hear more covers soon~~ :heart:

  2. grabe you are one of the reasons why i liked to learn how to play the piano… i remember your video post wayy back then… ganda rin ng reso ng video mo! Nikon1??? ; ___ ; pretty!!!

    Seeing the whipples…. it made me want to deco my old laptop hahaha

  3. @Celinie: haha aabangan ko ung standie na yan : )) thanks! will try but walang piano! : ))))

    @anne: haha! oo iisang piece lang halos kabisado ko at ito un : )) ung video, iPhone lang yan! 😀

  4. Your video inspired me and I found sheets of I Don’t Know Anything But Love (Boys Over Flower OST). I love that song :heart:
    I learned about the eclipse from your post. And as I know now I could not see it in Moscow((((

    hello kitty bunnies, I want to have one. really love the cute stuff you post here
    Piano Cover, great. love to hear it all over again

  6. I agree! You’re the best kawaii hunter!~
    Ahhhh your playing of first love makes me want to listen to the song again! I shall go do that now.

  7. The “magenta sakura” are probably ume, usually called plum blossoms in English. 🙂 In China they symbolize resilient beauty because they can bloom while there is still snow (whereas cherry blossoms symbolize fragile beauty). <3


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