Purikura Friday #2 & Cotton Candy Blue

Braided my hair and wore a very uncomfortable pair of red heeled shoes yesterday! @_@

#2 of Purikura Fridays! I’m running out of stupid poses.. = )))

Spring is almost around the corner, just waiting for February to end.. (haha, January hasn’t even ended yet! : )) )

Spring pastel colors like french macaroons will be very trendy! Stores are now selling Spring-feel clothes! HUHU I WANT THEM ALL

Planning to wear these two in different outfits.. I’ll be too cotton candy blue-ish if I wear this in one set! Haha~

Cutest pair of warm gloves I’ve ever seeeeeeeeen!

New hair inspiration! I really want a caramel hue just like this! : O


Anyway, that will be all for now. I’m gonna attend an event later!  :heart:


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