Rainbow Care Package: Kawaii + Japan + Stationery + Motivation!

Hi all!

Just plugging these new products at Rainbowholic Shop that you might be interested in!

I really enjoy doing these for my clients / readers / subbies / friends living outside Japan! :”)

The first Rainbow Care Package is now available for preorder~ yay! This is not your ordinary kawaii / stationery / Japanese snacks box because I have combined everything into one, lololol. I will be adding a (handmade) mini booklet filled with encouraging words / positive thoughts to remind you to work on your dreams because that’s what all my projects are all about, hehehe

For now, it’s on introductory sale (2000 JPY / 18 USD) and for 3 washi tapes, 1 sticker sheet, 1 toy, 1 snack that I recommend, freebies from my personal collection, and an opportunity to tell me your favorite design style / character when you check out (because secret hihi).. I think that this is the best deal lol. And flat rate international shipping of 500 JPY? Omg! Go get yours now! 

www.bit.ly/rbcare-01 because Kaila cares lolz

Rainbowholic Shop | www.rainbowholic-shop.com ⭐️

Totally unrelated but I finally updated the missing about page of Rainbowholic Shop.

Read more about my e-commerce affair with Rainbowholic Shop over the 6 years here ~

In addition to that, I have collaborated with one of my favorite Filipina artists (now Tokyo-based!), Kate Paints!

We came up with a sweets / desserts / pastel kawaii-themed rainbow mail for all those who love stationery + snail mail!

{ Rainbow Mail from Japan #06: Pastel Kawaii x Kate Paints Stationery Set [FREE AIRMAIL SHIPPING] }

And yesterday, I uploaded my first accordion notebook journaling episode on RainbowholicTV!

  • the opportunity I have everyday to create. I am grateful for these extra hours when I can just fully express my passion for creating & sharing content / knowledge I have.
  • all the challenges I’ve faced for the past 2 weeks. It’s been extra hard lately but I’m finally seeing fruits of my labor ;_;
  • the unconditional moral support & help I receive (especially from Aki)
  • the loveliest readers, subscribers, and clients! I teared up when a dear client of mine told me she’s gonna support me (not only through patronizing my shop, but in other aspects too) until I get to save up for the equipment I’ve been wanting for RainbowholicTV. I wonder how I get to attract such nice & generous clients-turned-friends like her?? Thank you internet & universe!
  • friends who message me randomly just to ask how I am or just to say “labyu mishu gambatte” ;_; (in PH, it’s quite common to say I love you / I miss you among your girlfriends haha)..
  • the time I get to stretch, run, lift weights, and the like. I like how this active lifestyle has changed me not only through gaining strength & losing some stubborn inches.. but also mentally & emotionally. I used to not care about preparing my meals / food (I’d just go to any convenience store before because I simply thought / told myself “I have no time”) but now, not only that I get to save money for reinvestments, but I also get to enjoy preparing ~healthier~ meals for myself.
  • the nicest post office staff / ladies who always help me whenever I ship out items. I rarely get to practice my kodomo (Child-like) Nihongo skills (not even to my boyfriend lol, I know we should.. ) and I always learn something from them when I visit the post office. I’m so grateful for their help 🙂
  • Japan. (’nuff said 🙂 )


Have a great weekend ahead, friends!

I’m so happy I’ll be having some time to clean / declutter tomorrow. Not sure what my weekend plans are yet but after these 2 weeks of non-stop work, I finally get to rest longer! :”)

<3, カイラ

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