☆ RAINBOW Ruckus with Kaila and the Lollipop Girls at HARAJUKU! ☆

Sit back, relax, and ENJOY a hella one-of-a-kind RAINBOWHOLIC ride!  :heart:





These guys went topless for us. This is just as random when the pizza delivery guy being mobbed by a group of girls. : ))

If you’re one of the people who took photos with us, feel free to share it via Rainbowholic facebook fanpage!






Apron by Dots Diner, Lolita blouse from BODYLINE, DIY icecream earring, ADIDAS soccer socks and Jeremy Scott x Adidas Wings!

Thank you Cafe Hohokam staff for allowing us to be crazy in your resto~


(coincidentally, we found a shop that had the same “tagline”… :blushh: )

We would like to say our warmest thanks to our SUPPORTIVE partner and sponsor, j-Grab!

Without them, this parade that I once dreamt about would not come true!!!

Many hugs and kisses to my CRAZY friends who took their special time just to join me and my brother nii-chan Eric in this project.

Thank you nee-chan Claire, JL, Jays, Jelyn and Akane-san!

Watch out for my future posts about our DIY itasha car, Rainbowholic Kuruma-chan! Did you know that my brother had a spontaneous 1 week off to the Philippines just to buy materials for the New Beetle transformation? Stay tuned for more stories and PHOTOS!! :heart:

Of course, thank you to my loyal readers and facebook fanpage tomodachis who’d always cheer us on whenever I make photoshoot updates!

WE appreciate it a lot.  :star:


This is just the start of Rainbowholic’s (r)EVOLUTION = ) It started with a big DREAM, realized with a personal blog…

AND now, it will become the next PORTAL of everything kawaii and colorful..

Everything cooked from カワイイ Japan will be served to the Japan-loving world!

Will you join us for another crazy rollercoaster ride?


10 thoughts on “☆ RAINBOW Ruckus with Kaila and the Lollipop Girls at HARAJUKU! ☆

  1. Amazing… You’re so great! So Rainbowholic!!!! When I can go to japan again i wanna meet us! Yeahhh!! Beautiful & Colorful!
    So nice :woww:

  2. I have just SO MUCH LOVE for this!!! I would just love and be honored to help and be part of this (r)EVOLUTION!!! Take me on that wild rollercoaster with you please!!! :loveheart: :loveheart: :loveheart: :loveheart:

  3. UGh… I don’t know which outfit I prefer… You’re all great !!!
    And so much epic photos ! I especially love those with “gest” 😀 Like the ossan salaryman, topless guys, etc… CUTENESS ALL AROUND !


  4. you’re super duper kawaii :yay:
    loved your photoshoot sooooooooooooo much
    totally enjoy it

  5. I see Arashi there ^^
    You’re really cool Kaila-san~ :)) :heart: :kawaii:

    You’re life is so awesome~ :yay: :nod:


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