Rainbowholic Cafe: Baby Steps & Progress Report


Here’s a mini progress report of Kaila’s Rainbowholic Cafe dream.

I think that progress reports for every dream are essential, so we all can track if we are indeed moving and making things happen, hehe!  :star:


Initially, I planned to have the “virtual” kawaii cafe to be launched first… but because I’m the crazy one who does everything (though I have amazing creative & super helpful friends huhu!) and I had to concentrate on Kawaii in Manila 2 convention, I had to take a pause in this web project for sometime.

But the visualizing and dreaming and working hard didn’t stop~ I just went to another direction and had adventures, haha! 🙂


And soooooo~ last Kawaii in Manila 2, Rainbowholic Cafe pop-up booth HAPPENED!


Many thanks to my friends from CRAEN Manila (who also actualized our dream convention) for this! Salamat Raymund, Jhoana and Mikee!



At Rainbowholic Cafe booth~ My childhood friends helped me out! Thank you Leo and Aya~ and JJ too!

Last year, I showed my doodles to my ever-so-supportive bestfriend from childhood (up to now!! hihi).. Aya!

And my amazing Interior Designer bestfriend designed my dream Rainbowholic Cafe for me! With all the measurements and 3D huhuhuhuhu..


*beyond thankful* *cries*


I love my bestfriend! <3


Thank you IDr. Aya Liban!!


Wooden texture + colors!! AHHH <3 PERFECT!!!







Someday, Kawaii.PH HQ + Rainbowholic Cafe in one place!!! For now, we have Kawaii.PH HQ first hehehe~



A few months ago, Marco (le photo buddy), introduced me to Christian, who is a talented musician / composer (and somewhat comedian, haha kidding) from Indonesia!

And Christian composed a jingle for the dream kawaii cafe! OMG!! T_T Thank you Vanila Studio!


One of my favorite people in the world, Abbey Sy / ABC, contributed one of her lettering projects for the virtual kawaii cafe!

Thank you Cappy Girl!!! #CapricornGirls hehehe <3


A few months ago, Rich King, one of my friends from AdCreate (who I used to train for officership, and is now a designer specializing in product / package design .. and who became VP for Creative as well like me in her era), surprised me with a package design for Rainbowholic Cafe!!! OMG HUHUHU I feel so blessed and lucky to have friends and colleagues who are too generous in sharing their EXPERTISE!!! I value everyone’s time because time / hours can mean hours for work / pay… so I’m really grateful!! :”)

This is really off-topic but I’m just so proud of this girl because her DANCING GROOT PAPERCRAFT really went VIRAL! I’ll make sure I have dancing groots displayed in Rainbowholic Cafe as well. Haha!

Cafe Characters Preview copy

Kawaii characters conceptualized by me and ChiChi / Little Miss Paintbrush! THANK YOU TWIN ALWAYS!!!


Haggard look last Kawaii in Manila 2 but really thankful for the support! TT_TT




… and finally, here’s a sneak-peek of the virtual kawaii cafe!!


Honestly, I’m already 70% done with the coding / webdesign…

.. I will really just do my best to launch it as soon as possible. I don’t really like ideas to stay as ideas for a long time.. so gambarimasu!! ^_^


Love, Kaila

3 thoughts on “Rainbowholic Cafe: Baby Steps & Progress Report

  1. Wow! You really inspire me Kaila 🙂 Being a rainbow lover myself, I can’t wait until Rainbowholic Cafe comes into reality! Keep up the hard work 🙂 I wish you nothing but the best in all your endeavors. I hope to meet you someday! Your determination and productivity really inspires me 🙂 Keep inspiring all of us <3

  2. :yehey: Wow! I’m really excited for you Ms. Kaila. You are such an inspiration to us all~ 😉

  3. Wow! :woww: This is one of my dream cafe on land 🙂 I wonder how much time will I spent my day there haha XD Can’t wait to visit it! I’m truly looking forward for this cafe and I want to apply as a waiter hihi :yehey: Totally :kawaii:


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