Rainbowholic Cafe Dream Collaboration with Aya & ChiChi

Remember the "Rainbowholic Cafe" dream I've been telling about since last year (or maybe also a few years ago)?

My bestfriend since childhood who is an awesome Professional Interior Designer (Aya!),

 Little Miss Paintbrush (twinnie ChiChi / Kawaii Illustrator!) and I...

... will be collaborating to make this dream (a huge step) closer to reality!

I just want to share this 3D concept my bestfriend sent to me weeks ago.

I'm sharing our plans openly because I want you guys to witness everything as we make it real in the Philippines / Japan / whole wide world, haha.

For the meantime, watch out for the virtual kawaii cafe we will be creating! 

Let's have tea and rainbow cakes together, wherever you are from.


2 thoughts on “Rainbowholic Cafe Dream Collaboration with Aya & ChiChi

  1. OMG that is amazing! :D It looks like such a happy place and definitely something that I would love to visit one day! :D Thank you so much for sharing it with everyone! ^_^


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