Rainbowholic’s Room and Creative Space

After weeks of inhaling dust and sneezing (what), I am finally finished with my rooms! It had to take a lot of time because my brother moved out somewhere near our place/office and I really did a major REVAMP in our little kitchen, bathroom, other rooms. Housemaid for hire? : )))  And I had to take pre-nuptial photos / videos for my brother and his fiancee during sakura’s peak. I am the all-around girl here. Haha~

Rainbowholic’s world domination started with my brother’s room. I took over my brother’s room and my previous room before became my craft /  creative space! JUST WHAT I NEEDED!  :heart: I can finally sew, design, draw, paint (just try : )) ), and whatever my brain and heart would command me to do. Everyone needs a creative outlet, don’t you think?  :pink:

Please forgive my girly “whatever that is”. This is one of my childhood frustrations… and it is resurfacing again = ))

My workplace / office. Yup, I do work in my room! Much better than google’s offices right? Hahaha~

My throne.. hihihihihi  :hug:

Surround yourself with cute stuff and it will make you productive.

(Quote that I made up which only I would follow) = )))

I am actually not a huge fan of Hello Kitty.. I am in love with someone else. Haha

New iPhone case from Swimmer!

Actually, most of my stuff here were not bought.

Some were gifts from friends, family.. 100 yen shops, etc. I am not rich, I am just resourceful. : )

Please call me hime-sama. HAHA

Super love everything here! Camera, dolls, Japanese magazines, my geeky books, dusty Nihongo notebooks.. : ))

Heels that you can’t wear (but you still love) can be used as book dividers/support! <3

Souvenirs from friends. I guess my only investment in my “dolls” are my Haraku Lovers perfumes..


Airplanes, inflated paper globes…

And an artwork gift from Anne!

I love my grassy carpet.


I don’t throw away cute packaging = ))))) For future reference, haha!

Flats that are too pretty but deadly can serve as .. candy container? : ))

Lol, I kept the wine’s cork when I first partied here in Tokyo. And that was my last time as of the moment as well : )))

Have to read these.. sigh.


My first rainbow shirt from 3 years ago?



Rainbowholic’s Creative / Craft Space


When I work, everything is everywhere. It’s just not obvious because I fixed a bit here.

Rainbowholic Platforms for inspiration. I really like surrounding myself with things that I love : ))


Just a few of my accessories. I had to store most of my accessories in boxes because it would be a huge clutter TT_TT

I don’t buy pricey accessories, I hunt for the cheap and cute ones : )

Skirts skirts skirts


Brooch “wall” of awesomeness hahaha

Super happy with this case! My brother bought chocolates from a souvenir shop… and I kept the package : )))

Don’t want to spend another 100 yen for something I can find free in our place. : )

Favorite bags


My favorite shoes are everywhere.. for display : ))) I will find the right time to use these. : )

My huge not-a-piggy piggy bank. I am doing a good job on saving up so far…

I love the blue unicorn. : )))


*plugging* Hello Kitty Strawberry Jam Bow Tie~


Hope you enjoyed my room tour!


14 thoughts on “Rainbowholic’s Room and Creative Space

  1. HIME!!! hime-sama nga :))
    SOOOO kaila it means you rule the whole house na?? :woww: coolio!! i like your space so girly girly girly :heart: sarap mag photoshoot sa bed mo ang princessy! haha

    *lukot artwork is lukot but still nice haha <3

  2. Dear Kai, I love your room! I think we are so alike in so many ways. I would’ve unleashed my personality in my room like you did if only we were allowed to decorate our rooms at home as we pleased. Unfortunately, my parents say it would ruin the whole feel of our house. 🙁

    By the way, I love your giant work table. I cannot live without a giant work table myself! All our hobbies and interests have to have a place on our worktable right? HAHA! 😀

  3. . . . . . :blank:

    *speechless for a while*

    Are u live on earth? it feels like you are living in wonderland :love:

  4. ….. Can I please stay there when I’m in Japan already? ;___; I can sleep on your grassy carpet if you’d like ;u; (feeling nasa fields/valleys)

    YOUR ROOM IS HEAVEN. :((( :heart:

    Everything is so cute, especially your skirts!! :kawaii:
    Inspires me to get something done with my apartment too! Haha


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