Rainbowholic Shop + Dolly Kaye Birthday Giveaway + Kawaii Girl Look

Hello Rainbowholic friends!  :happy:

Just a quick post for today~ lots of promotion first before this blog’s special and long overdue  “Kawaii in Kyoto” and “Kawaii in Hongkong” posts!



First, I uploaded a bunch of items that were first released during the Design Festa participation last month!

Please check Rainbowholic Shop facebook and instagram~ I haven’t uploaded everything yet..

I am currently “cleaning up” my closet and I have a lot of pre-loved kawaii stuff for sale!

If you like “Kaila Style” fashion, then please be on stand-by mode~ : )

rbowholic shop freebies

First customers for the special holiday promo (until December 31, 2014 only!) will get these handpicked kawaii camera notepads!

Most of the items we are offering @ Rainbowholic Shop are applicable for FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING. I am only offering this special promo until the end of 2014 because everyone has been so supportive of my / our projects!

Also, to all interested Kawaii / Kawaii Lifestyle Bloggers, I will open a special Blogger Program for Rainbowholic Shop.

Dolly Kaye Birthday Giveaway

(For Philippine Residents Only)



Kaye will be giving away:

1 Strawberry Dolly Kaye Skirt with a matching bow


A Whimsicute bow, Little Miss Paintbrush Strawberry Button Pin & Whimsicute Crochet Rose Bracelet


Join her giveaway now~ come on Kawaii Girls! <3

Get That “Kawaii Girl” Look

A Make-Up Tutorial By Anne


For the tutorial, please click here~! There’s also an ongoing giveaway so please read the complete article! 🙂

I am so proud of my co-founder Anne (who is a Visual Designer / Photographer) because her “Kawaii Must-Haves” magazine has been published already!


She worked with Mandom Philippines, the company that handles Heroine Make, Gatsby, Bifesta, Pixy and so much more! I am a proud friend!

Kawaii girls are achiever girls!  :heart:


I’ve tried Heroine Make’s mineral BB and I LOVE IT! It’s different from all of the BB creams I’ve tried before!

And Heavy Rotation’s Coloring Eyebrow is highly recommended!




ANDDD lastly~  a reminder to all Kawaii fans in the Philippines, please do not forget to catch the KAWAII PH TV episode where Anne will be demonstrating to everyone how to style the Kawaii Girl uniform and how to take a selfie! <3 This is a fun episode!! For our international viewers, kindly wait for our episode uploads @ www.youtube.com/kawaiiph !

As of the moment, we are finished until episode 7! I would like to commend the efforts of my HARDWORKING team!

Many thanks to Kat Langomez for our sweet VO as always (so professional I can’t even!), Mikee Yboa (Kawaii PH Team’s All-rounder) for the exceptional work in copywriting / script-writing, and for Zeon Gomez / Ulzzang Pistol.. for being our in-house music producer at Kawaii Philippines!

I honestly have SO MUCH people to thank (it varies per episode / per project) because where KAWAII PH is at right now wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for the collective initiative! My heart is glowing with so much joy TT_TT


I guess that would be all for now.

Hope you guys will participate in our fun giveaways!  :happy:

Thank you and lots of love,


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