Rainbowholic TV Youtube Updates + Spring Plans! ?

Hi everybody!

I had a youtube uploading spree these past few weeks and I hope you guys are enjoying the produced content! I enjoy the process of every video project! Below are the videos I’ve created. If you need some journaling or crafting ideas, maybe my channel can help you with that, haha!

Marumofubiyori is like the hybrid of Gudetama & Little Twin Stars for me, lol!

Hobonichi Techo With Me | Marumofubiyori / まるもふびより ( ほぼ日手帳 ) ?

Hobonichi Techo With Me | Japanese Stickers & Washi Tapes From Sticky Kit ( ほぼ日手帳 ) ✨

Use the code RAINBOWHOLIC10 to get 10% off the first subscription kit (both washi and sticker kits). ♥

DIY Kawaii Accordion Journal ( + Tokyo Workshop Announcement ) | Rainbowholic ?

This video was supposed to be a promo video for the workshop but when we released the teaser & sign-up link, slots have been filled up already! Thanks everybody!

Hobonichi Techo With Me | Postal Museum Japan / 郵政博物館 ( ほぼ日手帳 ) ?

I will make a separate blog post about the Japan Postal Museum! 🙂

Where To Buy Stationery In Tokyo


LoFT Seibu Ikebukuro Tour ( Stationery, Sumikko Gurashi, and MORE! ) / ロフト文房具 | Rainbowholic

Moleskine x MT

Not-so-surprise Valentine’s Day Gift for Aki haha

Valentine’s Day Gift Idea: EXPLODING BOX ( Paper Craft ) | Rainbowholic ?

In Japan, did you know that it’s the girls who give chocolates on this day? 😉

How To Make Kawaii Valentine’s Day Chocolates & Deco Pocky ( バレンタインチョコ ) | Rainbowholic ?

Excited to do more Deco Pocky!

Hobonichi Techo With Me | Cute Animal Bakery in Tokyo ( ほぼ日手帳 ) ?


Hobonichi With Me | Setsubun ( ASMR .. sort of ) | ほぼ日手帳 2018

Tried doing some ASMR videos for people who love the natural ambient sounds. Got mixed reactions as expected, omg lolol

Reminiscing the time when Aki took me to this lovely cafe in Tokyo and they had the yummiest strawberry shortcake. HUHU

This coming Spring is going to be overwhelming & exciting at the same time.

Ever since forever, I’ve been wanting to recreate my backpacking experience with Aki. I did a backpacking around Japan (Kyoto / Tokushima / Okayama) with my older brother before and a solo version (Kyoto) years ago. Since Aki can only take a few days off at his work, we had to plan everything ahead (months & months before). Finally in a few weeks, we will be traveling to a few cities (locations will be revealed as we travel along haha)! I’ve never experienced the capsule hotel so we are definitely gonna do that. This is a super budgeted trip (as mentioned before, I’m also having a campaign for #RainbowsForMyDad) and of course, I’ll blog / vlog everything while enjoying this precious time with him. We originally wanted to travel somewhere abroad / go home to Manila but I realized that this Spring season is golden opportunity for me to grow my Japan travel content as well (for blog / youtube / other social media). I don’t earn that much from Youtube but I’m also building this channel as my source of passive income. I’m really thankful for him because he’s supportive in all of my passion projects huhu. I almost didn’t want to push through with this trip because of the pressure to give financial aid for my Dad but I figured that I also deserve this breather and I’ve worked hard to deserve this (I’m working almost 6 days a week huhu whaaat)…

Other plans in bullet form:

  • I’m moving out from my apartment this end of April / start of May! I’ve shared this place with my family (brother for 2 years, then alone, then with my cousin lol) for almost 8 years! I’ve always wanted to rent my own place in Japan but I never had the opportunity. I had to save money because for the first years, almost all of my salary were sent to help my family / parents in the Philippines. Also, our landlord has become really troublesome & I don’t want to deal with any of his craziness anymore (borderline racism huhu). Many of the tenants have started moving out as well. I will miss this place but I feel that I need to start new too. Finally, a fresh reset! And I’ll make sure my place’s DIY interior design will suit my needs as a content creator, lol!
  • I will be decluttering and selling most of my stuff. I might participate in a flea market here in Tokyo / Saitama to get rid of everything I no longer need.
  • Video ideas that have been on my mind that I need to work on soon lol:
    • What I LOVE About Japan (started this now)
    • Sakura Spring Haul (mostly snacks lol) + Sakura Spots in Tokyo
    • Top Instagrammable Spots in Tokyo
    • Kawaii / Creative Journaling Hacks (Episode 3)
    • Top Things To Do in Japan / Tokyo
    • Make Your Own Journal From Scratch
    • How To Make A Care Package
    • Kawaii Bullet Journaling Tips
    • (and more from my bujo planner lol)

I’m so happy to finally “write” something down here and not just update you guys with my current youtube uploads lol.

I know I’ve probably mentioned this on my blog / elsewhere many times but.. THANK YOU to everyone who has donated & supported the #RainbowsForMyDad campaign! If you guys didn’t help, I wouldn’t probably even have the extra time to update and create videos because I would be spending most of my time to just hustle and do work that is not rainbowholic-related (probably more English teaching and less time for rainbowholic-shop.com). Just a few more sessions left before completing everything! My siblings have been contributing too so I feel a bit more relieved now. My Dad has started to work again as he feels better currently. I kind of feel sad about it because he doesn’t want to burden us but I know my Dad is doing his best to become healthier & to get back on track. I am super looking forward to the day when I announce here that my Dad is officially cancer-free (praying so hard huhu). I really miss my home that is why I’m so pumped up to get everything settled down this Spring. A lot of changes and challenges are coming & I hope that I will have enough strength to take each day one at a time. (Go meeeee)

Thank you for reading up to this very last part!

Love, カイラ

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  1. Hi Kaila-
    Good luck with your trip and your move. Thank you for being an inspiration! Can you send me a link to show me how to make the little boxes that you put your scraps in on the videos?
    Thanks so much!


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