Rainbowholic x Hodge Podge Bottle Cap Cuteness Giveaway (For 10 Lucky Readers?!)

Hello~! It’s GIVEAWAY time once again!! YAAAAAAY!  :hug:

I’m already working on my sudden Philippine trip (which ended… weeks ago??) blog entry so here’s a commercial break for everyone first. Haha~!

Because I’ve been receiving lots of blessings (kawaii-related ones! ;_;), I want to share it to every reader who has shown support for Rainbowholic dreams! The past months have been extremely busy & eventful for me in a super positive & kawaii way (lol there’s such) and I guess.. it’s payback time for me! 🙂

(Me wearing a pokeball bottle cap necklace from Hodge Podge + my favorite cupcake from Sonja’s in Manila!)


 About  :heart:

Hodge Podge is an online store which offers bottle cap merchandise in general, giving you the freedom to choose how you want your accessories to be – a keychain, a necklace, a magnet, a cellphone accessory, bookmark, pin / badge, mini ring, mini dangling earrings, etc.

Sample accessories that we can make may be found here.


We prepared 10 packs for 10 lucky readers!  :yay:




Rilakkuma, Pokeball, Domo-kun, Mario, Doraemon, Totoro, Hello Kitty….

All my favorite characters / icons for Rainbowholic friends~

How to Join?

Each winner will win a Hodge Podge Kawaii Lucky Pack which consists of:
  • 1 necklace
  • 2 keychains
  • 1 mobile buddy
  • 1 magnet
To join, here are the super easy mechanics for the contest!
  1. 1. Like RainbowholicHodge Podge & Kawaii in Manila on facebook.
  2. Like and share this photo on facebook. Don’t forget to set the share to “PUBLIC” so we can view it.
  3. If you’re an instagram user, please follow @rainbowholic@heyhodgepodge!
  4. To officially join, please leave one (1) comment here and answer the question: “Who is your favorite character and why?” (ex: I love Rilakkuma because ~insert creative reason here~). Multiple entries will be moderated so no spamming of answers please~! 🙂
  5. Giveaway will end on July 6, 2013 (JPN time). 5 random winners will be chosen from the facebook shares, 4 random winners from this blog entry’s comment list and the last 1 will be chosen by me (so be creative with your answer! ^^)

Good luck everyone! Let’s spread Kawaii~ together!


88 thoughts on “Rainbowholic x Hodge Podge Bottle Cap Cuteness Giveaway (For 10 Lucky Readers?!)

  1. :happy:
    I love Rilakkuma because he’s always relaxed and taking a nap as me! hehehe!!!
    Hope I win! I follow you in everywhere! 😀

  2. My fave character is Doraemon. It was my best friend, who introduced me in watching anime he is half Japanese so I’ve been watching it since I was little. I came to love anime and manga because of Doraemon. I found it very hilarious and interesting. I love his invetions and how Nobita always gets in trouble with them. There were also lessons you learn from the episodes.

  3. My favorite character is totoro and rilakkuma because their both so cute! And I hope I win this give away I’ve already followed the instruction BTW! I’ve joined the last give away of Hodge podge but unfortunately I didn’t win 🙁 but im hoping to win this one! 🙂

  4. Thank you so much for the amazing giveaway! The goods are so cuteeee *x*~~~!

    My favorite character is Charmmy Kitty! I believe we’re similar in terms of sparkly lacey things!
    Even though I’m more of a dog person, I can’t help but be attracted a lot by cats and how elegant and delicate they seem, but still are strong enough to fend for themselves. I think that sums up my personality pretty well ^^.

  5. My favorite character is Rilakkuma because he’s so cute and adorable that everyone loves him . It makes me feel relaxed and it also reminds me to stay calm when I’m not in a good mood . Rilakkuma never fails to make me smile due to his cuteness face ♥

  6. Heyy~ My favorite character is Pikachu from Pokemon. :”> Pikachu is a really cute pokemonster and ever since I was young, I have always watched Pokemon and loved it so much. Pokemon cards were so in before, that I almost had 3000+ cards at home. I also have those special shining cards, and over 30 Pikachu cards. I have watched all of the Pokemon episodes. I’m like Pokeholic and Pikaholic. I also met my bestest of all the bestfriends I have because we share the same interest and love for Pikachu :”>
    I also love Pikachu because of the friendship they share with Ash. They have the best friendship any character could have (next to Totoro :3 ).
    I really do wish I win this contest. Pikachu had a great impact on my childhood and because of him, I met my bestfriend, and had the greatest childhood of my life, aside from being kawaii. CHUU~!

  7. My favorite character is Keroppi cause he reminds me of my boyfriend, hahaha, I know it sounds weird but I always make jokes about that because he is kind of short and have really big eyes and a sweet smile. Plus he always looks happy 🙂
    They really can’t look alike, I mean, Keroppi is a frog haha, but it reminds me of him so much!!! ♥

  8. my favorite character is hello kittty this character describe by others as a cheerful and happy girl with a heart of gold. this character reminds me that ALWAYS have a positive attitude. always look on the bright side and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!! smile a lot and take pride in being nice to others, even when it’s hard! 🙂

  9. There are too many to choose >.< waah!!
    okay okay!! I pick um… Rilakumma!!

    Because he's a bear and he's very cute and lazy and he likes chocolate!! well I believe so because of his chocolate cafe **rement**!!

    I also like chococat because of his big eyes 🙂 and hello kitty because she is very cute and pretty :)!!

    Thank you.

  10. What a cute giveaway!

    My favorite character would have to be Mulan (Disney version)! Why? Because she is a girl that challenged her societal role as a Chinese girl (who was supposed to act like a good wife & listen to the man) by joining the army under her father’s name to save him for serving in the war. She is so courageous & stands up for what she believes in despite others trying to bring her back down to her “role.” Not only did she end up saving China from the Huns, she also ended up getting the guy. “The flower that blooms in adversity is the most beautiful” (I think that was the quote from the movie).

  11. I have been a fan of hello kitty since I was little, after I was born my family held a party and one of my aunts gave my a hello kitty baby that had a pacifier and rattled when you shook it! It was my absolute favorite and for every year afterward my mom would take me to the Sanrio store in the mall and buy me a new hello kitty doll for my collection, I was always super overjoyed whenever we’d go onto these trips and just loved how adorable, bright and pink the store was, I hope to receive a Hello Kitty Tokyo bathrobe to take with me to college but would love to win this giveaway since there’s small little things I could hang onto my backpack, but good luck to the other participants too! I’m saving my hello kitty dolls so that when I have a daughter she will be able to play with them too! <3 AMAAAAZING GIVEAWAY YOU ARE THROWING, THANK YOU! :3

  12. I’m so happy :yay: about this giveaway! The items are so adorable! :333:

    My favorite character will have to be Hello Kitty. Ever since I was a child the sight of Hello Kitty and the color pink attracted me! And when I see a shop that sells HK stuff, I’d beg my mom to buy me one of those really cute stuff. Another thing,I LOVE cats! They’re so cute and adorable! Which is why I love Hello Kitty :cute: ! Also,going to Japan is a dream of mine because that’s where Hello Kitty originated! :cheer:
    :heart: Thanks Kaila! :kawaii: :heart:

  13. “Who is your favorite character and why?”
    If I am given a chance to answer in this wonderful questions I will choose Doraemon because since young I am enjoying watching it until now I am not tired of watching it how many times it make me laugh and it reminds me of my friends when were watching it together .I was really amazed of Doraemon’s pocket when I was young I always ask myself why all the things big or small suit in Doraemon’s pocket but why when I put many things in my pocket it did not suit it is really funny.I learn many things in every episode of Doraemon.

  14. I Love totoro! ^__^ Because he is just simple and adorable :33: I actually love him! I’m practicing to draw him! He’s so kawaiii! :yehey: He’s sooooo cuteeeee!I even watched my neighbor totoro!:DDD :kawaii:

  15. My favourite character…. there is just too many :tss:
    I think the Mugiwara crew in One Piece would be most favourite >.<
    They are all so hilarious, unique and inspirational especially all their backstories :nod:
    They all show that you can go for your dreams and to not let anything or anyone stop you
    Luffy is the most funniest and unpredictable character and also the most lovable :yay: you can't hate him!
    Zoro is the most ambitious, loyal and is strong, physically and mentally. His poor sense of direction is the funniest due to the number of times he has gotten lost XD
    Nami is really pretty (especially after time-skip) and is very intelligent although she can be bossy at times, but I don't mind. If she wasn't, there'd be no order on the ship 😉
    Sanji is so funny, especially his eyebrows and his love for women 😀 he makes things more interesting 🙂
    Usopp adds to the fun of the things that occur throughout the episodes and he looks so cool when he actually shoots something, especially after time-skip 😎
    I think everyone likes Chopper :hihi: He's the most adorable and kawaii and its quite amusing to see what transformation he takes while he fights. I would love to have a doctor like him :333:
    Robin is always so classy and pretty and you never know what she's thinking. I like her devil fruit ability because I think it would be very handy doing chores and such.
    Franky is also quite hilarious and unusual. The different weapons he has installed on his body are amusing and its funny watching him build things in the strangest of situations. X3
    Brook is the newest member and is just as lovable as the rest of the crew. It’s amusing watching a skeleton play different instrument and his frequent skull jokes :cheer:
    Despite all their different personalities, they all are amazing and inspirational characters. They have the most interesting and fun adventures as they travel from island to island and the most fascinating and unpredicable fights as they come up with new moves and become stronger.

  16. Hello 🙂 first of all, I want to thank you for this blog, I usually don’t comment but I love reading your articles, they always cheer me up even during bad days :cheer: and also thanks for the super cool giveaway :yay:
    My favorite character would have to be Sara Crew from Princess Sara (Shōkōjo Sēra) I watched this anime when I was really young and it had a great positive impact on me. It helped me learn that forgiveness is a great quality in this life even if it seems impossible to forgive sometimes. At first, I couldn’t understand how Sara could forgive Miss Mangin after all the things that she had done to her (telling her that her father died the day or her anniversary and treating her like a servant because she wasn’t rich anymore). But now I look up even more to Sara because she was strong enough to let go and forgive. Thanks to this anime, I’m not a rancorous person and learned to forgive just like I’d like to be forgiven if I do something bad.
    Your question makes me realize that all those characters we grew up with became more than just cute characters to all of us, they become a part of who we become as adults. And even if I only chose one character, there are so many that inspired me and have something in common with me. I’m most of the time relaxed like Rilakkuma, I love Dorayakis as much as Doraemon if not more 😆 , I try to always be there for my friends and be helpful just like Totoro, I enjoy watching NHK just like Domo-kun and I’m doing my best to become an excellent doctor just like Chopper and as modest as him too, but don’t worry I won’t end up insulting people if they compliment me 😉 (I’m also as naive as Chopper which is not a great quality in real life :ohnoes: ) and there are a lot more but i’ll end up writing a book if I list them all 😆
    All those characters bring the best of us, I think that by answering your question I kind of get your unconditional love for cute characters and you just converted a new fan of cute characters :hihihi:

  17. I love bears and I love relaxing, so of course I love Rilakkuma! As an art student it’s nice to see Rilakkuma stuff and be reminded that it’s okay to relax, but also get motivated to create my own kawaii characters someday (and create my own empire of kawaii character merch! Mwuhahahaha!). :hug:

  18. I don’t have a particular favorite character! I just love ANYTHING that’s kawaii and is a cat. I’ve always been completely in love with anything and everything cats. I guess if I had to say one, I’ve really being liking the Genki Neko from the Gloomy Bear family.

  19. :love: My favourite character is Hello kitty because i have always loved her since i was little and am i big collector, also when i visted paris i got to visit the sanrio sotre and it was like heaven on earth 🙂 i would really love to win this because i’m a massive fan of you kaila <3

  20. My comment did not got in pala~ i was using my ipad mini~ Anyway

    My fave character is….Korilakkuma! :yay: she is so kawaii and her color reminds me of milk chocolate! she is like a polar bear~ so cutie~ And she tries to help her big brother Rilakkuma in need, but sometimes she makes trouble hehe like drawing on Rilakkuma’s face while he’s asleep. Korilakkuma simply makes me relaxed and stress-free! She is such a cutie :heart: :heart: :heart: :333: :333: :333:

  21. My favorite character is Hello kitty because she is so cute and “Age doesnt matter when it comes to CUTENESS” :333: .Even now im a teenager i just cant stop loving hello kitty , her cuteness was so charming that every girl in the world would like her as a Character. Even she’s a kitty , she has her own style that everybody can like and people cant get easily tired looking at it. HELLO KITTY Has a BETTER CUTENESS :heart:

  22. ONE of my favorite character is totoro because ever since i was a little i have loved japan and harajuku and kawaii and my love of Japan started when i started watching hayao miyazaki’s moves and i am very grateful for that and now i am 13 and on my way to learning japanese and plan to live there one day.

  23. Heyy~ My favorite character is Pikachu from Pokemon. :”> Pikachu is a really cute pokemonster and ever since I was young, I have always watched Pokemon and loved it so much. Pokemon cards were so in before, that I almost had 3000+ cards at home. I also have those special shining cards, and over 30 Pikachu cards. I have watched all of the Pokemon episodes. I’m like Pokeholic and Pikaholic. I also met my bestest of all the bestfriends I have because we share the same interest and love for Pikachu :”>
    Also, once before, I was a new kid in our school. Barbies were so in before, and I wasn’t really into girly stuff (before lol). I was the only girl in the class who like Pikachu. My crush had the same addiction as me, so we talked, and later became bestfriends. :heart:
    I also love Pikachu because of the friendship they share with Ash. They have the best friendship any character could have\.
    I really do wish I win this contest. Pikachu had a great impact on my childhood and because of him, I met my bestfriend (a.k.a. crush), and had the greatest childhood of my life, aside from being kawaii. CHUU~!

  24. Kitty-chan, of course! She is just plain ♥♥♥. I loved her since I was a kid and still adore her until now! She’s just sooooo kawaii~

    Hope to get picked! Yoroshiku~

  25. :cheer: i love Doraemon. 🙂 i am always thrilled and excited each time he produce amazing devices from his pocket..i learned so much from him just like being respectful, honest…and to love your parents unconditionally. 🙂

  26. :cheer: I love Doraemon. 🙂 i am always thrilled and excited each time he produce gadgets from his pocket..i learned a lot from him just like being respectful, honest and..hmmm.. love your parents unconditionally! 🙂

  27. :yay: My Favorite Characters ARE: :yay:

    :heart: Hello Kitty~
    I am a fan of hello kitty since I was little! I really can’t resist Hello Kitty’s cuteness! I have KT collectibles and I keep them in mint condition because I wouldn’t let ’em get dirty! Hello Kitty also makes everyone happy (that includes me)!

    :heart: Rilakkuma~
    why rilakkuma? cause I am very like rilakkuma,I am a lazy bear errr.. person. I also love him very very much! He’s :kawaii: !

    :heart: My Melody~
    I love My melody because her name includes my addiction, MUSIC, and she’s sooooooo adorable! I choose to buy My Melody notebooks this year (even though I’m already in high school) ’cause she’s soooo amazing [I do nt care if they call me childish]! On Japan Lover Me’s social media giveaway, I won the My Melody mook bag X Liz Lisa Magazine so I yelled and cried and shouted and squealed so loudly! I was jumping and hopping all around our house like a rabbit when I saw that I am the winner! My love for My Melody is infinite! :ohnoes:

    :heart: Totoro~
    I :heart: totoro so much because he’s an inspiration to me, and the “My Neighbor Totoro” film really touched my heart! Totoro will always be one of my inspiration,and one of my :kawaii: faves! :kiss:

    :heart: Doraemon~
    I love Doraemon;I can’t explain why (it will take me forever XD)! One of the reasons is that he gave me tons of imagination to fulfill my dreams! (AND I LOOOOOVE CATS! THEY’RE MY BESTBESTBESTBEST FRIEDNS EVER!) :33: :love: :love:

    :heart: Kaila Ocampo (oops,sorry,I consider you as a character err.. character-role model XD)~
    Before anything else,I choose Ate Kaila because she’s also my INSPIRATION,THE REASON WHY I CONTINUE TO PURSUE MY DREAMS,AND MY ROLE MODEL. :heart: :heart: :heart: I am thanking God that I met her (online). She is a part of my life. I love her so much. She’s :kawaii: . :333:

    :yehey: :dancee: :yay:
    LET’S DANCE! LET’S PARTY! Hurray for Rainbowholic! :heart: :heart:


    *hope I win* 😥

  28. my favorite character would be Marceline of Adventure time. Not only because she has a good voice and not because of her good looks. I like her because of the personality she have. she may have the bad girl look outside but she have these good attitudes behind her. And also Marcy loves adventures, and bonds which may seem unbelievable if you watch her. This proves that you should not judge anything by their looks. and that’s why i love Marceline 🙂 ♥

  29. My all-time favorite anime character is Mikan Sakura of Gakuen Alice. I find her really adorable. She’s stubborn and would do anything for her friends. I was disappointed when I found out that there wouldn’t be a second season of this anime. I enjoyed watching Mikan and definitely loved her blossoming romance with Natsume. Needless to say, Mikan is a very likeable character and she’s easily a favorite.

    P.S. But I also like Totoro and the black cat in Kiki’s Delivery Service. 🙂

  30. Rilakkuma all the way~~ He’s so adorable :yay: Aha and he’s lazy and fat, but still love him. RILAKKUMA COMEEE TO ME. Getting mistaken for dat pedobear. Be like come here children I HAVE CANDIES :blank: I’m starting a Rilakkuma collection, but too much money :sweatdrop:

  31. I love Hodge Podge and I would want a mini-collection~~~~! I love all things Japan and these are just few~~!
    :yehey: :woww:
    1. I love Rikakkuma because the lazy bear is too cute and will never fail to make you smile…. Whenever I see rikkakuma I feel so happy
    and my sadness goes away~! There’s never been a moment that Rikakkuma didn’t make me smile! I really smile like a creepy one when
    I see rikakkuma!!!

    :blush3: :33:
    2. I love Doraemon since I was 5 because Doraemon is soooo funnny!!! When I was younger, I always ask myself into a conclusion,
    “why did so many things fit in just a small pocket?” I love Doraemon!! :peace:

    3. I love Sakura~! I love Cardcaptor Sakura now and 5ever! I was so happy when I watch it EVERYDAY! I copy her attacks back then!
    I was soo glad when my teacher gave me a box of Cardcaptor Sakura Cards!! :kawaii:

    4. I love Super Mario! I play SM on my gameboy back then… I love the mushrooms and Luigi! I saw a luigi and mario hat in Comic Alley
    and loved it so much! I feel happy when I play it and got addicted to the song and we sing it at school! Singing like “tintintin tin.. tun tun
    tun…” :pink:

    5. I love Totoro! Totoro is so kawaii! When I saw it on Studio Ghibli, I fell in love instantly~~ When I saw totoro bed on kaila’s blog I was like,
    OMG! Me want!!! :boo:

    6. I love Hello Kitty! I also love collecting Hello Kitty. HK is too kawaii. I also used to go to the online Sanrio shop and pretends to buy it and putting it in the shopping cart even though I won’t buy it! Window shopping. LOL! But still, there’s a million things I can’t explain about loving these characters!!
    :starru: :sweatdrop:

    7. I love Princess Bubblegum! Kawaiiness and Pink! I’m a fan of Adventure Time so much! :fly:

    8. I love Domo Kun because the brown bear is too kawaii! Domo’s teeth too! I joined in Kaila’s tee giveaway but didn’t win sadly… But I still love DOMO! :happy:

    9. I love Pikachu! The yellow companion of Ash is so adorable and protective! Aww.. I love the way he protects Ash from Team Rocket! Pika Pika! :star: :star:

    10. I love Pusheen! Pusheen is so cute, and fluffy cat! I love online cats but in reality, i’m allergic to cats. Even though, It still didn’t stop me from loving Pusheen! :sigh:

    11. Nyan Cat. I know all kawaii lovers know nyan! From the creative pizel drawings to the rainbows… Who could refuse nyan? I love Nyan Song!
    :argh: :333: :33:

    I love almost everything “kawaii” fashion to things. I can’t describe my love for them. II’ll love them 5ever! My birthday is yesterday July 3~~!~~! Even though people say i’m childish. No one could stop me!

    “My passion for Japan will never ever stop even though people will try to prevent me from loving Japan. Everything is special with love <3" -quote by me. :heart: 😎 :cute: :cutee:

  32. my favorite character would have to be rilakkuma :happy: because it’s just too cute and cuddly! and he’s lazy just like me :what:

  33. Hello! 😉

    My favourite character is Rilakkuma :love: because Rilakkuma is so sweet, adorable and relaxed, like me :cheer:


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