Rainbowholic x Lucy Pop “Kawaii Girl” Uniform Collaboration!

Hello guys!

This is just a quick update~ :”)

I know that many will be surprised by this news..

But I will be collaborating with Lucy Pop (a popular kawaii Japanese brand!), to design the “Kawaii Girl” (not kawaii schoolgirl..^^) uniform!!

LucyPop team and I just had a meeting regarding the design a few days ago!  :blush:

I’m actually nervous because I don’t know if kawaii girls would like it.. but, I hope you / they will!

And OF COURSE.. it will be made of Japanese quality..! 😀 (Japan quality = the best!)

I will keep you guys posted about this!

I also have tons of projects right now with my creative team and I can’t wait for these to launch!



3 thoughts on “Rainbowholic x Lucy Pop “Kawaii Girl” Uniform Collaboration!

  1. Hello Kaila.
    Here I am again, stalking you (sorry! I can’t stop myself. You inspire me too much!)…

    I am so happy about this new! I hope that one day I can be dressed in that uniform, it would make me so happy!
    And yes, we are all really exited to hear about everything you’re working on right now. Don’t forget that we are always here to support you… At least, I am, always.

    I know that I tweet you too much (I’m @katephilipa on twitter) and that I am always checking your posts here, on Instagram or Facebook, but you really inspire me so I don’t do it in a creepy way (I try not to do that! LOL)… It’s just that you make me want to be like you and try to be better in everything I do.

    I hope you post soon with more news.
    Your biggest fan from Portugal.
    Kira xx


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