Random Happenings During Halloween + Latest Kawaii Fall Finds in Takeshita Dori, Harajuku!

Konnichiwa~!! How are the halloween preparations going? Is the halloween tradition popular in your country? In Japan, it’s quite a big thing. During the last days of October, it would be quite normal to bump into people wearing funny and scary costumes in the train, streets.. and probably in some  malls as well..?  :happy: It’s always an interesting scene when you see a group of power rangers or pretty gals with bloody gun shots! Haha~

Speaking of Halloween…

A few weeks ago, Raine sent me this really creepy cute Totoro Girl illustration based on my look before. Isn’t this the cutest ever?? And I’m blinking!!  :yay:

 So cutee! Makes me want to dress up in Totoro-inspired fashion again!

During POP n Cute Halloween Party~ Currently editing the video for TokyoFashion.com. Please stay tuned!

I was a BatGirl in POP N CUTE!



Halloween DIY idea (EYEBALL BOWS) by Kaila for ROOKIE! Please check out my article and tell me what you think~!


Meeting A in Harajuku!

Yesterday, I went to Tokyo and had a “meeting” (sounds mature, haha!) with FindJPN regarding one of their future events. Hopefully my input will be helpful, hihi. Later that day, my friend A (yep, her cool name is really A.. this is not a code or something haha) and I finally met up! A  was one of my advertising classmates in La Salle. Advertising Management students in my school are .. scarce (hahaha) so everyone knows each other (and cry with each other hahaha). She comes to Japan often because her parents work here. Since I’ve been swamped with work lately, it’s always a great feeling to have a chat with a friend and speak Tagalog to each other! WEEEE!  :tongue:

Actually, I forgot this cream beret and I wore a different pair of shoes because it was raining ;_; HUHUHU why does it have to rain when I go and have my Tokyoventure??

(Edit: I didn’t attend a Halloween event this day just for clarification hehe 😀 )

Ah, seeing this station sign always warms my heart.

Whenever I tour a friend, I always make sure we get to experience PURIKURA together!!  :blush3:

We had dinner at Hohokam cafe (the best burgers ever, thank you so much Timu & Mori-san for introducing this!!)  :heart:

Since it’s not always I get to eat out with a friend, I had a sinful chili cheese burger!! OMG thinking of it makes me drool now -_- SO YUMMY HUHUHU

Fall and Winter season accessories ~ I MISSED YOU!

Omoshiroii / interesting bags~ I MISSED YOU SO MUCH HARAJUKU HUHUHUHU


LEFT: I wanted to steal the pink poodle bag! That’s got to be the CUTEST doggie bag!!

RIGHT: LIP-SHAPED BAG + Telephone bag… MY HEART ;_______;

If I had all the money in the world, I’d buy every cat shoe pair in every color!!


Panda tattoo tights that reminded me of my friend, Leen (who super adores anything PANDA-related!!) + quirky Harajuku accessories~!

Kawaii character earphones ;_; I CANT CHOOSE WHICH SHOULD BE MY FAVE ;_; Doraemon or TWIN STARS??

Super mecha kawaii hello kitty contact lens case!!!

Rilakkuma corner ;_; I NEED EVERYTHING IN THIS CORNER!!!

Super cute USB flash drives! I don’t know if I can ever use one… too cute to use!

For the cold season. The Doraemon ones with pockets are so cute, hahaha!

Just discovered this little store selling pastel colored tattoo tights!

The Alice one looks superb!!  :star:

My (surprise) mini haul from the shopping date with A. I told myself I wouldn’t buy.. but wtf, ;___;

It’s always a dream for me to afford the original heart bag from MILK but this cute faux red leather HEART-SHAPED bag.. i just couldn’t resist buying it!!

Plus this pair of simple heart tights from TUTUANA.. ;_; I have a soft spot with heart-shaped things so you could say I’m really happy with my recent buys!



And to end this post.. I’ll make you starve and crave for something sweet. Hahaha kidding!

I just noticed that some snacks are quite early for the Winter season. I love how the snacks go with season’s theme as well.. It makes people look forward to the next season!

KOARA NO MACHI Baked Cheese Cake flavor ;_; Maybe I should start collecting Koara no Machi special boxes too?? Hahaha!


Hope you guys enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed writing it! Have a happy halloween in advance!! ^^v



13 thoughts on “Random Happenings During Halloween + Latest Kawaii Fall Finds in Takeshita Dori, Harajuku!

  1. Oh . my . gosh. I’m dying with cuteness! Those shoes and tights are amazing. I don’t know how you don’t just buy *everything* you see. I would be afraid I wouldn’t have any self control haha. 😉


  2. Koala *-* One of my favorites animals and this コアラのマーチ has a so cute design 🙂
    The purikura-pictures are really cute to (i use this word quite often here :hihihi: but its necessary its rainbowholic and here is everything cute and kawaii!)
    I totally love your outfit. I don’t know how to describe why it’s just so….I can’t describe :tsk:
    Awesome 😀 This is not what I wanted to say but this world is also good 😀
    What a pity that it was rainy the day you was in harajuku. But it’s normal or not? Its autumn 🙂

    aaand….I want the rilakkuma chopsticks so baaaad! :ohnoes:

  3. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah :yay:
    you dressed like in Paris (the one with the creme beret)
    I want your cream beret so much kawaii :yay:
    O also gonna make you a fan art this Halloween
    :yay: :yay: :yay: :yay: :yay: :yay: :yay: :yay:
    Lots of Kawaiii stuff again :yay:
    I want the Pink poodle bag also :heart:
    New Koara no Machi Flavor :love: wanna try it 😀
    I’M TOTALLY GONNA TRY YOUR EYEBALL BOW DIY :yay: my project for Halloween :yay:

  4. @Yoyo: hahaha! i just love hearts, that’s all : )) :love:
    @Mishie: we missed you too! 😀
    @Siobhan: woops, sorry! :x: haha~
    @Aubree: Had to control myself because I need to save up! :sweatdrop:
    @Leo: Purikura is the slang term for neoprint here hihihi. Thanks for loving my outfit! Yeah, it’s probably because of the change of season 😀
    @Gillian: good luck Gillian! haha yup, for some reason I like this Paris-esque style!

  5. I’m just wandering if that is a mall or a tiangge like here in Philippines??
    Is japan malls have that kind of corner???

    So cool you!!! :))) I admire you kaila-san! :kawaii:
    I love your blog!!! :heart: :star:

  6. Wow, so much things ! I’d love to go to those kind in shop, we don’t have that in France… I mean, I’ll never “discover” a new little and cute shop.
    Seeing all the cute things you post kinda make me want to go shopping RNAO.
    You look very good ! And your Friend A is beautifl too ! Aww

  7. I used to be like you. I LOVED Kawaii stuff. ^_^ I still do, you made me realize that and get back into this stuff. Too bad I just can’t wear all those Lolita clothes and stuff to school though. Haha. People will stare at me, I always loved lolita fashion and cute colorful fashion. I wish I could go to Japan. I’m stuck in America.

  8. waaaa~~ where did you see the cat shoes and alive tattoo tights? i gotta get some when i’m in japan tomorrow! : D Love your phtoos and finds~

  9. NAKS OTONA NA SIYA :heart: Eeeeeyyyy Sexy Lady :(((((((( joke lang huhu :—(

    Harajuku is HEAVEN. Feel ko if pumunta tayo diyan sa first day ko in mah Japan Trip, mauubos na pera ko :(((((( I LOVE DA FLATS/CREEPERS/PLATFORMS/IDK :heart: Ang cute tapos may bow pa doon sa gilid ng cat ones 🙁

    Ang cute ng pastel tattoo tights hih~ Pero di ko siguro keri yun =))

    YOUR HAUL. HEARTS. Magkakasundo kayo ng nanay ko, HAHA!

    … And omg them Japanese snacks ;A;


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