Red and Yellow + Bows on my Jika Tabi + Harajuku Sunday Fix!

Double posting today! I’ll be busy tomorrow and the coming week so here’s a fresh entry from today’s Harajuku Sunday with Leen!

If you are looking for the announcement for Rainbowholic Blog Anniversary Giveaway, here is the entry~!  :hihihi:

Just some teaser shots, since I’ll be making a gallery / entry solely for this shoot in another website 🙂

Can you believe it? She designed this herself! The fabric was shipped all the way from Indonesia!!

Would you believe that this Okinawa Jika Tabi originally looks like this?


You can only expect the best from a fashion student in Bunka… Hahaha! *oops, too much pressure!*




And of course, if you’re going to Harajuku on a Sunday.. might as well dress up at your best!


Awesome wall at Design Festa’s Harajuku homebase!!

Arale winged cap, popped heart shades, hand-me-down batwing smiley shirt from Ate Claire, scallop-cut shorts..

unmatched socks, and customized luscious red jika tabi from Japonista Sole!

While we were walking around La Foret…. there was a WC stall!!!


Lol at the tiger : )))

After having the short photoshoot, we strolled around and talked and talked. Then of course, PURIKURA time!!!

GOT SO LUCKY! I got a free purikura session by just throwing dice!!!

I am a sucker for freebies soI got these cute/omoshiroii postcards from WC’s event in La Foret!!!

PURIKURA~ <3 Will post the result after getting the digital files~ <3  :happy:

I should better sleep now~ or I’ll have insomnia huhuhu..


4 thoughts on “Red and Yellow + Bows on my Jika Tabi + Harajuku Sunday Fix!

  1. omg puricura *O* always fun! I’m not a fan of these jika tabis (is it the name?) dunno if it’s confortable, maybe when i get to know harajuko and wear one of these I change my mind. You, always cute!


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