Rilakkuma in Convenience Stores + Japanese Candy Shops + Mecha Kawaii Sanrio iPhone Cases

Everyday is getting hotter and hotter in Japan!  :tss: I feel like if I applied tons of make-up (which does not happen in real life, unless it’s a shoot) and went outside just for a few minutes with umbrella as my shield, I’d probably come back to my place looking like a heartbroken / emo girl with mascara stains on my cheek. I’d be a perfect rag doll… haha!

Anyway, enough of the hot weather & sweating…. Here’s a really colorful post for today  :333:


While waiting for my brother, I customized my own accessories. We were supposed to have a shoot today but got postponed on a later date ^^

Visited Sunkus, a “kombini” (or konbini,whichever you prefer) in Japan and found this little collectible toys corner!

Rilakkuma is really the #1 character now… this kuma is everywhere!

Mecha kawaiiii!


So cute!

Animal-shaped bread keychains

Because everything looks better when there’s a character ^^


My food + I found a deco kit for Pocky! #iloveyoujapan


Sweet & Well: CANDY-A-GO-GO (at Loft, Omiya)

While walking around Loft, this candy shop caught my eye!

I felt like I was summoned.. : ))

I love how every shop in Japan also adapts to seasonal changes!


Can I roll over on these : )))




Pastel lego candies… kami-sama ;_;

Packaging is too cute!!! How can you unwrap these ;_;

Smiley candies, the best I’ve seen.


Chocolate medals!

Spongebob lunchbox!!  😥

Kawaii DIY Nail Art

After getting lost in a land of candy rainbows, I dragged myself to the nail section in Loft, Omiya. I love the LOFT branch here so much!!!


I wanna try this Crack Lac Nail fron canmake…

I’d agree that these colors really suit with Denim wear!

LOFT Finds: Sanrio & Kawaii Character iPhone Cases

After depressing myself with the pastel nail colors I wanted to buy… I visited the iPhone case corner.

Oh God…



This is probably the bulkiest I phone case I’ve ever seen! : ))

My Melody.. and Control Bear? There is such bear?

DOREAMON takes a peek : )) I wonder if other countries had these kinds of iPhone cases..



Sakura Cray-pas iphone case + My little pony-like iPhone cases with 3d effect!


Other Kawaii <3

As a kawaii lover (turned hunter, lol)… I must take more photos to share!  :heart:


100 yen sticker sheets rolled into tapes! Can I bring home everything and customize all of my stuff with these >_<

And lastly, this is probably why you would bear the hot natsu / summer in Japan— to be able to use these CUTEST ice packs!! WAAA!


Hoping your eyes are still okay after looking through all these photos…


7 thoughts on “Rilakkuma in Convenience Stores + Japanese Candy Shops + Mecha Kawaii Sanrio iPhone Cases

  1. Woooow! It is like im in paradisee! I want to buy an iphone just to be able to buy cute covers for it! >< as for the sweets! I m in love! :heart: i know you are a pocky heres a question: are there dark chocolate pocky? :3:

  2. I WISH they sold cute iphone cases like that here in the states. We have a few but Japan seems full of them! I can’t wait to go and buy one or two or five! :cheer:

  3. so many toys @_@
    my favorite is the deco kit Pocky :love:
    if I have paypal pabibili ko po sa inyo yon :yay:
    so many candies and sweets :love:
    I got my name (gillianlovesweet) for my love of candies and sweet treats
    CANDY PARADISE :love: :yay: :love: :yay:
    they also have a spongebob lunchbox. SPONGEBOB IS INVADING JAPAN!!!
    SO MANY KAWAII STICKERS :love: :love: :love:

  4. :woww: after reading this post, I KNOW that I will be deeply in debt after visiting Japan! :cheer: your posts are always so cute, Kaila! thanks for sharing :heart:

  5. Your iPhone cases are WAY better than the ones here. Ang cute ng bulky My Melody case hehe and cute ng ponies one it’s so gay, I love it. 😥 :heart: Cute ng stickers pero di cute yung presyo jusko </3


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