Rusty Braids + Coffee Prince & Toppokki in Shin Okubo, Tokyo

Went to school wearing my favorite shade of blue, 水色 (mizu iro / sky blue). I love how it matches well with my rusty one-piece which I got on sale!


Here’s a brooch which I made : )


Hello, my chubby cheeks!

A Waffle and Macha Lunch

Right after our third class, my groupmates and I went straight to Shin Okubo, a station away from Shinjuku (Ikebukuro direction). If you’ve been reading my blog way before, you know that I have gone to this Korean crazy town of Tokyo already. I love this madness.

The ever famous Yamanote line in its apple green trademark color!

We first went to コーヒープリンス for a Cafe & Waffle lunch! This coffee shop is famous for ikemen waiters! A.k.a. Jang Geun Suk look-a-like’s or something like that~

Sunflowers greeted us!

Ishi-san and Yoko-chan~

Hello Rainbow

Our Macha coffees screaming with love <3

We ordered sets. And this killed my forever on-going “diet”! : ))


Our oishii desserts for lunch! : O

Timu-san told me this has potential to beat Master Kira‘s coffee-art tumblr photos : ))))

I shall give it a try?  😀



What a yummy feast~~

Cakes from the counter…

This feels like yaoi : ))))


After that, we strolled for a bit. Saw this FroYo shop which was Leen‘s osusume for us (recommendation).

It’s time for some トッポッキ!! Toppokki, orange yummynesss!!!

When we got there, people weren’t a lot. After ordering, it became a longggg line @_@ We were so lucky! If you’re going to Shin Okubo, try TOPPOKKI here!


Having a great time eating TOPPUKKI and Oolong Tea~!


We stopped by at a Korean Market. Spicy goodness waaaa~



And we parted ways~

While walking around Shin Okubo’s Korean town, we stopped by at a Chinese supa (supermarket). AND I SAW HAW FLAKES @____@

This was my happiness when I was around 7-10!!! And it still is. I was so happy to see my favorite candy / snack there!

Bought a pack of veggie siopao / man as well! So happy~ Food is  :heart:

And to end this Friday entry, here’s my brother’s prank on me.

Scared the hell out of me.. and it was chocolates : / I don’t know if he was being sweet or what.. but it’s definitely a prank!! : ))


And that was today,


5 thoughts on “Rusty Braids + Coffee Prince & Toppokki in Shin Okubo, Tokyo

  1. I had those chocolates for trick or treats last november 2011! hehe and man! those bugs sure tastes good! hahaha. I love your blog really and your camera bag or whatever it is called. hehe.. Do you sell it on your shop?

  2. OMG HAW FLAKEEESSS do much nostalgia, those where also my favourite snacks when I was younger!!!

    And those desserts look delicious *_*

  3. Ahh! When I saw the sunflower, I thought “WTF, Coffee Prince?!” I don’t like k-dramas in general (I hate love triangles, so that eliminates most of them), but I loved Coffee Prince! There was no food like that in the shop in Coffee Prince, though. 😛 I hope you’ve seen it … I guess this shop is officially licensed by the TV show or something? I doubt it’ll still be open by the time I get to go back to Japan. 😥

    Haw flakes … will never forget the first time a friend handed me some … :tss:


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