Sailor Kaila + Bunka Fashion Show 2012 + Shinjuku Night Out

Yesterday night, I had a reunion with Shoro, Dawa, Sabrina & Lilly! If you were a reader of my blog from last year, these names would be familiar because they are my friends here in Japan~ ^^

It’s amazing how time flies so much. :blank:  We were just all studying Nihongo together a year ago!! :O :O


Shoro texted me if we could watch the fashion show with everyone.. good thing I didn’t have work at 5:00 pm ;_;

Since it was getting chilly and more chilly everyday.. I decided to wear this Sailor sweater from my new favorite store called “Milanoo“.

(Edit: One of my readers told me to watch out for this store because it gained negative reviews recently *_*)


Hello Kitty (Jump From Paper-inspired) bag is from Donki ^^


When I posted the left photo on my facebook page, many people wondered about the person who takes my photos = ))) I didn’t know my readers would wonder about that! Hahaha ^^

I’ll keep it forever a mystery hihihihihi. Maybe I do have a secret twin? : ))


Shinjuku, お久しぶりだね〜!

I can’t believe I would miss walking here to reach my school! My language school before was Bunka Institute of Language.. and it’s the sister school of Bunka Fashion College.

Usually if you’re a foreigner and you want to attend Bunka Fashion College, you’d consider studying Nihongo in this school. In my case, I have to work first because I don’t have money to enroll myself for a fashion-related diploma course..

.. and coming here again reminded me how much I really wanted to continue & pursue my Bunka Fashion dream. Somedaaaaay!

My friend Dawa got her handmade accessories featured on the last show of the fashion show. I’m so proud of her!!


Shoro forgot something from her classroom (she’s taking the translation course in BIL now).. I miss the hallway ;_;


Shoe design sounds a cool course as well. I love this crazy design!


Korean for Dinner

Since it was a Friday night, it was hard to eat out in Shinjuku! We got so lucky in this Korean restaurant.. after we went in, the line became so long!

I love the Korean feel in this. Felt like we were in a korean drama hahaha~

Bigbang showing~

I luff you all :*

I love Buta-chan !


After that, we had our purikura taken. Of course!  :heart:

I miss my girlfriend Shoro so much :3 Hahaha~ love you tomodachi  :happy:


Love Shoro’s mode style <3


Until then~  :blushh:

Someday won’t be someday anymore.

Got the application guide even though I’m not sure if I can really make it next year. I want to attend a 2 year course anything related to fashion! Shoe design? Retail management? I haven’t decided yet because there are too many options.

If you didn’t know.. Bunka is Japan’s #1 top school when it comes to Fashion so it really is a BIG DREAM for me to study there. My main problem is the financial source.. huhuhu. Swear someday!!


While I was on my way home.. I discovered another Pocky campaign ;_; I love my luck in finding Pocky stuff!! *self-praise*

I had to buy 2 Pocky’s to get this clear folder freebie. #hardcorePockyfan

I want to visit Glico / Pocky factory in Kobe!! I will make my own Pocky shirt just for it. Hahaha omg : ))

The fashion show earlier was entitled “Energy Flow”. Here’s the program guidebook.

How can they draw so well omg *_*

Reminds me of Paradise Kiss the movie!

This was my favorite in the fashion show. Cute, light and full of fluff!

Unfortunately.. not too many hansamu guys in the actual show.. ;_;

The last show wherein my friend showcased her accessories! 😀


I guess that would be all for this entry~ Can’t wait for tomorrow’s Disneyland! Seriously ahhhhhhh ;_; ;_;


9 thoughts on “Sailor Kaila + Bunka Fashion Show 2012 + Shinjuku Night Out

  1. Hello, Kaila! <3 In 15 days I'll be attempting a test for an university course I always dreamed of. My luck it is a public university, but test is pretty hard. It's gonna be my second college (first one was advertising, just like you) and I had to quit a job for my studies. I'm running for my dream and I am PRETTY SURE you can do it, and run after yours! Great things are happening lately in your life, you've been through great achievements. I am more than sure that Bunka Fashion School will be one of your next achievements!! I'll be here to read the great news when you get in! <3 BIGBANG, omg, Im so VIP! Never tasted korean food tho, is it good? I loved the drawings from Bunka Show, I will never be able to draw like that OMG! And pocky, oh, i miss pocky. Its been a long time since I had my last pocky box =( AJA AJA FIGHTING, Kaila <33333

  2. wow you’re gonna have a 2 year course of FASHION. GOODLUCK NEE CHAN :yay:
    can we have Purikura :333:
    OMG! you’re friends are so FASHIONABLE :yay:
    another Pocky Campaign, want the strawberry pocky so much :yay:
    what a cute clear folder of pocky :heart: :heart: :heart:
    you want to go to the Pocky Factory, take pictures ok :3
    The Bunka’s fashion guide book is soooooooooooo creative and UNIQUE :cheer:
    anyway, nee-chan goodluc entering college again :33:

  3. Hi Kaila! Cute post as always but there’s only one problem. When you said your new favorite store was Milanoo I freaked out. Milanoo is a TERRIBLE store to shop from. They’ve had many negative reviews if you look it up. Just wanted to give you a warning thats all.

  4. Oh! It’s my dream to study fashion (something) at Bunka too. But I can’t decide where to study Japanese first. The Bunka Language School would be great but OMG so expensive 😥

  5. Hey Kaila, where can i get the Hello kitty bag? You mention Donki, do you have the direct link to purchase? Thank you in advance!!!

  6. Oh, I thought of bring them to my shop in Singapore. How much are they selling for retail there?



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